Mike Zimmer gets a contract extension

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The Bengals finished in the top 10 in both points and yards allowed last season, which earned a lot of compliments for the job done by defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

Zimmer’s work has now been given some appreciation by the franchise as well. The Bengals confirmed Wednesday that Zimmer has agreed to a contract extension with the team. There were no details officially released, although Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the deal locks Zimmer up through the 2014 season.

It looks like Zimmer’s first order of business with his new extension will be to sort things out at cornerback. Leon Hall is still recovering from an Achilles injury and first-round pick Dre Kirkpatrick could miss most or all of camp after breaking a bone in his leg during the offseason. Nate Clements, Terence Newman and Adam Jones will likely be the first three players to get a chance at major playing time in their absences, but it definitely leaves the Bengals shorthanded at a key position.

If Zimmer can sort that out without the defense taking a backward step, it might mean he never sees the final year of this extension. Zimmer’s been up for several head coaching jobs over the years without getting one and a strong 2012 could be the thing that finally allows him to be more than a bridesmaid.

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  1. Best case…Zim’s defense has a great year in 2012; Zim becomes head coach in 2013…in Cincinnati, as Marvin moves to the newly created (!) GM position and Mike Brown goes to…well, who cares where he goes as long as it’s out of football operations for the Bengals.

    Hey, we can dream, can’t we???

  2. I’m glad they locked him up. I want to point out that he just didn’t have a good season last year. That’s the second time he’s had the Bengals int he top 10 in 4 years. When you look at what he started with, it’s pretty impressive. But he had a #1 D in Dallas too under Parcells. And that was a 3-4 which Zim does not like to run. And like his Cincy Ds, it was a no name D. But let’s make no mistake about it. The words have come from Zimmer’s mouth. THis is not just his D. Marvin has a whole lot to do with it. The multiple look/hybrid D, is exactly what Lewis ran in Baltimore. THe coaching is Zim, but the scheme is both guys. I absolutely want no other coach than Marvin Lewis. I mean there is no comparison. Even as DCs. How can people just throw away the person who built the best D in NFL history? He doesn’t even get credit for that. It was Ray Lewis everyone says. Then why have they never got back to that level of dominance again? I think it’s ridiculous the criticism Marvin gets. Just one thought for Bengals fans who think life would be so much better without Lewis. Remember Dick LeBeau? He was a good DC for the team too. It didn’t mean he had the type of skills it takes to convince Mike Brown to do things he doesn’t want to do. Like draft Andy Dalton instead of Ryan Mallet in the 2nd round in 2010. Or hire unknown Jay Gruden as OC. In the NFL when you lose, there can be many reasons why. You can tell by the what the problems are. It can be players, coaching, or management that is screwing things up. In Cincy the answer is obvious. Just look at the turnaround from 2010 to 2011. What changed? A lot of key players were traded/cut and replaced. And also the decisions being made. Management decided to let Marvin have more say in what goes on. For example, Brown basically gave most of the decision to hire Gruden to Lewis. You have to love being a Bengals fan. Everyone else out there hear this..you can stop making fun of our team and bashing us…just sit back and watch our fans do it to themselves. I’ve been a fan since 1980 and always will be one. And I’ve been a Marvin fan since the mid 90’s when he was LBs coach on that dream staff at Pit. I think without Marvin he would still be in the Lost Decade. (FOr those of you who are not fans, that’s the 12 seasons in between Paul Brown’s death before the 91 season, and Lewis hiring in 2003, when we had zero winning seasons.) All that said, I think Marvin is going nowhere except back to the playoffs this year. I’ve never say that. Not in 2006, and definitely not in 2010 when the NFL media wanted to say we had a top roster. I said let’s see what happens. But there is little doubt to me about this coming season. Because Lewis finally has his staff in place and the kind of players he wants. There’s still work to do, but they’ve done good so far

  3. Wow! I didn’t realize how long I had went on in the last comment…that’s ridiculous! ANother issue though is if Zim gets a HC gig next year, we will have dig outside the team for his replacement. DBs coach Coyle was there until Miami signed him as DC this year. But if we are a top 10 D again it will be easier to draw a quality DC than it was when we hired Zimmer in 2008. He took over the 27th ranked D in the league. Nobody wanted the job. And at the time Zimmer was tied to the Petrino debacle in Atlanta. And had went from a hot commodity to the not getting an offer. He had to take the worst one out their and still stay a DC. Hue Jackson suffered the same fate, having to go from an OC to QB coach. FUnny that Jackson is now Zim’s asst DBs coach. But brings me to my next point. Gruden could be snagged up next season as well, he was sought after this year too. But his replacements are on the team. QBs coach Zampese & Hue Jackson would both be the top candidates. An WRs coach James Urban could easily move to QBs coach. I truly believe Jackson was brought aboard to hold him on the D staff for 1 year and then move him to the O staff next year.

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