Osi Umenyiora says Rex learned lesson, RG3 is Bob


Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora has never been bashful about his opinions, saying yesterday that more players should follow Tim Tebow’s example.

But he doesn’t mind taking a poke at others, either.

During an interview on WFAN, via the New York Post, Umenyiora at once chided the Jets for trash-talking, then put Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III in his place.

“I didn’t play that game but I was in the meetings and all that stuff, man, they didn’t like that at all,’’ he said of the Giants 29-14 win over the Jets. “I just knew the Jets were gonna get a beat-down after all that trash talking they were doing.

“I think Rex [Ryan] has pretty much learned his lesson about that. I like the way he coaches, I think he’s a wonderful coach but you really don’t want to be poking a bear with a short stick like that.”

He then took the same stick turned it on the quarterback he hopes to hunt twice a year, saying he will not refer to the Redskins rookie as RG3.

“Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?’’ Umenyiora said. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything.

“When he does anything in the NFL we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now he’s Bob Griffin.”

Osi knows how to play the game, and he’s playing it perfectly. Maybe Bob will send him a message back via his socks.

43 responses to “Osi Umenyiora says Rex learned lesson, RG3 is Bob

  1. It’s been almost 2 months… isn’t it about time for Osi to start complaining about his contract?

  2. This is why, even as a Packers fan, I have to respect the Giants. They always do it the right way and you can’t hate that. Heck, they even talk trash the right way…

  3. With all the comedians that are out of work…and Osi wants to be a comedian…

    Well Osi first and foremost if you and your comrades couldn’t be Sexy Rexy a sitting target back in the pocket how will you handle a much better QB such as Bob Griffin???

    Sure you and your mates one the Superbowl, however, Bob’s team with a chump playing QB dominated you guys twice. I’m sure if this has gotten back to Bob and his mates it will surely be posted on the bulletin board…

  4. I used to know some guy who would correct anyone who called him “Bob” or “Rob” with a terse, “Robert.” He was a butthole.

  5. Osi, RGIII has done something in the NFL. He’s probably sold more jerseys since his signing than you have in your whole career. And you play in the NY market fool

  6. Great comment about Bob Griffin. A little bit of friendly hazing is just to welcome him into the league. I wonder how Andy Luck in Indy is doing these days?

  7. If last year’s RG3 (Rex Grossman, III) was able to beat Osi twice, I don’t see why this year’s RG3 can’t. I think he’ll know who RG3 is faster than his bitching about his current contract.

  8. If history holds true Osi and his Giants team will suck this year…well actually they sucked last year as well, just got hot and lucky at the right time….

  9. Those 2 tools over at Sirius NFL radio can’t go 15 seconds without saying “RG3”.

    So sad when old people try to stay trendy.

  10. Even though I am a diehard skins fan, reading that made me LOL. Got to give him credit was pretty funny.

    He just better hope little Bobby doesn’t make him break an ankle when he jukes him.

  11. He is exactly right.

    There is no way in HELL that Bobbo is going to come into the NFC East and dominate the GMeN, Eagles, and Cowboys.

    All of those defenses are known for smashing QBs.

  12. “Sure you and your mates one the Superbowl, however, Bob’s team with a chump playing QB dominated you guys twice. I’m sure if this has gotten back to Bob and his mates it will surely be posted on the bulletin board…”

    Yes, and the Cowboys beat the Skins twice last year but lost both to NY. What’s your point? Just curious how did the could the Giants have “one” the Super Bowl? Oh, WON, I get it sorry for my confusion.

  13. Funny, I see all this trash talk about Griffin but I dont see Griffin talkin any trash. Probably because he’s busy working instead of complaining about his contract.

  14. Bob is not going to like playing Osi, Tuck and JPP.

    BTW- keep on clinging to your meaningless wins and we’ll keep clinging to our SB wins.

  15. Wasn’t he called RG3 at Baylor, long before he was ever drafted? Is that really a nickname? He’s Robert Griffin III, as in Gramps was R.G., Pops was R.G. Jr. thus making him R.G. III…

  16. Bob Griffin!!! Funny stuff Osi, and unfortunately for Bob very true. He could have called him Andre Ware II, which is how this will turn out in my opinion, don’t worry about the 3 1st rounders Skins, Daniel Snyder will buy you guys a QB next year.

  17. Maybe he forgot about the other RG3 that beat them twice last year. If they had trouble with Rex Grossman wait til they see the new RG3.

  18. He also said that Tuck and Pierre-Paul “know better than to bet me on that (who will get the most sacks this year)” and he laughed afterward. The funny thing is, if he’s healthy, he might lead the team in sacks this year.

  19. For the record Osi, a local weatherman gave him the nickname in either high school or college. I’m sure Robert will get a RGIII out of him before the end of the season. HTTR

  20. So Osi is making his own nick names for players on a team the Giants cant beat… that is funny.

    Instead of thinking of nifty nick names Osi should think about how to beat the Redskins — they swept the Giants last year and they didn’t even have RG3 – they used RG1 to do it.

    Concentrate on the game Osi – the nick names can come later…

  21. So, when did OSI qualify for his nickname? When he was a rookie was he called Ositadimma Umenyiora? I think not. Ositadimma just loves to bump his gums and hear himself talk. Let the man have his nickname, you have yours.

  22. @nohopeleft

    The Redskins D were ahead of all the NFC East teams in regards to sacks. And now with big Jarvis Jenkins back, its going to be a dominating front 7. So you better hope they don’t put out poor little Eli

    On the other hand, its a funny joke. But don’t forget Osi, the Skins beat you twice last year with Rex freaking Grossman, I don’t know how your goin to handle the fastest QB in the NFL, haha I mean the dude was a track star!! HTTR

  23. keithhodges said it all. If Griffin’s nickname was RGbeast or something that contained any kind of braggadocio (ala calling Sanchez the Sanchise), Osi’s comment would be valid, but it doesn’t, it’s just an abbreviation of Griffin’s name: the same way Osi goes by Osi, rather than Ositadimma.

    CJ Spiller goes by his initials too, or should he have to go by Clifford until he has a breakout season (actually, that would be kind of funny, and probably a pretty good motvating tool: you’re welcome to it Chan Gailey, help yourself).

    Did everyone have to talk about Ovington J’Anthony Mayo until he proved himself as a respectable shooting guard?

    While self-promoting nicknames like CJ2k, Sanchise, or even Matty Ice should be earned, telling someone they need to earn the right to be referred to by their initials seems a little silly.

  24. Since when has someone needed to earn the right use their initials as a nickname? That’s like someone telling me I have to earn my way into using Andy instead of Andrew.

  25. Osi’s last 3 seasons… Sacks 7, 11.5 and 9, Not elite man. He should focus in his game more and start crying about his bad contract. But even as a Skins fan I did crack up a little bit re: “Bob”.

  26. Yes the power house red skins beat the Giants twice last year.

    Reason being the Giants like any other team play to the ability of the teams they play and when facing the red skins they were not up for it

    Watch and see what happens twice this season

    Also why is it anytime a giant player says anything he is bashed

    Do not hate them just because they are the champions and one of the all time great teams in the NFL

    You should love the Giants for if Wellington did not give on the TV money most of you would not have NFL teams in your little meaningless cities.

    If the TV deal was not done the Giants would be the richest team in Football.

  27. Haha coughlin couldn’t wait to get rid of plax and Jacobs you’ll be the next to woogie boogie your big mouth out of Ny too osi

  28. Osi is talking rookie trash, all players do so. But I do love how just one statement from him can spark all the haters to jump out on Griffin III. But if he is going to turn out to be Andre Ware or Ryan Leaf, why does it bother Cowboys, Eagles, and Giants fans so much that he is a Redskin.

    If he was on any other team, he would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I tell you why I know he will be something because two out of your three coaches told me so on draft day by moving up to draft a great cover corner and great middle pass rusher. If the Cowboys and Eagles didnt think he could play, they wouldnt have moved up to get the players they did.

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