Report: Cardinals teammates prefer Skelton over Kolb

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As John Skelton and Kevin Kolb prepare to square off in a training camp competition to become the Cardinals’ starting quarterback, one report suggests that the locker room is rooting for Skelton.

Former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest, who now works at NFL Network, said on Total Access that he has friends on the Cardinals and that they’ve told him they prefer Skelton over Kolb.

“Talking to some of my buddies down there, it seems like they’re gravitating toward Skelton a little bit more,” McGinest said.

McGinest suggested that other players in the locker room admire the way Skelton has worked his way up from being a 2010 fifth-round pick to having a chance to start, whereas Kolb had a big contract and the starting job handed to him last year.

“He’s a big quarterback, he’s tough in the pocket, he has a carefree attitude, he really doesn’t have any pressure,” McGinest said of Skelton. “He didn’t get a huge contract like Kolb did, and he’s one of those guys that can command a huddle, can come in there, and guys just like his attitude.”

McGinest also questioned whether Kolb is a winner.

“In six years he’s won five games. Kolb’s won five games in six years,” McGinest said.

That’s not quite right — Kolb’s record as a starter is 6-10, and he has only played in the NFL for five years — but it is certainly true that the Cardinals had a better record with Skelton last year than they had with Kolb. And if McGinest’s friends in the locker room are an indication of the mood of the whole team, the Cardinals players think they’ll have a better record with Skelton this year, too.

34 responses to “Report: Cardinals teammates prefer Skelton over Kolb

  1. Backup QBs have an extremely high bust potential. It’s amazing that any franchise is stupid enough to fall for this type of swindle.

  2. Winger’s glorious 80s rock ballad “Headed for a Heartbreak” comes to mind when I see stuff like this. Larry Fitz calling shots, locker room division…I can see the Cards finishing 4-12 this year with Whisenhunt leaving at season’s end and the Cards once again dwelling in irrelevancy for another decade or two

  3. Who said it? How many said it? How many said they want Kolb? Oh that’s right it doesn’t matter because it was a “report” There is no accountability in today’s media. P.S Im not even a Cards fan I just hate where were going in society with this whole “my sources” bs. Own up or shut up.

  4. I once remember a guy Derek Anderson who was a backup QB who could sling it great with no pressure.

    Then he got the starting job and wilted.

    Be careful about backup QB’s who flash or wow you.

  5. Good. Release him. Then the Eagles can pick him back up as Vick insurance. We know he can succeed with Reid.

  6. Kevin Kolb is the 2012 equivalent to the former Buffalo Bills QB Rob Johnson. All hype, did nothing, got paid a ton of cash and…….did I mention, DID NOTHING!!!!!

  7. So you’re saying that Kolb is overrated and the Cardinals never should have made that insanely stupid trade where the Eagles (who routinely bend teams over in QB trades) raped them without shame?

    Who knew?

    Well, everyone (front offices, the media and fans) except Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt.

    Kolb stinks and the entire NFL knew it but them.

  8. Vick saved Andy Reid and the Eagles from what could have been a major embarrassment. If Kolb had never had that concussion, the Eagles would be stuck just like Atlanta is with the 72 million dollar 0-3 playoff man.

  9. humble- well, Fitz alluded to it a week or two ago, so it’s not all that far-fetched to believe there are some different preferences in that locker room.

  10. Unload Kevin Kolb back to the Iggles somehow and then bam watch those green boids fly their way towards Dynasty Land for the next several years. It’ll show the Eli Manning thing was a fluke, the blind possum finds a nut every once in a while.

  11. Do you mean that one of those great quaterbacks developed by Andy Reid (the great pumpkin) is not the favorite?

  12. @explosionsauce:

    So say “Rumor: Cardinals teammates prefer Skelton over Kolb”

    that’s much clearer at first glance than

    “Report: Cardinals teammates prefer Skelton over Kolb”

    which sounds like a Reporter (read: ostensibly trusted source) reported it.

  13. Ya know its funny, I like some guys at work, but my boss treats some other guys better and pays them more.

    Last time i checked in the business world, the bosses call the shots. If the bosses gave Kolb a big undeserved deal, you can bet your ass they’re going to stick with the guy they’re paying more. Management has a way of not accepting they’re wrong even if their entire company thinks otherwise.

    Skelton pack sand, Kolb is the starter till he embarrasses or injures himself some more

  14. I told y’all in Arizona, don’t give Kolb his roster bonus even if you don’t get Manning.

    It’s just that Whisenhunt should have realized that he should not have made Philly’s end of the deal so one-sided.

    The Eagles got a 2nd rd pick and DRC. That’s a crappy trade regardless of Kolb’s production!!!

  15. Lesson 1:

    A team with two starting quarterbacks has no starting quarterbacks.

    Lesson 2:

    A team choosing between Kolb and Skelton has negative one starting quarterbacks.

    That is all.

  16. At first I read that as “Prefer Skeleton over Kolb” and had to ask myself “Is Kolb REALLY that bad?”

  17. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the problem with the Cardinals isn’t Kolb or Skelton……it’s Whisenhunt, Graves, Bidwell. There is an old adage in business…….a company stinks from the top, down. 5-11 season.

  18. I am sure that there are many backups that do bust but I disagree that backups have an extremely high bust potential in the NFL. Here are some examples and who they backed up:

    Two recent backups who became elite starters:
    Steve Young -> Joe Montana
    Arron Rodgers -> Brett Favre

    And others who were considered competent backups with good NFL careers whom no one would consider busts. Including Jeff Hostetler who won a Super Bowl and Frank Reich who engineered the greatest comeback victory ever in the NFL

    George Blanda -> Daryl Harmonica
    Steve Deberg -> Joe Montana, John Elway
    Jeff Hostetler -> Phil Simms
    Frank Reich -> Jim Kelly
    Cliff Stoudt -> Terry Bradshaw
    Ty Detmer -> Brett Favre, Steve Young
    Doug Flutie -> Rob Johnson, Drew Brees (SD)
    Gary Kubiak -> John Elway
    Steve Fuller -> Jim McMahon
    Gifford Nielson -> Dan Pastorini
    Don Strock -> Bob Griese, Dan Marino
    Earl Morell -> Bob Griese
    Steve Bono -> Brett Favre, Steve Young, KW
    Todd Collins -> Jim Kelly
    Matt Cavanaugh -> Joe Montana, Phil Simms

    Some of these were voted special recognitions, and some made it into the record books for unusual achievements. I am sure that there are more worthy backups that I have missed.

    All had fine NFL careers

  19. i really liked skelton out of college and am not at all surprised he is challenging kolb for the starting postion.
    i wished the vikings would have drafted him a couple years ago.

  20. Raxanh, dont forget that Brett Favre was a 3rd string QB with Atlanta before he was traded to the Packers. That wasn’t one of Jerry Glanville’s better decisions.

  21. Although Kolb sucks and will never be a good NFL starting QB, Skelton is Derrick Anderson 2.0.

    The fact that Whisenhunt and his staff once thought Anderson was the answer as well would shatter my belief in that coaching staff’s ability to evaluate that position, or any position for that matter since the bulk of the players who got them to the Super Bowl a few years ago were Dennis green acquisitions.

  22. The Cardinals’ record was better with Skelton, but anybody who has seen them both play will attest that Kolb is clearly better. Skelton has never had a game like Kolb’s best games.

  23. McGinest, NAME YOUR FRIEND! Another former player tring to make a name for himself in the media by making things up. Will Willie make things up about the Pats? Willie, talk about your former owner on Deadspin saying profanities!

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