Report: Chiefs, Poe not close on a deal yet


With the number of unsigned first-rounders dwindling, the remainders are becoming more conspicuous.

One of the unsigned players is the inherently conspicuous Dontari Poe, a six-foot, three-inch, 346-pound behemoth who was picked by the Chiefs with the 11th selection in the draft.

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported (via that the Chiefs and Poe are “not close.”  Schefter also said that the next 24 hours will be critical.

As we move toward the end of that 24-hour period, it’s unknown whether the two sides are any closer than “not close.”

Though the new rookie wage scale limits the issues over which players and teams can haggle, Poe could be trying to pull the no-offset term out of the top 10, even though 10th overall pick Stephon Gilmore of the Bills didn’t get a fully-guaranteed deal without offset language.

Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, who like Poe is represented by CAA, avoided the offset language at No. 9.

For Poe, whom some regard as a boom-or-bust prospect, the insertion of offset language takes on greater importance.  If Poe becomes viewed in hindsight as a workout warrior who can’t develop into a Wilfork-style two-gap line-and-toilet clogger, the Chiefs won’t be bashful about cutting Poe.  And if he’s cut, the Chiefs won’t want to pay him the full amount of his deal if he signs with another team.

12 responses to “Report: Chiefs, Poe not close on a deal yet

  1. I severely doubt any of the players give a flying duck about offset language. The only reason any of this crap is happening is because agents want to show off to next year’s seniors how they got the best possible deal in each given ‘slot’. And the team contract lawyers are happy to drag it out too because obviously if the negotiation under the new RWS is seen as too easy most of them will be out of a job.

    There is suddenly a wide disconnect with what the teams and players want and what the people apparently representing them want.

  2. Poe, you had a mediocre college career at Memphis (2nd team all-conference was the best you could muster) and were fortunate enough to get drafted in the first round anyway. Sign the deal and get to work.

  3. I hope they reach an agreement soon, and get Poe in camp. He defintely is a potential bust, and that is exactly why there should be offset language in his contract. The lack of a full guarantee in his contract might increase his motivation to produce on the field.

  4. I guess a guy has to do what a guy has to do but some agents are just after the big bucks and forget this guy isn’t a lock to be a force in the NFL.

  5. Dontari, you were lucky to be picked that high. Either your holding out because you suck or the cheaps are trying to screw you. They have a history of trying to lowball, hence their continual bottom third of salary cap spenders. Wonder if that has anything to do with their 5.4 wins per year average over the last 10 years?

  6. Welcome to Albert Haynesworth Part II.

    I still cant believe this guy was taken in the first round. Hopefully Romeo can get him to live up to the potential, he sure never showed it at Memphis State.

  7. Actually he wasn’t lucky – he just had a good combine. Get as much as you can kid, you don’t know how long all of this is gonna last.

  8. @ jbaxt

    Math wasn’t your strongest subject I gather. 74 wins over the last 10 years does quite equate to a 5.4 win per year average.

    Guess the Chiefs should have gone the route of the Redskins and spend big every year (prior to the last couple… guess they realized it didn’t work too), which garnered a whooping 73 wins in the last 10 years.

  9. Poe knows he’s an overated, over hyped bust waiting to happen. He couldn’t even dominate in a 3rd rate college conference, so….

    He wants to make sure he locks in all is unearned, undeserved bust money now before he goes bust.

  10. What does it say about the Chiefs chosing a player they have NO confidence in with their first round pick? Taking pot shots at Poe is just overlooking a really bad decision, if they were worried he couldn’t play, why take him at 11 when Fletcher Cox the consensus number one DT was still available. Embarassing double standard for making such a foolish pick.

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