Report: Steelers will stop negotiating with Mike Wallace

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Not only did a teammate jump the gun in saying Steelers receiver Mike Wallace had a new contract, but the Steelers have reportedly decided to stop even talking to Wallace about a new contract.

Wallace is not reporting for the start of training camp, and the Steelers’ response will be to suspend negotiations on a long-term contract, according to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

According to Bouchette, the Steelers are willing to let Wallace make the decision of whether he’ll sign his one-year, $2.7 million restricted free agent tender or stay away. If those are his two choices, Wallace will surely take option B, at least for now. Wallace only has to sign the tender by Week One to get his full base salary.

But even if the Steelers’ position now is that they won’t negotiate with Wallace, it’s still possible that a long-term deal could get done. Wallace is an extremely talented player who’s still just 25 years old, and the Steelers would benefit from having him locked up to a long-term deal. They may not be negotiating that deal now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen eventually.

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  1. Wallace needs to wake up and realize he is not an elite NFL receiver like Fitz, the Johnsons and others. Nothing more then a deep threat that benefits from Big Bens ability to keep plays alive

  2. Psssst, hey Mike.

    They’re not gonna pay you what you’re lookin’ for.

    Wes Welker

  3. Trade him now to Jacksonville, so he can have Blaine Gabbert *trying* to throw to him, then he’ll see what he had in PGH.

  4. I believe they always do this? They dont negotiate with players who are holding out (REAL holdouts like during training camp, not OTAs). You want to negotiate to be a part of the team? Be a part of the team first.

    Anything over 6M/year is too much and should be spent elsewhere.

  5. Pay the guy! Lets be honest, there are more WRs out there making a lot more than him that aren’t nearly as good as him. Another thing to be honest about, Big Ben isn’t Tom Brady, Rodgers, or Brees; lets get that straight, so saying his a product of Big Ben, the man that has as many INTs and TDs in SBs is ridiculous. His so good why hasn’t he ever been tops or near it in TD passes?
    Only WRs that are truly better than him are Fitz, Megatron. Then there’s those you can argue because of the system they play in or QB (Wes Welker, Colston) and those that are getting paid ridiculous that can’t even stay healthy (Andre Johnson). So who else is there to argue Nicks, Marshall, ……. All make more than him! Lets see how good the Steelers will be without Wallace, Antonio Brown had what like 1 touchdown…..Good Luck Big Ben with your main weapons being Isaac Redman and Antonio Brown!

  6. The Steelers historically have had pretty good luck figuring out who should get paid at crunch time, and I don’t see them blinking here. I’d like to see him get signed, but the fact is none of us know what’s being offered, or how much Wallace is really expecting outside of his “Fitz money” comments.

  7. He’s not even the best receiver on his own team – not even close really. What kind of negotiating leverage do you have when you spend 2011 eating Antonio Brown’s dust?

  8. this is may be true. if they are close he’ll get to camp. if they aren’t close, he’s a no show and most likely not a steeler next season unless he lights it up in the new offense. when is he going to sign that tender? does he want to learn and have a great season or does he want to miss most of the season to reduce the risk of injury? stay tuned…

  9. I’m a Ravens fan but let’s look at the situation your only offensive weapons yu have now is Ben and Antonio Brown…the kid is a rising star now he is not on the level wit Megatron or Fitz but is somethin worth investing in for the long haul I can’t remember wat game that was but I never seen a kid turn a slant route into a 60+ touchdown off sheer speed, I mean he out ran both safeties and corners by 20 yards easy. Your defense is based on a lot of new faces so don’t expect much from them, one more concussion for 43 and his career mite be over due to new rules on thoughs things. Pitt yu need this kid for the future, but if yall don’t want him gon head and ship him over 2 B-More him and Torrey Smith will be a nasty duo. Flacco wud never be able to overthrow neither of em

  10. Wallace has speed. That’s it. He’s not that good of a route runner & has trouble getting open in tight coverage. He wants Fitz money & his best season hasn’t equalled Fitz’s worst. Screw him. Antonio Brown is a far more complete receiver & we need to worry more about keeping him around next year.

  11. @mrtreyseven, Let 17 stay in Steel city..Com’on, you guys swept them with him there..You already matchup well against..Just Saying..

    Mike Wallace is dealing with a giant that doesnt not give a care who you are..Steelers Org! Its their way or the high way..Sorry Mr wallace, you will win when you go their way..Thats way it is with the steelers because they can REPLACE you..No doubt,,we all know that

  12. Wallace should take some advice from Lamarr Woodley, Ray Rice, Desean Jackson on handling contract negotiations…He is limited to screen passes (got intercepted by Suggs) and deep balls anyway. You are not gonna bully te steelers into a contract.

  13. Package Wallace and Mendenhall into a Herschel Walker type trade. 2 – first round picks, 3-second round picks and 2 -third rounds picks. Jimmy Johnson style.

  14. Tomlin is so awesome, not a Steelers fan, but I got more respect for Tomlin then most coaches… Wallace is a piece of work and Tomlin just goes, “that’s cool, you go ahead and holdout we’ll just work with Brown and Saunders…” why can’t most head coaches grow some balls like that

  15. How amusing…Wallace tries to strong-arm the Steelers and they basically tell him to pound sand! You don’t pull this kind of crap with Pittsburgh. They’ll send your overinflated ego to a dysfunctional team for a 5th rounder and then draft your replacement!

  16. Didn’t he get it when nobody made a power move to steal him from the Steelers when they had no ability to stop it. Obviously nobody in the NFL thinks he’s worth big money or he’d have it already and be playing with another team. All he does is run go routes.

  17. They call him one trick pony, but people forget, it’s a great one. Anytime he’s lined up, there will be no safeties running around the line of scrimmage. He draws just s much attention as Fitz and Megatron off the ball.

  18. donterrelli says: Jul 25, 2012 4:39 PM

    Trade him now to Jacksonville, so he can have Blaine Gabbert *trying* to throw to him, then he’ll see what he had in PGH.
    Yes PLEEEASE ship him over to JAX. Let Jerry Sullivan coach him up on his overall game. Wallace gives Gabbert another weapon to throw to & can ONLY make his job easier with the likes of WR’s Laurent Robinson, Justin Blackmon, “Mike Wallace,” Mike Thomas, etc.

    WoW this seriously sounds like a plan donterrelli, your IQ has increased from a 3 to about a 13, thats a rare 10pt jump. Keep it up!!

  19. I see a lot of comments here disparaging Wallace and I shake my head. For a man that only runs go routes….He’s been very very productive. Just reading the comments I’ll list some of the attributes Mike Wallace has to balance out the hate:

    His averages during his 3 year career:

    Over 1000 receiveing yards
    8 receiving touchdowns
    18.7 yards per receptions

    He’s first 3 years are statistically on par or better than than the first 3 years of these notable pro bowlers:

    Calvin Johnson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Andre Johnson
    Roddy White
    Reggie Wayne
    Greg Jennings

    Defenses must respect his speed. He is one of the fastest receiver in the league and his deep route ability opens up passes underneath.

    He’s only 25 years old.

    This doesn’t sound like the bum some of you guys are screaming about.

  20. There’s a lot of fast WR’S in the NFL..A LOT !..(a lot of them drafted by my team and idol al Davis! Lol) AND very few can put up numbers like he can. You steeler fans just think your above the world. Pay him. Antonio Brown iz a studd no doubt..we all saw what anquon and fitz did together. They could be just as exciting and effective as they were.

  21. Would love him to get him signed but he isn’t worth huge money. He only has two routes at this point over the top and an out route. They would be best off giving a back end heavy contract and make him prove he can be a complete receiver over the next three years.

    He could flourish in a Todd Haley offense but has to prove that first. I agree Antonio Brown is the more complete receiver but he benefits from the top being taken off the D by Wallace. The Steelers don’t talk to hold outs ever… No exceptions

  22. Wide receivers are a dime a dozen, and like it’s been said many times, he’s a one trick pony, and he’s worthless in the red-zone.

  23. Dear Mike, you are dealing with Pittsburgh Steelers who have the best scouting department in the NFL. They will drive around Pittsburgh and find a homeless person under a bridge who can run a 4.4 and let Ben make him a star, ITS WHAT WE DO!!!

  24. No reason to worry about this situation. This is the Steelers policy, they don’t negotiate contracts with players holding out or not in camp. No hard feelings on their part, it’s just the way they do business.

    As for Mike, I suspect a deal is almost done and he is taking his time getting to camp. Once he’s there the deal will be final and Mike got a few extra days of not being in training camp. Not a huge deal for him or the team and on the bright side Emanuel Sanders gets some reps with the first team and the other receivers get more reps too.

  25. Why when a player wants to get paid people get all mad and point out all the things they think he cannot so.what if when they come up for a raise,they start saying you know you can only drive the truck in the country,when you try to drive in the city people say you are late….etc..l

  26. Gimme a break one route….he scores TD’s and gets yards. Best offensive weapon the Steelers have. Pay the man.

  27. Isn’t it true that since Wallace didn’t sign the $2.7 million tender from that one deadline a month or two ago, the Steelers could pull the $2.7 million amount and stick him with the $900,000 salary?

    If the Steelers do the sensible thing and sign Brown next year and choose him over Wallace, then they should make him regret losing $1.8 million due to his delusional stubbornness.

  28. At the end of the day , if Mike Wallace thinks hes going to play hardball with the Steelers , he will lose and lose badly . Many players have tried before him and some were Hall of Famers . Needless to say , it didnt work for them either . If Mike doesnt come down on his demands , this will get uglier quickly . The Steelers will make him a fair multi year offer , but there not going to give him Larry Fitzgerald money . It simply wont happen . If he continues to hold out the Steelers will simply move on without him .

  29. right where he want right where he wants them they need they need him more than he needs them

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