Ryan Kalil buys ad, promises Super Bowl for Panthers


Panthers center Ryan Kalil has high hopes for the season, and put his money where his mouth is.

Kalil bought an ad in the Charlotte Observer this morning, telling fans this year would end with:

“One hundred-percent, sterling silver victory. The Lombardi trophy. And it reads:


Kalil told the Observer‘s Joe Person: “It was one of those things I was literally up all night and I was thinking about it, and just went to my computer and started writing.”

Ron Rivera’s Panthers should be better than their 6-10 record last year, with a full offseason for quarterback Cam Newton. And it was also in John Fox’s second year as coach that the Panthers made an unlikely run in 2003, pushing from 7-9 to a Super Bowl berth which ended in a loss to the Patriots.

But calling this shot was a little much.

Kalil said the ad was “a war cry to the fans,” and that he didn’t tell anyone from the team, because he didn’t want them to talk him out of doing it.

“We’ve said it in the past in meeting rooms and behind closed doors,” Kalil said. “This year’s different. There’s a sense of urgency, a winning attitude that I haven’t seen before. And it’s in the way we prepare. It’s in the way we approach each work day, and I think fans will see it in the way that we play.”

Such bravado is seldom rewarded. When he was awarded the franchise, owner Jerry Richardson promised a Super Bowl within 10 years.

He’s late on that one, just as Kalil might be a little early.

18 responses to “Ryan Kalil buys ad, promises Super Bowl for Panthers

  1. As a Panther fan, I absolutely love this. I love having a team leader who expects nothing less than a championship.

    Another important factor in that 2003 run is that the Panthers were 1-15 in 2001. The Bengals were 4-12 in 1979 and lost the Super Bowl in 1981. The Rams were 6-10 in 1998 and won the Super Bowl in 1999. The Packers last Super Bowl win came as a #6 seed. The Giants were a #6 and 9-7 last year. To get to the top this fast is not completely unprecedented.

    Kalil sees how powerful this offense can be. He saw how close we were to winning 3 or 4 more games last year with our 3 best defensive players on injured reserve. We have some good draft picks, and a bunch of new special teams aces to shore that unit up. I am excited to see what this team can do. And I love that one of the team leaders expects the team to win a championship.

  2. They need a QB who has strengths beyond making highlight reels with his scrambling abilities and selling shoes.

  3. Well Ryan, you got your 15 minutes of fame. While I like the confidence and question the wisdom, I have to say, “ya got BARWLZ”. Looks like somebody took the Cam Newton challenge to heart and his ready to do his part.

    That bold statement makes everyone buy in or bow out. It separates the contenders from the pretenders. Camp will never be the same. There is a heighten sense of awareness that anything is possible.

    Everybody will be on their game, from the ball boys/girls to JR.The Panthers just stepped it up. KEEP POUNDING !!!

  4. Here’s to hoping he’s a man of his word.

    Signed and sealed,
    Panther Nation

  5. In 1999, when Bud Adams unveiled his team’s new uniforms and announced the Oilers would now be the Titans, he concluded by saying they’d end the season in the Super Bowl. Everybody thought he was nuts. They were right.

    … and so was he.

  6. As a fan I used to hate it when players said stuff like this. But now I think you almost have to have this kind of attitude in order to be the best. Not saying the Panthers are the “best”, but I think to get the job done, you have to truly believe you can get the job done.

  7. will they have to make the playoffs first and after that you have to play green bay, ney yourk, and the eagles so if i where him i would say will make the playoff

  8. This has to be a prank by Will Ferrell or something, lol.
    As a Panther fan I like the Bravado but Kalile just put the crosshairs on the team. It literally is bulletin board material for every team in our division. Kalil is man enough to handle it but the other 52 will have to step it up.

  9. Ok, alright. Let’s see what everyone has to say about this. “Oh, I like his confidence in his team. What was he supposed to say? No we can’t win a Super Bowl” blah blah blah. I hate to say it, but if this was Vick all hell would have broke loose. And this man PROMISED a Super Bowl, damn near guarantees it. All Vick said was we have a CHANCE to be a dynasty. But whatever, defend Kalil all you want and trash Vick, it’ll make your lives better I guess.

  10. Whenever a team with a bad record one year thinks they’re going to do well the next year, the “experts” laugh at them. Yet, every year, a few teams that were bad the previous year are good and a few teams that were good the previous year are bad. No one can think beyond what they saw last year.

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