Titans corner says Jake Locker reminds him of Vince Young

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The Titans organization hopes that quarterback Jake Locker can one day become the longtime franchise quarterback that Vince Young failed to become for the franchise.

It’s funny, then, that Titans corner Alterraun Verner chose to invoke the name of the former Titan when asked to compare Locker to another NFL quarterback while he was a guest of Ross Tucker and Alex Marvez on Sirius XM NFL Radio show. It’s important to note that Verner didn’t mean it as a negative judgment on Locker, who he raved about elsewhere in the interview.

“The reason why I say that is that I feel like Vince Young was a winner. Vince always tried to find a way to win.”

Verner’s point on the Vince Young as winner front is debatable, but he has a solid point stylistically.

Both Locker and Young came out of college as quarterbacks prized for their athletic ability and, at 6’3″, Locker is just a shade shorter than Young. Both quarterbacks played in offenses that had them throwing on the move often while in college, leading to questions about how effectively they’d be able to run a professional offense. Given the lazy habit of only comparing players to others with the same skin tone, you probably would have heard a lot of Young comparisons when Locker was coming out of school if Locker was also African-American.

While there’s no denying the physical similarities, Locker has two advantages over Young. He still has a chance to disprove concerns about his ability to transition to the pro game and he can avoid the off-field issues that helped bring Young’s time as Tennessee’s starting quarterback to an end. If he does those things, you’ll be able to look back on the comparisons to Young as being almost as ridiculous as the fact that Cam Newton was also compared to Young when he came out of college.

13 responses to “Titans corner says Jake Locker reminds him of Vince Young

  1. Titans fans try to forget that VY was ever here.

    We don’t want to hear comparisons of Locker to VY. Hell, I didn’t want Locker to wear the number 10.

    But what we DO want is to see Locker on the field playing….and starting. We want to see what we have. And hopefully…..it’s NOT another VY.

  2. It would funny if Verner responded later and said the reason locker reminds him of young is because both wore #10

  3. I agree it’s probably an accurate comparison if you take away the mental issues and instability. Vince turned into a good player on the field near the end of his Titans tenure, he is just a baby who can handle the pressure and Fisher didn’t make it any easier for him.

  4. It wasn’t a lack of talent that drove Young out of Tennessee, it was lack of maturity. If Jake keeps his mouth shut, his head up, and never goes clubbin’ with Kenny Britt, he should be just fine.

  5. VY was decent when he started. He got worse as time went on.

    Amazes me that so many still blame Fisher for VY troubles. It wasn’t Fisher’s fault that VY was not a hard worker (last one in and first to leave) or that VY called the wrong plays or plays that didn’t even exist.

    Plenty of former VY teamates have spoken on this issue if one wants to look it up.

    But HELL, maybe it’s Fisher’s fault that VY didn’t make it in Philly either.

  6. After watching Young disgrace the football field in Philadelphia, I pray that no player ever again reminds me of Young…ever. I dont even want to see the Cowboys field a player that bad. Its bad for the sport. And thats saying something, coming from me.

  7. Young was bad in Philly, he’s the type of player that takes a long time to figure out the gameplan and how to be somewhat effective. He’s really not that smart but if he gets a couple years to figure everything out he would be a decent starter or backup like what you saw his final 2 years in Tenn where he had a 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio with a QB rating in the 90’s. Then you have the mental issues though, so idk lol. He’s basically a waste of time and too much work.

  8. The offense Locker ran his last year or so in college was nothing close to the “Slide, Glide ‘n Decide” that VY ran in school.

  9. Vince Young threw on the move in college???

    He was a shot-gun/run option offense quarterback with the tendency to run a lot!!!

    Locker = Pro style offense in college??

    Why the hell should their offenses be likened to one another???

    Locker is capable of being the Philly version of Donovan McNabb or an ideal Al Davis QB, excellent in the vertical game with the ability to hit accurately outside the pocket!!!!

    Locker can run, but Vince Young was an under-center QB in college???

    VY = done!!! Locker, too good to flame out like VY!!!

  10. Living near the Seattle area, I’ve watched a lot of the local teams. Having watched both, I would compare Locker more to Tarvaris Jackson than Young. Sorry Titans fans, that’s just how I see it.

    They both have great athleticism and strong arms as well as great character, but have trouble reading defenses and seeing the whole field. Both also have accuracy issues at times.

    I hope Locker succeeds in the NFL, but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. I was glad when the Seahawks weren’t given the opportunity to draft him. Again, sorry Titans fans…

  11. Jake Locker reminds you of Vince Young? Ha … That’s probably the funniest thing I’ve heard all month. Seriously though, man, a much more accurate comparison would’ve been Steve McNair: tougher than nails, both had the same 40 time, good arms, extremely mobile, natural leaders, improvisational, rock solid mental stamina, team players, pursue humility, adversity = no skin off their backs, play physical, committed to learning defenses, teachable, friendly … you get the picture. The differences? Jake is a man of devout faith who lives a much more conservative life-style.

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