Vikings reach deal with third-rounder Josh Robinson


We’ve entered the lightning round, with deals happening in a hurry as teams report to camp.

The Vikings have signed third-rounder Josh Robinson to a four-year deal this afternoon, PFT has learned.

They open camp tomorrow, and still have to sign first-round tackle Matt Kalil. How they handle that one will be interesting, considering they want to take a stand on offset language.

Robinson, a cornerback from Central Florida, was the 66th overall pick.

There are now 11 draft pick deals left to sign. We’ll count them down for you as we get them.

3 responses to “Vikings reach deal with third-rounder Josh Robinson

  1. How did offset language get agreed on in the CBA in the first place, it seems absurd.

    Why should any team have to pay a players salary if they cut him and he signs elsewhere? Or rather why would Kalil’s agent insist on such a thing?

    It’s really is not an issue specifically for Kalil because they drafted him because they believe he will solidify the position for a decade, but rather it is the precedent it would set to agree to this. I can’t say I blame the Vikings for not agreeing to the language.

  2. If players would just tell the agents to shut up every once and a while stuff like this wouldn’t be a problem. Khalil won’t be cut in 4 years. Worst case scenario he plays right tackle the last couple of years if he sucks.

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