Brandon Marshall thinks his reunion with Jay Cutler is Hollywood material


Expectations for the Bears are rising in the Windy City and Brandon Marshall is doing his best to feed them.

During an interview with Stacey Dales of the NFL Network, Marshall said that he thought it was realistic for the Bears to talk about winning the Super Bowl this season. He’s not the first member of the Bears to express that point of view, but Marshall didn’t stop there when talking about the special nature of this year’s team.

While talking about reuniting with quarterback Jay Cutler and quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates a few years after all three men were together in Denver, Marshall suggested that it was the kind of story that Steven Spielberg might be interested in.

“I think when it’s all said and done there may be a book or a movie written about it,” Marshall said. “We had a core group of guys there that had everything to win and to see some of those pieces come back together, some big pieces like Jay and I and Jeremy, it’s unheard of.”

While we think you could do worse than Josh McDaniels when it comes to casting a heavy, Marshall might want to hold off on pitching studios and publishing houses until after the Bears season comes to an end. If the Bears do well, there is something intriguing about the reunion and there will be plenty of stories written about it.

Should the Bears crash and burn, though, you’d have a better chance of getting financing for The Cleo Lemon Story in 3-D.

8 responses to “Brandon Marshall thinks his reunion with Jay Cutler is Hollywood material

  1. Marshall is pretty decent…depending on which personality shows up. But, it’s going to be difficult to make “Hollywood material” when Cutler is on his back every passing down. The Bears’ offensive line consists of 3 wet noodles and 2 turn-styles. I can’t wait to see Cutler whine and complain and start calling out his own players (like he always does). Don’t worry Bears fans…you always have special teams and defense to get excited about. Haha!

    Clay Matthews & Co. are already licking their chops…

  2. I really think the bears are going to win the north this year. There won’t be the usual “growing pains” associated with a new 1 WR coming in because of cutler and marshalls history. I think they have enough in bennett/jeffreys/hester to keep teams from focusing in on marshall to much. The Bears D is by far the best in the division. Obviously they have to at least split the series with GB and probably finish with a 4-2 divisional record to win the divison.
    GB fans thumb down all you want but the Bears are looking good with a healthy Cutler /Marshall/ Forte.

  3. boncherp says:

    “I can’t wait to see Cutler whine and complain and start calling out his own players (like he always does). ”

    Obviously you are basing your comment on the delusional rants of bitter Denver fans and other Cutler-bashers who spout the same crap over and over…As a Bears fan I have watched every game and all the post-game interviews, and I challenge you to show me where he has ‘always’ whined, complained, and called out teammates…I want dates and specific quotes, and where each one appeared…But don’t worry, I won’t be at all surprised when you fail to back up your statements.

    As for Clay Matthews & Co., after the way the GB defense played last year, the only thing they should be licking is their wounds.

  4. Why not Marshall… But Chicago needs a Superbowl so the story has a happy ending. I would go see the movie for sure but lets win the BIG ONE first. BEAR DOWN!!!

  5. Good Luck Chi-Town…….you’re in for a year of drops and failed catches in the Red Zone….then he’ll blame it all on Cutler and the offense….I give him 2 yrs in Chicago….

  6. I have to agree with larryboodry in his criticism of boncherp. Cutler may not be all smiles and hugs, but I have not seen him “always” whine, complain and call out teammates. Specific dates and quotes of him calling out Bears teammates would be nice instead throwing out gross generalizations based on sour grapes over the suckage in Denver since Cutler left.

    You would think that having Manning at the helm combined with the amount of time that has passed since Cutler left would temper any remaining feelings, positive or negative, that Denver fans have for Cutler.

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