Chiefs add some experience with Tony Ugoh


When Tony Ugoh came into the league, the Colts thought he’d be Peyton Manning’s blind-side protector for years to come.

He has now officially become a journeyman.

Ugoh signed with the Chiefs Thursday, and will compete for a backup job there.

He played in three games (one start) with the Giants last year, and part of 2010 with the Lions. His three years with the Colts were a disappointment for the former second-rounder from Arkansas.

The Chiefs drafted tackle Donald Stephenson in the third round, but otherwise don’t have much experience at the position behind starters Branden Albert and Eric Winston.

7 responses to “Chiefs add some experience with Tony Ugoh

  1. I remember draft day 2007 when the 49ers traded their 2008 #1 to New England to move up to get Staley at #28 and then traded their 2007 2nd round pick to Indy for their 2008 first round pick. Indy used that 2nd rounder on Ugoh. 49er fans freaked and automatically assumed the careers of Staley and Ugoh would be linked forever for all the wrong reasons for 49er fans. It had the potential to be an epic trade had McCloughan not wasted the 2008 first rounder from Indy on Kentwan Balmer, but at least we got a Pro-Bowl tackle out of the deal.

  2. You could do a lot worse than Tony Ugoh for a backup. Like Barry Richardson, for instance.

  3. Career Backup. He had an amazing opportunity and completely squandered it @ LT in Indy. For how many gems Polian found, he swung and missed big time with the Ugoh Trade/Draft.

  4. Awesome. Thanks, KC. You needed this because Lamaar Houston -didn’t already- own your QB like a whipped boyfriend.

    Sincerely, Raider Nation.

  5. Polian drafting Ugoh that year was a desperation move facilitated by an aging Pro Bowl LT Tarick Glenn. Glenn retired a few months later and I have to think that Polian and Co. had had some discussion with him and knew they needed someone to step in.
    LT is a finicky position and I remember at the time many saw qualities in Ugoh that reminded them of Glenn.

  6. lamaar houston? The guy with one career sack against the chiefs? U realize he’s a DT so Ugoh really wouldnt be blocking him anyway. But you’re welcome?

    The Smarter Chiefs Nation

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