Christian Ponder says his confidence was shaken last year

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Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder had an up-and-down rookie season, and the lowest of the “down” part came in Week 14, when he threw three interceptions and fumbled twice in a loss to the Lions. And Ponder admits that he took a beating in that game, not just physically but mentally.

That definitely hurt my confidence,” Ponder told the Pioneer Press. “Without the mistakes in Detroit, I probably wouldn’t have lost my confidence.”

After that loss to the Lions, the final three weeks were a mess for Ponder. He started all three games but left two of them early with a hip injury and a concussion, throwing for 120, 68 and 28 yards in those three games. Ponder says that “kind of stunk.”

With some time to reflect, however, Ponder says he won’t allow anything that happens this season to get him down.

“The tough part was you’re just so upset that you’re letting your teammates down,” Ponder said. “I won’t let it affect me as much. I know it’s a long season.”

Ponder may have another game as bad as that loss to the Lions. But the Vikings can’t afford for him to have three straight games like he had after that loss to the Lions. Which means the Vikings can’t afford for him to lose his confidence again.

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  1. So when you let your teammates down again you will not let it bother you as much, got it.

  2. Too bad he doesn’t have a coaching staff that could help him through something like that. We finally get an owner who is willing to spend some money on players and now we can’t get an effective coaching staff in place. It’s like this team is cursed.

  3. Well, if you had to play QB behind that patchwork OL the Vikings had last year, you’d have your confidence shaken, too.

    On the other hand, I can’t help but think that Joe Webb’s play in the Detroit and Washington games might not have had something to do with that as well. Ponder is the unquestioned starter. However, if he lapses back into that rut he was the last few weeks of last season, his grip on the starter’s position will be in jeopardy. Ponder seemed to throw as many TD passes to the opposition during this time as he did for his own team. Hopefully, with training camp and a better OL, last season’s collapse will be a distant (and one time) memory.

  4. This guy needs to send his pal Blaine a thank you card. If it wasn’t for the media’s hatred for the Jag’s CP would be the whipping boy. At least Blaine never lost is confidence….

    Go Jags/Jennings!

  5. Actually, from what I saw it wasn’t really up and down. His first game was his best and it was pretty much downhill from there. I expect that trend to continue this year…

  6. Any my confidence was shaken in Viking Senior Management when they REACHED for this guy in the 1st Round…just like the Jets with Sanchez and Dolphins with Tanneyhill.

  7. Ponder played the Pack tough. Dude is mobile and can throw. If the Vikes can develop a system around him, he could grow into an effective QB. No Coach should deal ever let his young QB feel down or not confident. In himself. That’s how you wind up with a Joey Harrington.

  8. While i’m not a Vikes fan and I do think that this year the only competition they will be in is the one for the 1st overall draft pick in 2013… I do think they have their QB of the future in Ponder.

    They could have ended up with Gabbert.

  9. Ponder never had a chance to have any confidence! He didn’t start until week 6 had no ota’s shortend training camp and no matter how well he could have done, It would not have made a difference Not with the D fence we had playing

  10. Not a good sign for Vikings fans. I thought he was a reach when they drafted him that high, and now his mental instability confirms that.

  11. It’s pretty incredible that the last 4 weeks of the season changed Ponder in the eyes of the media from being raw but with promising potential to just being a total bust. I only saw 2 or 3 of his games last year, but I could see him being at least decent with an O-line and experience.

  12. Probably why Christian has put on 15 lbs of muscle (now weighs 225-230) and still runs a 4.6-4.7. He is still kind of raw but he should at least get his confidence back actually having the OTA’s and a mini camp facing more athletic corners and safeties.

  13. Ponder this…..if I was being sacked but 300 pound men everytime I stepped back I’d be shaken too…its okay ponder i feel for you

  14. Just the professional way of saying his offensive line and receivers sucked! Not a Vikings fan but i think this kid has the tools and smarts to develop into a great player with a descent cast of players around him. I actually have the Vikings as a team that will be a whole lot better this year with the moves via the draft and a couple free agent additions.

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