DaShon Goldson signs 49ers franchise tender, reports to camp

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DaShon Goldson’s not going to get a better deal until the end of the season, so he’s going to take the one he was already offered.

The 49ers safety signed his one-year franchise tender today, according to CSNBayArea.com, after he was unable to get a long-term deal with the team finished earlier this month.

Goldson will make a guaranteed $6.212 million this year. Veterans reported to 49ers camp today, and will open practice Friday.

He’s started all but two games the last three seasons, and earned his first Pro Bowl berth last year after picking off six passes.

Now all he has to do is hope for a repeat, and continued health, so he can try for long-term security again next year. But the 49ers own past shows the risk inherent in that position. Former franchise-tagged defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin has bounced from New Orleans to San Diego after playing 2010 under the tender, never getting the kind of security all tagged players want.

5 responses to “DaShon Goldson signs 49ers franchise tender, reports to camp

  1. YES!!! We have everybody signed and ready to go for camp… Hey NFL look out for my Niners…!!!

    I can’t wait until we play GB.. The best game of that week.

  2. I think this was a smart move for both the 49ers and Gholston. The Niners need to see if he can improve on his pass coverage ability and Gholston needs to remind the Niners that he is a valuable and neccessary piece of that defense. If you are Baalke, you can’t just give 35 million to any player that can hit hard. In order to get the big money a player needs to be well rounded and dependable in every situation. I believe he will improve and be a Niner for many years to come.

  3. Even most of the well-respected local beat writers thought that that Goldson would hold out for a few weeks, maybe even a couple of preseason games. This is a pleasant surprise. Go Niners!!

  4. Niners need to hurry up and pay the guy, dashon was and is a very go asset to the 49ers defence and they need to lock him in on a long term deal before he decides to go with another team he is a very under rated player and everybody knows it he doesnt get as much credit as he deserves but its good to know hes back for another season and ready to go…. Go Niners!!!!

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