Dumervil not saying much about his arrest


As expected, Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil has reported for training camp.  As expected, he’s not saying much about his recent arrest for allegedly flashing a gun at a motorist in Miami.

“I know you guys have a lot of questions, but out of respect for the investigation, there’s not much I can say,” Dumervil said, via ESPN.com.

Actually, it’s not out of respect for the investigation.  It’s because anything he says can and will be used against him.  If he’s being investigated for something he didn’t do, then the investigation isn’t showing him much respect.  So he should be willing to say he’s innocent.  If he is.

Dumervil did say he hasn’t heard from Commissioner Roger Goodell.  But Dumervil likely will; this is his second incident in less than two years.  Charges were dropped after an alleged assault of a parking lot attendant at the team’s stadium in 2010.  And while no charges may ultimately be filed in response to the latest incident, simply being accused is enough to get the league to look into the situation — and possibly to take action.  Especially when an incident becomes two or more incidents.

Coach John Fox addressed the situation as well, but he didn’t say much.  “Well, I think you’re obviously disappointed any time you’re involved in a situation like that as an organization,” Fox said.  “Like any situation you’re involved in, you have to gather the information, find out to the best you can the facts and then let the process run itself and the truth eventually comes out.”

Sometimes, the process runs its course without the truth coming out.  In this case, the only truth that may matter from the league’s perspective is that Dumervil has now been twice accused of assault.

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  1. Don’t worry Elvis, this wasn’t expected to be a big year for the Broncos or anything…I am just glad you were able to make sure you weren’t “disrespected” to that nobody you menaced with your weapon.

  2. As if being an NFL player isn’t enough to scare someone, you have to ride in your hoopty and carry guns like you’re an unemployed gang banger. I think Roger should allow you to live your dream life and suspend your DA.

  3. An already weak defense got substantially weaker by his actions. Congrats dude.

  4. And while no charges may ultimately be filed in response to the latest incident, simply being accused is enough to get the league to look into the situation — and possibly to take action.
    I know that the CBA allows this, and that the union agreed to it. But, boy I still have a problem with punishing people for crimes that officially and legally they did not commit.

    Roll your eyes at me all you want, but if the police decline to press charges, what they are OFFICIALLY saying is that no crime was committed or at the very least there was not enough evidence to prove that a crime was committed.

    I know that if I was arrested for something, but never charged and my case was dropped, I would not be penalized by my employer. I think that would be true of most people.

    Again- I KNOW they agreed to it. But I’m not sure they had much of a choice, and I still think it stinks.

  5. This and other cases – present and future – make it imperative that the Commish has to give up the power to listen to appeals. His goal to tidy up the image of the League is welcome. Unfortunately, the players are, as matter of fact, alluring targets for some scumbags in society. It should no longer be enough to say ‘they should not put themselves in vulnerable spots’.
    Unproven accusations should not add up to warrant suspensions. The stakes are too high.

  6. I will probably get censored again, but are you seriously suggesting that by invoking his right not to talk about an ongoing investigation that means he is guilty? Any lawyer (or person that has watched Law and Order for that matter) would tell a client to keep their mouth shut if they are being investigated.

  7. Big Bronco fan here and I say be fair but tough. This fellow has had a half dozen traffic tickets in the past 6 years or so, he lost his license, he got in a scrap outside the stadium, he hangs with seedy types and he flashes a gun to intimidate people. Now he hopes to game the system, beat the wrap, wiggle out on a technicality.

    I say enough is enough. Rodger should look at the pattern, and set him down for about 4 games regardless of the outcome.

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