Ex-Viking Leber on Favre: He wasn’t really committed to us


Brett Favre’s declaration that money was the primary reason he decided to return to the Vikings in 2010 isn’t sitting well with all of his old teammates.

Former Vikings linebacker Ben Leber said on KFAN that it’s hard to have a team leader who’s committed more to putting another $20 million or so in his bank account than he is in winning another Super Bowl ring, and that made it hard to have Favre as the starting quarterback.

“He clearly wasn’t mentally and emotionally into it, and that’s the thing that kind of bugged me,” Leber said. “I get it, you’ve got to make the money when you can make it, even though he has made hundreds of millions of dollars. When he says it’s about the money, it just means that he wasn’t committed to us. So that irritated me a little bit, not for him taking the money, but for what it really meant.”

Leber said he perceived Favre’s general attitude in 2010 as, “You know, I’ll kind of stagger back in here, and I’ll give you guys what I’ve got, but I just know wholeheartedly I don’t have it in me, and the money’s too good to pass up.” And Leber said he didn’t like having a teammate who felt that way.

“If that’s the case, move on,” Leber said. “I’d rather go with somebody that’s maybe less talented, that’s 100 percent committed to us winning. It bugged me a little bit. I’m not going to say I lost sleep over it, but it bugged me.”

Leber isn’t alone: Favre bugged a lot of people at the end of his NFL career.

52 responses to “Ex-Viking Leber on Favre: He wasn’t really committed to us

  1. Favre was in it to win it in 2009 and after he poured everything into that year and it didn’t work out, he didn’t really want to come back in 2010. I saw it when he made his first press conference in 2010. It was obvious he was overweight, by at least 20-25 lbs, and he wasn’t committed like he was in 2009, which is too bad cause we could have had a stellar year in 2010….

  2. Love him, or hate him, you have to respect Favre’s honesty. Brett DID NOT want to play in 2010. The team begged him and threw a ridiculous amount of money at him. Do you still play in the NFL Ben Leber? Are even relevant?

  3. Favre’s small wiener also bugged a few women…but not in a good way.

  4. Can someone confirm he did in fact make “Hundreds of millions of dollars”… That suggest Favre cleared at LEAST 200 million dollars in his career..

  5. Ben’s right. There’s NO WAY the Vikings could havever made it to the Championship game without Favre.

    Oh, wait…

  6. Right, Leber, and if you were good enough for anyone to bother trying to talk out of retirement, I’m sure that $20 million and a pilgrimage by your teammates would leave you unmoved.

  7. Favre hurt his reputation, includimg arrogantly playing through a broken foot. As a Packers fan it wasn’t him joining the Vikes that turned me against him, I didn’t care about that. It was the way he carried himself in 2010. Truly, just disgusting.

    Used to be my #1 favorite player but now at like #5 and that’s on a truly great day!

  8. As a Vikings fan since 1842, I’ll always consider the criticisms alongside the fact that the 2009 team was the best in years and almost got that trophy

  9. To go after him like this after all the physical punishment and constant scrutiny while he still tried to play every game possible just doesn’t seem right. ALL the players play for money, I’d say Favre would have been almost stupid to turn down 20 million dollars for one season. And obviously all the un-retiring wasn’t about money, this was a man that loved to play and I honestly doubt he began his last season “not really committed”. However, into the season the Vikings felt that same way about him and he wasn’t a future QB obviously so what was he supposed to feel? That season hurt a lot for him, I don’t see how it hurt the other Vikings teammates even as close to as much.

  10. This isnt on Brett, blame the GM & Childress…hell, blame jarhead Allen, Steve Hutcinson and what’s his name for driving to Mississippi to kiss his @$$

  11. “It bugged me a little bit. I’m not going to say I lost sleep over it, but it bugged me.”

    Yeah when your collecting any of these guys game checks, I mean who’s gonna lose any sleeP unless your T.O.’S BABY MAMAS

  12. They were a couple of bad plays away from beating my Saints and going to the Super Bowl. Brett Favre was a part of those couple of bad plays, but I can’t think of any plays at all that Ben Leber was involved in. Who is he? I know he’s a linebacker; but what did he contribute?

  13. Yup… can’t blame you one little bit Mr. Leber. I also think that Brett Favre is too much of a dumbbell to know how to handle pretty any situation correctly….. except maybe how to be ultra-disingenuous and bilk the Vikings out $20,000,000.00 for a half-hearted disgraceful effort. Then you’re brilliant enough to come out and tell everybody so as to leave no possible question. Nice work Brett. You’ve continuously soil your legacy time and time again. Complete birdbrain.

  14. I think he felt pressured to play in 2010. His teammates put up a billboard in his hometown asking him to come back, they were scheduled to play the Saints to start the season, and he was offered a lot of money.

  15. Even Brett Favre is getting tired of all the Brett Favre talk lately.

    With training camps kicking off, can’t we focus on the guys that are actually playing the game?

  16. Cincinasti

    I’d bet my own 200 million dollhairs that Favre made more than 200 million dollars in his career. Endorsements, salaries from NFL alone I’m sure he made upwards of that. In two years with the Vikings he made, what… $50M from salary alone?

    Let’s get real, my friend.

  17. Yeah…”committed”.

    Just what I like to hear from a former member of a fraternity of jocks that call football a “business” when they sell themselves to the highest bidding team year after year.

    Face it, the NFL is all about the coin. Sad, but true. Favre is/was no different than any of these guys.

  18. He wasn’t dedicate in his last few years with the packers and certainly not with the jets. Whether it be the dik pics, countless affairs while his wife was battling cancer or careless mistakes on the field….the guy is as selfish as T.O. I personally think he’s the most overrated player in NFL history. He was great for 4-5 years and averaged almost 2 turnovers a game the rest of the years.

  19. But I thought Favre played “for the love of the game”!!!?? (and young female interns)

  20. It’s just football people…telling it “like it is” blah blah blah…the fact is, it’s a job, people are greedy, and no one can change it

  21. Huh, despite what a lot of vike fans will have you believe, maybe it wasn’t because his fondest desire was to play for the vikes…

  22. I love anyone who legitimately disputes Skip Bayless!!!

    Hall of Fame voters, use the “cancer in the locker room” argument on Favre when he’s eligible to go to Canton!!!

    I am now 100% okay with him not being enshrined on the 1st ballot!!!

  23. Of course he wasn’t committed to them, Favre didn’t really want to play in 2010, but the Vikings organization sent the three stooges to Mississippi to kiss his a$$ and threw almost 20 million at him for 5 months worth of work. You can’t blame Favre. Who wouldn’t take that deal? Blame the bumbling Vikings organization.

  24. rajbais says: Jul 26, 2012 8:26 PM
    Hall of Fame voters, use the “cancer in the locker room” argument on Favre when he’s eligible to go to Canton!!!

    Name post a link to one person who ever said he was a “cancer” in the locker room.

  25. If anyone knows about their heart not being in it..it’s Leber. Anyone see his short stint with the Rams? They cut him. When the Rams cut you…thats pretty telling

  26. The season Favre had in 2009 was a fluke and he knew it. No way was he gonna be able to replicate his play from 09 in 2010.

    Im sure he fueled his desire to play in 09 with his need to stick it to the Packers and prove them wrong for trading him away. Once he did that he had nothing left to play for in 2010 other than the money I guess.

  27. ARE YOU KIDDING ME VIKINGS? Who was he comitted too the last 3 years of his career?… HIMSELF… the VIKINGS knew he was high on talent but quite low on loyalty by the time they had another failing QB on their hands….

  28. Leber isn’t alone: Favre bugged a lot of people at the end of his NFL career.

    Just like manning will bug a lot of people when it’s found out that he’s only in it for the money as well. manning was done last year and he fully knew it. Greedy.

  29. You are not bright if you think Favre won’t get in the HOF on first ballot. I bet they have already made the bronze bust.

  30. Yeah, it was clear Favre put himself above the team. When he was with the Packers, he demanded his own changing room and the only player to have his own parking spot. He retired and then demanded to come back, thus screwing over the Packers who drafted two QBs. 2010 was the worst when he had to have a personal jet and escort just to come back for 20 million reasons.

  31. I remember the photos of his leg after the Saints game. He played his heart out for the team.

  32. the Saints-Vikings bounty game wrecked Favre’s career. there was no way he was coming back from that.

  33. cincinnasti says:
    Jul 26, 2012 7:10 PM
    Can someone confirm he did in fact make “Hundreds of millions of dollars”… That suggest Favre cleared at LEAST 200 million dollars in his career..
    Brett Favre:
    Career Salary:
    2000: $450,000 + $3.2 million bonus
    2001: $477,000 + $11 million bonus
    2002: $750,000 + $1.4 million bonus
    2003: $4.3 million
    2004: $5.5 million + $1.2 million bonus
    2005: $6.5 million + $2 million bonus
    2006: $7 million
    2007: $11 million
    2008: $12 million
    2009: $12 million
    2010: $12 million
    =$ 78,777,000
    w/out counting any proformance bonus’ plus all endorsements

  34. DANG LEBER..jealous MUCH? How is your football career going? What team are you on again? I mean the RAMS cut you..after the Vikings didn’t want to pay you…

    THE RAMS….

    So when you are 40…have played 19 years at a very high level….and they want you to come back…by all means..PLEASE play.


    Bitter ..table for one…Bitter..table for one.

  35. Rumor says Favre shot 2 big screen TVs on the day Aaron Rodgers won his SB. He shot the first and was done watching the game by halftime, then he heard Steelers were coming back and started watching the rest on his other TV.

  36. @Wisconsin77

    Bro, no player ever calls another player a “cancer”.

    It’s just media hyperbole.

    Peter King for example told NFL network that the “cancer in the locker room” argument would be used for Randy Moss during his time with the Raiders (but not the Vikings). Did anyone in Oakland (or Minnesota) call Randy a “cancer”, NO because That’s not how players talk!!!

    Plus, I’ve heard three different NFL columnists during radio interviews give stories that have players and management painting Favre as a distraction or as a selfish guy that is hurting the team.
    Those columnists are Jay Glazer, Adam Schefter, and Ross Tucker. Glazer had some stuff with regard to Favre in Green Bay and NY; Schefter talked about how Green Bay management told him that Favre “ruined our summer” in 2008, and Tucker had stuff from his Vikings teammates talking about how distracting his retirement flirtation was becoming.

    If you’re a Favre and Packer fan, I’m sorry; but he was a phony and not worth the damn coverage he got.

  37. As far as all these “rumors” and what now about Favre on these teams, the proof is in the pudding. After Favre played Green Bay, all 4 times, all you needed to see is all his former teamates coming over and the warm embraces that ensued. They loved each other despite what happened.

    As far as the Jets, are you kidding me with that team? All you need to do is look at the dister the Jets have been the past two off seasons whith almost every player throwing the other one under the bus in the press. As far as people like Jones who commented on Favre after 2009 were jelous that Favre took all the media spotlight away from them. They were resentful. They always have been, and still are as evident by the turmoil with that team every year.

    And the Vikings, just ask superstars like Jared Allen and Adrian Peterson what they think of Favre. Even the QB he took the starting spot from, Jackson, has nothing but great things to say about his presence in the locker room. But you want to listen to some no name LB who was 3rd string when Favre was playing on the team. lol

  38. So he played for the money hun, No shi#, but here’s the kicker, they wnet and begged his old ass to play, So how can you blame Farve. At the end of the day he may be all the names he’s been called, i agree. The Vikings are the dam fools here! hell, they gave him that money,knowing full well he wasn’t in it to win, but for the money, and they got what they payed for,nothing.

  39. Favre didn’t want to play in 2010 because he didn’t want to play for Childress again. None of the Vikings did. At the end of 2009, Childress (and Leber) stood by as the Saints gave Favre the biggest beating ever to a QB (according to Boomer Esiason). But mostly Favre didn’t want to come back for the atrocious run-first play-calling. Then, Childress sends 3 Amigos down to get him and Favre discovers Childress didn’t tell him that his only decent wide-out Sidney Rice would be lost to surgery. Not to mention that Childress made no attempt to secure depth on the O-line. Childress was fired and yet the Vikings still want to blame Favre (Leber is a tool for the Vikings after recently getting hired as an analyst).

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