Jags allowing outside food at EverBank Field

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If you’re heading out to EverBank Field and you’re frisked at the gate, you’ll no longer have to worry about anyone confiscating, well, your wiener.

The Jaguars have decided to allow fans to bring outside food in to the stadium.  The new policy is buried at the bottom of a “notebook” item on the team’s official website.

“Food is permitted inside EverBank Field for Jacksonville Jaguars home games provided that it is unwrapped and placed inside a one-gallon clear plastic bag no larger than 11” x 11” (standard freezer bag),” the policy states.  “All food items are subject to visual inspection and may be subject to a more thorough inspection if deemed necessary.  Stadium security and the Jacksonville Jaguars reserve the right to deny any food item from entering the gates.  No outside liquids or beverages will be permitted to enter EverBank Field.  If food or beverage is required for medical purposes, please contact the Jaguars Fan Services Department.”

It’s an easy way to enhance the game-day experience.  By letting the captive audience bring much cheaper food from home (or, for example, stuff purchased just outside the gates in 11″ x 11” freezer bags), the captive audience no longer is forced to buy the overpriced stuff that is sold at the stadium.

Still, the better approach would be to just make the overpriced stuff sold at the stadium less overpriced.  And to adhere to the policy that prevents outside food (and syrups, jams, or condiments) from entering the venue.

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  1. I don’t follow baseball, but I seem to recall one of the first things the owner of the Anaheim Angels (sorry, I refuse to call them the Los Angeles Angels when they’re not even in the county) did upon purchasing the team was lower the price of beer in the stadium.

    If memory serves, attendance went up considerably that season, and I don’t think the team was appreciably better.

  2. Even community college economics will teach you that they never lower the price they simply offer you more for the same amount of money. If the $8 hotdog came with a free 16oz. coke or 1/2 off a beer then I wouldn’t mind paying as much.

  3. If they were smart enough to trade for Tebow and give their NFL BEST running back a fair market deal like the Ravens and the Bears did, they wouldn’t have to let plastic baggies of anything into the stadium because it would be full of FANS!
    Sad Khan-man is one step closer to taking this team to Hollywood.

  4. MJD must be scratching his head on this one- “They will allow outside food so that will lower concession profits for the team and they wont pay me more. What gives?”

  5. To make their games watchable I would suggest they let baggies containing “other” stuff in as well. I bet that would lure Ricky Williams out of retirement!..either that or he’d attend every home game!…could you imagine the crowd when the Lions come to town?! Funyuns and Mt Dew would have a field day sponsoring that game!

  6. “Still, the better approach would be to just make the overpriced stuff sold at the stadium less overpriced. And to adhere to the policy that prevents outside food (and syrups, jams, or condiments) from entering the venue.”

    I disagree. As someone who eats healthy (due to a medical condition) and generally sips on water at music and sporting events, this is far better than eating the poison they call food from the vendors.

    If they started selling grassfed beef burgers with homemade buns at sporting events, I’d gladly the outrageous prices. As it stands, it’d be nice to eat something.

  7. Along with the new policy they also raised beer prices to $15 a cup. $20 for a large.

  8. Why isn’t this a good thing? Seriously? It’s allowing patrons to have a choice (of course there’s always the choice to eat first or afterward too, that’s what we always did).

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