Jahvid Best still isn’t cleared for contact

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It has been nine months since Lions running back Jahvid Best suffered his last concussion, but he still hasn’t been cleared for a full return to work.

Coach Jim Schwartz said Thursday, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, that there’s “still a hurdle to go” before Best gets the green light for contact work. While Schwartz also said that there are meetings scheduled with doctors that could get Best final clearance in the next couple of days, Best’s lack of clearance has to be a bit of a concern for the Lions.

We heard that they expected him to get the medical go-ahead in June and Best declared himself symptom-free that month, but it is now almost August and they are still playing the waiting game. While caution is clearly an appropriate course of action to take with a player that has Best’s concussion history, the Lions need to start getting an idea about what he’s capable of doing for them this season. With Mikel Leshoure facing a suspension after a year lost to an Achilles injury, the Lions running game will need a healthy Best in the early part of the season.

There’s been a lot of focus on the Lions’ off-field issues this offseason, but the start of training camp will shift attention to on-field matters. Few of those loom bigger than the big question marks hanging over the team’s running backs.

14 responses to “Jahvid Best still isn’t cleared for contact

  1. Is it because he simply hasn’t been evaluated or has he failed all the evaluations up to this point? There would be a concern either way, but if the latter is true then this kid probably shouldn’t suit up anymore

  2. I am not a Lions or Jahvid Best fan…but, do the right thing for you and your family and retire!

    Go back to Cal and earn your degree, and then you can stay in football as a coach.

  3. Jahvid Best and Percy Harvin are the sick men or Europe of the NFC North.

    Both critical to their teams’ plans.

    Both with uncertain futures.

  4. With all the technology today he needs a company to design a specialized helmet. He’s a great player and an important cog for the Lions

  5. did this concussion occur all the way back to last year when he played against the niners? man…their defense is violent. they banged up a bunch of running backs last year.

  6. Per the Detroit Free Press, the Lions will know today if Best has been cleared for contact. Best has to pass multiple tests today to be cleared.

    The decision will not be made exclusively by the Lion’s team doctors. There are a variety of medical people from around the country who will be involved in the testing and decision.

    Best sounds confident. Schwartz is saying they’ll still be cautious about involving him in contact drills during training camp.

  7. If Best stayed healthy last season and Stafford didn’t break the index finger on his throwing hand they would have won the division!

    See how that works, Bears fans?

  8. Great talent, but he should probably get out now. Concussions seem to compile making it easier to get more of them and longer to get back. The helmet has become a weapon the NFL needs to look at cushioning the outside of the helmet, like boxing does with gloves.

  9. Best: Wha….where am I?

    Jim Scwartz: You’re on PUP

    Best: What? It’s okay coach… I’ll be ready…Let’s go Cal Bears!! Yeah!!

    Jim Scwartz to the team: Sorry guys he’s having those flashbacks again

  10. have said this before … Best knows the risks of continuing to play given his history. As much as football is a huge part of his life I hope he is smart enough to walk away if he should suffer another concussion … and if he’s not , don’t turn around and sue the NFL .

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