Jared Allen envies Adrian Peterson’s body


Do you watch NFL games on Sunday and ask yourself, “How come Adrian Peterson looks so good in those tight pants, but if I eat one ice cream sundae it goes right to my thighs?”

If so, Jared Allen feels your pain.

Allen, the Vikings defensive end who has been Peterson’s teammate for four years, told Ed Werder on ESPN that he doesn’t think Peterson is going to have any trouble at all getting back to full speed after last season’s torn ACL, because Peterson doesn’t have a body like the rest of us.

“I don’t think so,” Allen said. “I don’t think it’s going to be hard at all. He is a man-child. He is a manimal.”

Allen then launched into an envious appreciation of Peterson’s physique.

“That dude, I was just watching him run at minicamp, and that dude has got muscles on top of muscles, and he eats like two quarts of Cold Stone a day,” Allen said. “I have one bite of pizza and I put 13 pounds on. It’s just ridiculous. This guy’s got 2 percent body fat, shredded. I’m leaving my shirt on at the pool. It sucks.”

Allen’s comments seem to have more to do with how good Peterson looks in the locker room than how soon Peterson will be back on the field, but the point remains: A torn ACL would hamper most running backs, but Peterson is a unique physical specimen.