Jones-Drew will be a no-show

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Maurice Jones-Drew isn’t getting a new contract from the Jaguars, so the Jaguars aren’t getting Maurice Jones-Drew.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jones-Drew, who boycotted the team’s entire offseason program in protest of his current deal, won’t be showing up for training camp when his teammates report on Thursday.

The news comes a day after new owner Shad Khan essentially declared, as a philosophical matter, “Read my lips . . . no new contracts.”

“There’s more than 50 players under contract,” Khan told the Florida Times-Union.  “There are other people under contract in management, coaches.  Does that mean if you do it for one, you do it for everybody?  Where do you draw the line?

That’s easy.  You draw the line on a case-by-case basis.  If, for example, one of your employees led the league in rushing at a time when the offense had nothing else, you consider rewarding him.

Especially when you have $25 million in cap space.

Khan may not realize it, but he painted himself into a corner that now prevents him from ever giving a player a new contract before his current contract expires, a common practice in the NFL.

After all, if you give one person a contract extension, do you do it for everybody?  Where do you draw the line?

Khan has drawn the line with Jones-Drew, and Khan is eventually going to regret it.  He arguably already does.

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  1. If Khan feels so strongly about honouring contracts why did the Jaguars release Aaron Kampman and Drew Coleman. Why do people who do not even understand the general logistics of football become owners and then make the decisions that matter?

  2. “That’s easy. You draw the line on a case-by-case basis. If, for example, one of your employees led the league in rushing at a time when the offense had nothing else, you consider rewarding him.

    Especially when you have $25 million in cap space.”

    Florio nailed it. Things are different when one player IS the offense.

    You have to wonder why Kahn has taken this stance, it’s common knowledge that a team needs to be as lean as possible before it gets sold.

    Just putting it out there.

  3. How often do teams actually sign a player that isn’t on a rookie deal and has multiple years left to an extension. Sorry I don’t see this line you speak of Florio. MJD does not deserve and extension at this time and his hold out is foolish.

  4. Generally I support the players. They are the ones who play the game – without them, there ARE no games. Most of the rest of us can just go look online or in the papers for higher paying jobs, or job promotions that come with higher salaries. We can also often do this any time we want, and we usually don’t have to leave whatever place where we currently live to do it either. Professional sports players usually don’t get these options. They are actually drafted and then “owned” remember?

    However, that said. I figure if players can renegotiate their contracts for higher salaries, maybe the owners should be able to renegotiate for lower ones for players who did not play up to their contracts the previous year. Not guys who got hurt really, but guys who just sort of sucked. After all, it only seems fair.

  5. The Jags really don’t need MJD. Is he the difference between a Superbowl and no Superbowl?

    No. At most, he’s the difference between a 2-14 and a 6-10, so it might be worth it for Khan to set an example with this one.

  6. If MJD cared about the team he would come to camp and try to work on a new deal while there. He is only two years into a four year deal he signed to. Owners are damned no matter how they do contracts now days. Big money up front then the player no longer wants to play under that contract once it gets past the first year or two. Back loaded contract and then the player isn’t playing up to his contract.

  7. yea it must be so tough to live on 9 million a year not to mention the GURANTEED signing bonus he got to sign the contract. not the jags fault that other guys are making more per year than he got,he wanted the money up front and got it now suck it up and play or live off the millions you have already made and shut up and go away. the jags will suck with or without you so why pay him anymore to lose by less?

  8. Think you might want to revise your rankings. This HAS to be the worst team in the nfl.

  9. Florio,

    PFT is a terrific site and you’ve given us a great resource for NFL rumors/goings-on and a hefty dose of Seinfeld references for a long time. But this pro-player “epiphany” has resulted in a constant stream of nonsense and uninteresting editorializing. It’s hard to believe that, all of a sudden, an educated guy like you has seen the light and thinks that efficient breach is a virtue in the NFL. You can’t possibly think that when Khan says there would be line-drawing problems if he rewards employees who hold out, he’s precluded from voluntarily rewarding a high-performing employee. Contracts are contracts, and your whole routine is plainly motivated by the fact that guys like MJD give you interviews, while the league has little to offer PFT as a source.

    And please stop with the notion that the injury risk/concussion situation (which is obviously very serious) supports your argument, and then in the next article spouting off about the league’s mistreatment of the bounty scandal. Having that cake and eating it too makes it pretty obvious that at this point you’re just taking the players’ side regardless of the situation.

    PFT is still the class of football news sites, but honestly you have me longing for the days of constant Favre updates.

  10. You don’t redo contracts with two years left on the deal that had 17.5 million guranteed. Khan is right and again you are wrong on issues with the jags. That 25 million will be needed for contract extensions for Derek Cox, Terrence Knighton, Eugene Monroe and a few others.

  11. They need to pay MJD whatever he wants. They need him soooooo bad! I mean without him they’ll probably be 3-13 instead of 4-12! Bring out that checkbook!!!

  12. Well… isn’t it also up to players to keep their word?

    Didn’t Jones-Drew agree to his current contract? Heaven forbid he actually has to live by his agreement.

    What would happen if he played BELOW expectations… which happens MANY times in the NFL? W0uld he be willing to negotiate a LOWER deal then?

    Do what you say – both sides. It’s not to0 hard.

  13. You seem to be taking the attitude of “everybody else buckles to high-profile players holding them to ransom, so Khan should too”. Here’s a thought, maybe Shad has it right on this one. Maybe teams would be better holding their ground and taking a stand, sending a powerful message to the next star that wants a new contract. Especially a team that figures not to be competitive in 2012 anyway. And especially a player who already has two years left on a big contract in a position that is becoming less and less relevant.

    Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but personally I think Khan is a breath of fresh air in a group of owners (and it seems media) suffering from chronic case of groupthink.

  14. Let him sit home and cry about it. Rashad jennings is more than capable of running the ball for the jags. With the o line we have any one of us could get through those holes they open up. Mjd left yards on the field last year cause he is slowly losing speed. I would fine him the 30 thousand a day they are allowed and let him sit at home. We are not going to the playoffs either way so why waste the money

  15. Many of you must not realize the shift that’s happened over the past 2 seasons AFTER MJD signed his contract.

    At the time he signed, RBs were STILL highly prized assets and just because you were getting older teams still wanted you around and would pay for contracts for older RBs.

    Now all the sudden owners will suddenly cut a 29 yr old RB if he has one bad season (even due to injury) because they can draft cheaper ones. And once he’s on the open market, NO ONE will give a 29 yr old FA RB a long contract. Only a series of 1 year deals with no guarantees.

    So MJD realizes this shift and knows his ONLY chance at getting some long term stability is to get an extension NOW. In 2 more years the owner will send him to the trash pile with all the other discarded RBs and his career will essentially be over.

    Look at Cedric Benson. Last year he ran for over 1,000 yards and NO ONE has so much as given him a call. That’s the future of the league, MJD realizes this and is trying to do something about it before it’s too late.

    I don’t blame him for that. Its a business, if it was all about loyalty and honoring contracts then teams wouldn’t cut a guy who is still productive and has spent his entire career as a good player for your team just to save a couple of bucks.

  16. I forget who it was, but a baseball general manager, when negotiating with a star player told him: “we finished in last place with you, we can finish in last place without you”. Genius, pure genius!

  17. Theyre gonna lose probably 14 without him or 12 with him. Wtf cares? He’s on a deal that averged 6 mil a year. He’s fine.

  18. News flash mjd, this is a passing league and RBs come a dime a dozen. You already signed a contract two years ago, now you want to get another one just because you lead the league in yards rushed. If anything, be mad at yourself for not getting the big contract the first time, you signed the dotted line, no one put a gun to your head, obviously you were satisfied. Yes this is a players league but players also sign their own contracts, committing to the team for that term. At 28, no team would be stupid enough to give you another long term deal, I don’t blame the owner. He could use that cap for other players with expiring contracts. This is why teams have a hard time keeping talented guys, players like drew want to keep getting new contracts every two seasons when they still have years left on their deal thus they can’t go after the big name free agents because they have to deal with whining players whose all about them and not the team. Theres no I in team, give contracts to those in need, not to those whose already under term, go fire your agent for not negotiating a bigger deal the first time around.

  19. Most of u dont know this, but we cant give mjd a bunch of money. He gets 315 carries a year, eventuallt its gonna take a toll on his body. He already lost a step last year. At this rate unfortunatley, Jones-Drew wont be playing much longer. I love Maurice, but i stating facts

  20. Mjd you are by far the best back in the league.

    You only have two people to blame for your recent contract problems you being one of them and your agent being the other.

    Your agent was seeing dollar signs when you got your last contract and wasn’t thinking about the future of your career.

  21. Why expect a player to treat a contract like it’s a carved-in-stone commandment from God, when owners don’t do the same?

    It’s a business, pure and simple – if a player thinks he can get more, he’d be dumb not to try and get more. All professional athletes have a gift and a limited window (youth + health) in which to make the most out of that gift. Once that window closes, they know the team will kick them to the curb so fast their heads will spin, so no reason to get all hung up on “team loyalty” – loyalty only works when it’s a two way street, and no team is loyal to a player.

  22. Big Jags fan and live here in Jax…MJD you signed a contract, do the right thing and honor it. We all would love to renegotiate but most of us cannot. Suck it up and live off of $31 million.

  23. MJD wanted a long term contract and he got one, a very rewarding one that paid most of the money up front so he had very large dollars in the first two years. Suddenly he wants those same dollars for the remaining years. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

    Teams should just divide all signing bonuses and dollars evenly throughout the years to avoid these types of holdouts by intellectually challenged players and agents.

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