Kolb says teammate laughed at report that Cardinals favor Skelton

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Yesterday I passed along a report that the players in the Cardinals’ locker room want John Skelton to beat out Kevin Kolb in the team’s quarterback competition. Unsurprisingly, Kolb doesn’t see it that way.

Kolb said that former NFL linebacker Willie McGinest, who now works at NFL Network, got it wrong when he said that the locker room wants Skelton. And Kolb said that when talking about McGinest’s report with teammates, they treated it like a joke.

One of my offensive linemen was laughing about it,” Kolb told the Arizona Republic.

Skelton acknowledged that McGinest’s comments had the players in Arizona talking, but he said he doesn’t know who McGinest’s sources are.

“Some of the guys mentioned it in the locker room,” Skelton said. “I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know where he got that from. From what it seems, all things are equal both in the locker room and on the field.”

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, the man who will ultimately make the pick between Kolb and Skelton, said he hasn’t seen any evidence that the players want Skelton.

I have no perception of that whatsoever, that that is going on. From what I have seen, standing in the huddle . . . the team responded to both guys and feel both guys can be successful for them,” Whisenhunt said.

Ultimately, the players in the Cardinals’ locker room will want the quarterback they think gives them the best chance to win. Skelton may be favored by some of his teammates now because the Cardinals won more games with Skelton last year. But if Kolb proves in training camp that he’s the better bet, his teammates will fall in behind him.

At least until he has a bad game in a Cardinals loss.

38 responses to “Kolb says teammate laughed at report that Cardinals favor Skelton

  1. The only ones not laughing are Larry Fitz and all of the poor Cardinal fans that will have to endure another year of sub mediocre QB play.

  2. The arm chair QBs in here will be the one laughing, at themselves, or crying in their beer when Kolb takes AZ to the playoffs.

  3. It’s ok, Kevin. A lot more people laughed when they watched you try to throw a football last year and get your bell rung numerous times.

  4. people don’t give kolb any time. he has one season under his belt. give him a season or 2 as a starter before being a judge. not all great QBs are born overnight. i’m not saying that he is good now..because obviously he is bad..but its too early to judge his career already.

  5. Yes Dave, they both suck at what they do. McGinest sucks a little less, but not by much,

  6. Is it just me or is Whisenhunt proving himself to be an abject failure with QB’s? This whole Gruden Jr. routine is a bit ridiculous.

  7. This just in , Brady’s team mates want Matt Cassell back . Gislelle gets nasty and calls Hedi to have Seal beat up Woodhead.In other news, Kim K is cut from Not keeping up with Kardashians

  8. If you have a situation where “both” guys are equal at the QB position then what you mean to say is that neither is very good. I feel bad for Fitz. Great WR and overall a great guy.

  9. Fitz pushed hard for Kolb, real hard and that my be the main reason he is there. Players aren’t GMs and you should be carful what you wish for. He also pushed real hard for Floyd so we’ll see how that turns out.

  10. Their QB situation is a mess if any of this is true. If players are taking sides, there can be no team unity. This is looking very much like the Quinn/Anderson Browns dilemma. That didn’t work out well for the Browns or either of the two QBs.

  11. The laughing is coming from the defenses who will get to face either Kolb or Skelton. You know things are really bad when fans longingly look back to the days of Matt Leinart.

  12. McNabb is still looking for a job, unfortunatley for the Cards he may be as good as what they got… ok just maybe but you get the idea.

  13. I’ll say it again: This Eagles fan thinks Kolb is far better. Despite the amount of time he’s been in the league, he STILL hasn’t gotten a real chance to be the starter. Last year he was traded amidst a lockout, and then was injured. Prior to that he was yanked after two quarters in the first game due to injury. He needs a full year as the starter under his belt…then we’ll see which direction he’s going to go. I still have a feeling he can be a very good QB.

  14. Skelton has more potential than Kolb, we’ve all seen Kolb’s limits physically. JS has a lot to learn, but has much more room to grow physically, he’s a smart kid too.
    Not a Cardinals fan but, If I were Whisenhunt, I’d go with JS.
    I feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald though, If he had Rodgers, Brady, Stafford or P. Manning throwing to him, he’d be able to show what he is really worth. I’d put Fitzgerald right next to Megatron as top receiver in the NFL, but we never see his true abilities shine with who he has throwing to him. LF deserves more.

  15. I was watching Kolb’s games from last year on tape. While it’s true that he had a lousy offensive line, a lot of the problem was that when his linemen blocked their defensive linemen out and toward the “back” of the pocket, instead of moving up into the pocket, Kolb would run backward and away from the defensive linemen instead of stepping up into the pocket. If he should decide to do that this season, he will be a success. If he doesn’t, he will fail. The other question is if he has too much fear to step into the pocket instead of running away from it.

  16. I think Cardinal fans are still laughing about their easy NFC championship win over the eagles 3 or 4 years ago

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