Martellus Bennett hates everybody, especially the Cowboys

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Giants tight end Martellus Bennett arrived at the first day of training camp and immediately launched into a tirade about his former team, the Cowboys.

I just want to kick those guys’ asses. That’s what it’s all about. We’re cool but we ain’t that cool,” Bennett told the New York Post. “I’ve kind of got some ill feelings toward them overall. But it’s a game. Every game is the same where I kind of hate everybody, honestly, in the NFL.”

I’m not sure how healthy it is to go through life hating everybody, but Bennett says he does.

“I have ill feelings toward everybody. It’s not just Dallas,” he said. “[Shoot], pretty much anybody who doesn’t play with us, I pretty much, I don’t like ‘em. I don’t like a lot of people. I’m kind of [a jerk], but it’s cool.”

Bennett is so eager to channel his hatred toward a great season that he said he wishes training camp could have started sooner.

“Super excited to play football. Couldn’t sleep last night because I got so excited,” he said. “I almost drove down here in the middle of the night but the wife told me I couldn’t.”

The good news for Bennett is that he won’t have to wait much longer. The Giants’ season-opening meeting with the Cowboys is now less than six weeks away.

47 responses to “Martellus Bennett hates everybody, especially the Cowboys

  1. I doubt this guy works out for the Giants. To me, Eli and the Giants want their tightends to be fighters, this guy is a paper lion and a joke.

  2. Who? My first Google search for Martellus Bennett came up with zilch so I searched for “Receiving Tight Ends with horrible hands” and was able to find something.. Apparently he used to play in Dallas….for years! I wonder if any of them know who he is.

  3. Useless, lazy gigantic waste of talent. He dropped more easy passes then can be counted. Loudmouth blowhard – poor man’s Jeremy Shockey. That head of his better be on a swivel if he tries going across the middle for game 1. He’s feelings of ill-will towards Dallas are reciprocated.

  4. If this chump had have the drive as he does potential he Dallas would have never let him walk. All the talent in the world, none of the determination it takes to be great. What a waste of talent. Enjoy the headache Giants.

  5. Trust me, Marty B. The Cowboys organization has ill feelings towards you too for the cap space you have robbed them of the last few years. Keep threatening to have a breakout season though.

  6. This guy didnt make it in Dallas because he is a head case. He is not self motivated, and quite frankly, not too smart. Good luck Giants, I’m glad he’s your problem now!

  7. If any of you are not too familiar with Mr. Bennett then do a search on youtube for “MartyB”. That will tell you everything you need to know about this clown.

  8. Some people get pestered and yelled at to clean their room, learn their multiplication tables, and eat their vegetables only to grow up and thank their teachers, parents, etc for teaching them to be better and how to make the most of themselves.

    Other people grow up to be Martellus Bennett. I don’t know what he’s mad about. The Cowboys gave him money infinite attention and 4 years of opportunities.

  9. His hate might create some 15 yard personal fouls when they play, if I’m a cowboy I’ll remember this, maybe give his nuts a tug at the bottom of a pile and see where it goes!

  10. I’d like to say I have ill feelings toward Marty B but it’s not nice to hate on the mentally challenged.

    Wonder if ballooning up to 290lbs this offseason was part of this new super excitement and dedication to actually taking football seriously?

  11. He won’t be a “problem” for the Giants. The Giants have established, credible leadership that will get the most out of him. He will do his job or he will be cut, simple as that. The Giants don’t screw around with guys that slap up their mom or use cheerleaders pom poms as props. They do not play around up there. This is a very calculated risk that will likely pay off with the worst case scenario being he costs a very wealthy orginazation a couple million dollars. Keep thinking in your small minds that Coach will allow him to be a problem up there. NO! TC and Jerry Reese work together on the roster and make the decisions. Not a meddling owner who is more interested in putting on a show than winning football games these last 15 or so years….

  12. Pardon?

    You better get to work Martellus. Because with the work ethic (or lack there of) that you showed in Dallas and the inability to catch a pass, you may end up hating yourself for slacking your way right out of a job.

    I don’t imagine the giants will put up with your laziness and piss poor attitude for very long.

    This guy had a boat load of potential that never amounted to anything and I’m very doubtful that will change in New York.

  13. See you at the Linc, chump. We have a few guys we’d like you to meet. Their names are Mr. Babin, Mr. Cole, Mr. Cox and Mr. Ryans. Enjoy.

  14. Earlier reports had him at 295 lbs. Unless he’s gotten into shape or decided to switch positions to Tackle I think he’ll be a trivia question soon.

  15. This guy was a bust for the Cowboys because he is lazy, unmotivated, and has a clear attitude issue. Remember the ’08 Hard Knocks where coaches and players were constantly trying to motivate the guy. I dont understand why Jerr’a keeps drafting basket cases that end of being off the roster by the end of their rookie deals. Dez is the next to go, just a matter of time.

  16. I’m not even a Cowboys fan but used to live in the area around Dallas and even I remember how much of an idiotic d-bag this guy is. He was always an All-Pro pre-season player but when it comes to the season he’s like David Copperfield and just disappears.

  17. With “Gronk TV” on hold…..this sounds like a perfect spinoff to “Everyone Loves Raymond” for the NBC fall lineup.

  18. I really hope this guy works out for the G-Men but I highly doubt he will because he seems like such a clown. We got rid of Jacobs so I thought the shenanigans would cease… Guess Bennett wants to take over that role now

  19. I hated everyone in Dallas, except Roy Williams…..yeah I always giggled inside whenever Roy dropped his passes…..yeah I miss Roy

  20. Underachiever, with a big mouth, and apparently no idea what even he’s talking about. Even the Cowboys got sick of this clown.

  21. Wow, so much anger there. How did he propose to his wife? “Honey, I hate you less than anyone else on Earth. Will you marry me?”

    Hey man, I have a few words for you: Zoloft. Prozac. Lexapro. Paxil. See a doctor. Ask for one.

  22. Ha! I hate em too Marty! I hope you beat the Cowboys into the ground….and then loose to the Redskins! HTTR

  23. Right-on Martellus….I hate everyone too! Especially talented tight-ends, with wing spans as big as airplanes that run lazy patterns and block like Matadors.

  24. thebigcaptain2011 says:
    Jul 26, 2012 1:31 PM

    He won’t be a “problem” for the Giants. The Giants have established, credible leadership that will get the most out of him. He will do his job or he will be cut, simple as that. The Giants don’t screw around with guys that slap up their mom or use cheerleaders pom poms as props. They do not play around up there

    Can you say Lawrence Taylor,Plaxico,ect…

  25. Question from a cowboys fan…

    Many of you can’t stand the Cowboys. Marty-B was a cowboy, but wasn’t good enough for a pretty bad Cowboys team to want to bring him back. Now he hates the Cowboys.

    If you hate the Cowboys, do you love Marty B because he hates the Cowboys, or hate him more because he wasn’t even good enough to remain a Cowboy?

    How does the hate flow?

  26. Mamma always said…..

    It’s alright to go around thinking one or two people are full of it.

    But if it gets to a point where you think everyone is full of it, then you’re just probably smelling yourself.

  27. Sounds like sour grapes due to his own inability to progress in the Cowboy’s scheme of things to me. I was a Martellus fan when he was in big D and I wish him luck with his new employer in the big apple.

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