No Gronk TV, for now

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Well, it was fun to consider while it lasted.

On Wednesday, Darren Rovell reported that “William Morris Endeavor is working with Rob Gronkowski & his family to develop a TV show, a book & speaking engagements.”  Thursday morning, Robert Bailey of Rosenhaus Sports Representation told PFT that it’s not true.

Bailey, a former NFL cornerback who serves as the president of Rosenhaus Sports, said that neither Rob Gronkowski nor anyone in his family has hired William Morris to do anything on their behalf.  Bailey also said that Rob is focused on his football career, and that he has no plans to launch a TV show or write a book.

Rosenhaus Sports represents Rob Gronkowski and his football-playing brothers.  Earlier this month, it was reported that the Patriots have applied the brakes to the so-called Summer of Gronk, which has featured the Pats tight end assuming a very high profile.

Of course, none of this means that Rob won’t eventually get involved in other things.  For now, the one thing he’s involved in is football.

UPDATE 2:03 p.m. ET:  In response to ongoing confusion regarding whether WME represents any, some, or all of the Gronkowskis, Bailey tells PFT in unambiguous terms that neither Rob nor any of his family members are represented by William Morris Endeavor.

13 responses to “No Gronk TV, for now

  1. Huh..Gronk TV? Does this guy play for the Dolphins, Jets, or Eagles? You wouldn’t think a Patriots player would do something like this.

    You sure as hell wouldn’t see ANY Steeler perform a stunt that elicits unnecessary attention away from the game.

  2. What right do the Patriots have to tell him how to live his personal life? He has a contract, he can do what he likes, if they dont like it, they can trade or cut him.

    As the best player at his position, hes got the power.

    Say what you want, but its mostly harmless fun that hes been involved with.

  3. I love the kid but he should try focusing on getting back to the level he played at last year instead of dancing around like a moron everywhere he goes. He had major surgery on his ankle and will have to be 110% focused on football if he wants to come close to 2011.

  4. Hard to keep a good Gronk down so stay tuned. It would be helpful if he kept his shirt on once in awhile.

    If he does ever get the TV gig, I’d love to see the guest list.

  5. How much you want to bet Belichick also puts the kabash on Gronk’s KA-BOOM spikes after TDs? NoFunLeague.

  6. I’m not sure when that when or if “Keeping up with the Gronks comes out that Belichick will be a happy camper.

  7. No reality tv show. Good.
    Now Gronkowski can get get back to partying carefree and shirtless after losing the biggest game of his life.

  8. Though he was unusually permissive in offseason, BB agitated for all the drama surrounding Gronk. He better focus on f’ball or else he might not see the huge annual salary he signed for wks ago.

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