Panthers’ Steve Smith pledges $100,000 to shooting victims

Getty Images

Panthers receiver Steve Smith announced today that he will give $100,000 to the city of Aurora, Colorado, which will distribute it to victims of last week’s theater shooting to offset their medical expenses.

“As a father and husband I cannot imagine the pain and suffering the victims are going through,” Smith said in a statement distributed by his agent. “My family’s hearts and prayers are extended to theirs, and I hope this contribution might assist in paying some of the medical bills that will help allow these families to move forward in this tragic circumstance.”

In a country where the medical cost of treating gunshot wounds is estimated at more than $2 billion annually, the sad fact is that a $100,000 donation is a rounding error. But for the 58 people who were wounded in the shooting spree in Aurora, Smith’s donation will make a significant difference.

“Hopefully this helps a little bit,” Smith said. “From one NFL city to another, God bless.”

Smith can let his temper get the better of him, and as a result he isn’t always perceived as one of the NFL’s nice guys, but this donation is one of the finest things any NFL player could do.