Peyton’s first day at Broncos camp brings excitement, record crowds

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Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t given to excess sentimentality, but even he had to admit his first day of camp with a new team was a big deal.

For starters, the Broncos set a camp attendance record, and the fans weren’t there to see Derek Wolfe.

But for Manning, the return to the field after missing last season with neck problems obviously made it a good day.

“Did I miss playing? What do you think?” Manning said in comments distributed by the team. “I have missed it, and I’ve never taken it for granted to be out there playing. I had been playing for 13 years straight and never missed a game since I’ve been playing quarterback in the seventh grade.

“That’s a lot of consecutive games, a lot of Fridays or Saturdays or Sundays to be playing a game, so I’m glad to be back in more of a normal routine, in a practice routine, and I still feel like we have work to do before those preseason games get here.”

Manning said part of what made his new setting exciting was the simple fact of getting to know new teammates, even if they look at him like he’s their dad.

“I like being around our young players,” Manning said. “They’re all young compared to me, but I know [WR Brandon] Stokley and I were talking, and it’s fun being around these guys who are 22 and 23. It keeps you feeling young.

“It’s humbling at times when they say they enjoy seeing you play on ESPN Classic; that’s not exactly what you want to hear. But I do enjoy getting to know these guys, and that part has been fun for me.”

The fun’s likely to continue for the Broncos, so long as Manning holds up well enough to stay on the field.

12 responses to “Peyton’s first day at Broncos camp brings excitement, record crowds

  1. “The fun’s likely to continue for the Broncos, so long as Manning holds up well enough to stay on the field.”

    We’ll see how he holds up after a giant sack by LaMarr Woodley or James Harrison Week 1.

  2. In other news, the reigning AFC Champs had well over 12,000 fans in attendance for their camp but obviously, the media doesn’t care about anything not named Peyton.

  3. I guarantee that the protection around Manning will step up their game to protect him…and I’m a Jets & Giants fan, so I’m no fan boy. 🙂

  4. Once again Donkey fans prove they are by far the dumbest in the league…get a life people.

  5. I think this is great for Broncos fans. I’m a Tebow fan, but I’m happy for Broncos fans. They deserve to get excited about the prospects of what Peyton can do for them. Good luck, Denver. Should be a fun season.

  6. Peyton is a little bit of good news for a league and a game that has been doing nothing but shooting itself in the foot lately. This is great for Bronco fans, NFL fans, sports fans, etc. Peyton and a few select other players are the driving force behind this business. This is why the masses follow football. Because of the Peytons out there that keep it going. That is why he will be protected- as much as you can protect someone in this sport.

  7. Please, how about the 12,000 that showed up for Pats camp yesterday? I would expect more out of Bronco’s fans to see one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game on their team. I know I’d be there.

    I am glad to see Peyton back in a uniform. He’s great for the game and a great competitor.

  8. LOL Yeah somebody beat me to it, but there were
    3X that number at the Pats practice yesterday. Anyway, will be fun to see Peyton back in action, especially when they come to NE.

  9. the Broncos training facility is basically someones back yard. its not big enough to hold 12,000 people. its not even big enough for 4,000 people but they cram us in. when they hold a scrimmage on the 4th of Aug at sports auth field then youll see numbers in the 10k+

    will he win the award for come back player of the year?! lets hope so

  10. Hey Patriot fans…Broncos games have been soldout for over 50 years and there is a 40K person waiting list for season tickets. When Brady retires and your team goes back to sucking will you still sellout every game??

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