Report: Joseph Addai “quit” on Pats conditioning test


When the Patriots released running back Joseph Addai with a failed physical designation, it implies an injury or pre-existing condition or a simple lack of fitness.

Or maybe, Addai just didn’t want to push through the conditioning test the Patriots require.

Mary Paoletti of reported that Addai was “struggling” during the test and “simply quit.”

He was then released, leaving the Patriots with little experience on the depth chart at running back, where third-year back Danny Woodhead is the senior member of the group, playing behind 2011 draft picks Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen, with undrafted rookie Brandon Bolden in reserve.

When Bill Belichick was asked about Addai Thursday, he responded simply: “It didn’t work out.”

It’s worth wondering at this point if Addai will get another chance. The 29-year-old was once dynamic, but has played just 20 games the last two seasons because of injuries. Having the reputation of someone who can’t finish isn’t going to help him get another job either.

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  1. Wow! I sure hope that is not true. The worst thing to be as an athlete is a quitter. So sad.

  2. This news just emphasizes how dumb Skip Bayless is…according to Bayless “the Patriots are gonna go 18-1 and win the super bowl, and Joseph Addai will be the big difference.” Just shut up Skip, just shut up…

  3. Sounds like Ryan Grant will be getting a call.

    Dude’s got plenty left in the tank, for all you Pats fans who might be unfamiliar. He’s got enough speed to take it to the house, but isn’t flashy. Not much of a receiver out of the backfield. Doesn’t have the greatest vision.

    He’s great between the tackles though. Gets stronger and stronger as the season goes on. Solid dude.

  4. It’s rather sobering to think that these guys can be “washed up” at 29 years old, but it’s true.

  5. known fact around the league that the Pats conditioning test aint no joke…..get outta town there Mr Addai

  6. Must be nice to just walk out on a job & not have to worry about the rent or mortgage getting paid, getting the bills paid, or putting food on the table for the family.
    Life of a professional athlete is alot better then I thought!!

  7. For those wondering how a big DL can pass the test and not a smaller running back, teams usually have scaled criteria for what qualifies as a passing mark based on the individual’s height/weight/position.
    The test or expected times for Addai vs. Wilfork or Haynesworth is not comparable.

  8. Manning extended addai’s career. Never impressed me. Edgerrin James and Marshall Faulk had real talent.

  9. The conditioning test is not the same for everyone, different positions, different times. So comparing Addai to Haynesworth wouldn’t be accurate. Addai was probably trying to sneak some type of injury past the coaching staff, so that week one came around he’d be getting some type of money. He most likely knew no matter how hard he tried that he wasn’t going to pass the test, so he gave up.

  10. therealbleedcoltsblue: “When my team drafted this guy, I said he looked ‘like a buster’ which drew the ire of several of my fellow Colts fans… Guess I was right again.”

    Funny thing about that, the Colts won the Super Bowl with Joe as a Rookie. You may be partially right in the long term, but Addai made a case for Rookie of the Year that season alongside a career year for Rhodes. If you think he was a “buster” right after he was drafted, you probably weren’t saying that 8-9 months later when they won the title.

    Joe is a serviceable RB alongside a true #1. He has enough balance between Backfield Blocking, Receiving, and Outside Rushing to be productive but he definitely is not a straight ahead pound the line runner.

    It wouldn’t shock me to see him in Denver on the cheap.

  11. Well, I don’t think teams want someone who “quits.” He’s regressed every season. And he’s almost 30.

    I guess it won’t be hard for Addai to call it quits though.

  12. And fans gave Irsay and co. Grief over releasing Addai, Brackett and bulluitt, hmmmmm who picked them up?

  13. I know he had a decent few years, but I think it is safe to say the LSU coaching staff has not done a great job in preparing some of their more high profile players for the NFL. Russell, Addai, Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, anyone?

  14. Joe can still run. Not a number 1 anymore, but he can still contribute.

    Some of you folks don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. Spooky ain’t it?

  15. You’re right, there is nothing worse than a professional athlete can do, than to quit on his team.


    Rae Carruth


    Best post I’ve ever seen here.

  16. Thought he wouldve worked out, looked a lot like Faulk as far as his backfield receiver skills a few years ago.
    Big agree with Samoan! Shoulda kept Benny!

  17. napoleonblownapart6887 says:
    Jul 26, 2012 3:44 PM
    Can someone enlighten us as to what is involved in the typical NFL conditioning test? I mean Vince Wilfork passed it why not Addai?

    Believe it or not, Wilfork has a hell of a motor in him. He may not report at his listed 325lbs (though, word from training camp is that he’s lost weight in the off-season), but looks can often be deceiving. Last year, he tied with Kyle Arrington for the most defensive snaps on the Pats (86.8%). And he always seems ready to give it everything he’s got.

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