Vilma hearing ends without a ruling


Roughly eight hours after a hearing regarding Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s effort to lift his one-year suspension pending the outcome of his lawsuit aimed at reversing it began, the hearing is over.

But a ruling has yet to come.

According to Tulane law professor Gabe Feldman, Judge Helen G. Berrigan ended the hearing with no ruling.  She said she plans to wait to hear from the NFLPA, whose brief opposing an effort by the league to dismiss lawsuits filed by Saints defensive end Will Smith, Packers defensive end Anthony Hargrove, and Browns linebacker Scott Fujita is due on Friday, August 3.

If that’s what happens, it means that Vilma will miss more than a week of training camp.  Even if a ruling is issued on August 3, it’s highly unlikely that he’d suit up and play on Sunday, August 5, when the Saints kick off the preseason against the Cardinals in Canton.

11 responses to “Vilma hearing ends without a ruling

  1. Idiot Vikings fan trying to make an intelligent comment. The oxymoron to end all oxmorons.

  2. It’s a shame that the Saints will probably end up last in their division this year.

    And by “it’s a shame” I mean “hahahahaha.”

  3. There was more actual evidence today presented on behalf of Vilma than all of Goodell’s 50,000 pages of evidence. All of the evidence was submitted as sworn testimony under penalty of perjury and all of the evidence supported Vilma and the FACT that he never offered anyone any money to intentionally injure anyone and there was no pay to injure program.

    About time there is some real evidence and not some transcriptions of hand written notes prepared at some point by a disgruntled and fired former employee….

    Vilma and Vitt also explained what “Kill the Head” referred to. It was a description of a play where a defender stopped a ball carriers forward progress in such as a way as to not allow the ball carrier to fall forward. Instead, the ball carrier was forced backward, i.e. the head went back with the body and not forward and ahead of the ball. Sounds like good Defense to me.

  4. 4 some odd reason i got a small lil feeling Vilma might win..who knows…anything can happen…just like anything happened when Manny Paquio somehow lost that fight when everybody knew he won it

  5. Wow, what have we got here, 3 or 4 Viking fans? I didn’t know the Vikings had that many fans.

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