Vilma hearing still going


It’s been a long offseason when it comes to the Saints’ bounty case.  And it’s been a long day in federal court as linebacker Jonathan Vilma attempts to have his one-year suspension lifted as his effort to overturn the suspension permanently proceeds.

An Associated Press item that has been updated with the last hour explains that Vilma, interim head coach Joe Vitt, and former teammates Troy Evans and Randall Gay have testified so far.

All witnesses said that Vilma never offered money to teammates for inflicting injury on opponents.

Vilma’s one-year suspension arises largely from the NFL’s belief that he offered $10,000 to any player who knocked former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game, and the same amount to any player who knocked former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner out of a divisional playoff game a week earlier.

Tulane law professor Gabe Feldman, who is present at the hearing, says via Twitter that questions posed by Judge Helen G. Berrigan suggest that the “field has tilted” in Vilma’s favor.  She has raised pointed questions about Commissioner Goodell’s jurisdiction over the bounty appeals.

Judge Berrigan could adjourn the proceedings at some point until Friday or another day, or she could continue until all evidence has been introduced.

Per Feldman, Judge Berrigan won’t be permanently ending the injunction on Thursday.  She could still lift it pending resolution of the litigation.

For those of you curious as to what Thursday’s hearing is — and isn’t — about, here’s the relevant portion of Thursday’s PFT Live.

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7 responses to “Vilma hearing still going

  1. I have nothin to gain from either vilma being suspended or not I just think GOODELL is acting as a dictator in all subjects that he can put his hand into and that is what’s very bad for football especially since this guy has already changed the game enough to make fans mad and he ain’t done yet. I say let GOODELL walk and get him out of there before he ruins the game not only or fans but for the players as well. GOODELL shoulda just been honest an maybe he wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. It makes me sick that a player like Vilma has to do what he is doing now to lift a suspension for something the NFL refuses to show us.
    Here I flip the switch on this real fast too. If it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck its prob a duck. Ao that means Vilma is guilty well how about GOODELL an his lack of evidence. Lies about how many pages he had from 10,000 to now only 200. Well there you go people if he lies about bounty and refuses to show stuff on the bounty then I guess there was no bounty. People need to be complete when talking a out situations but that’s not what you get on here you get some. Ignorant person only reading headlines and talking smack on aome thing that they should Just keep to them selves. But my hatred for GOODELL goes deep so I already have an agenda an thats to hate on a man who is destroying our game. So yes I’m very biased on wanting him out. I wanna see evidence on this bounty because I believe people are innocent till guilty. And yes some get off with murder and you know who I’m talking about but we the public got to see that evidence. And despite legal procedures to dismiss evidence. Y’all still seen all they had. So go ahead GOODELL show what you got but at this point you I me convinced you got nothing since that’s exactly what I seen. So free Vilma.

  2. Anyone who looks at this situation objectively will see that Goodell’s actions were inappropriate and that he’s not fit to be comissioner of the NFL.

  3. What the hell do you think these witnesses are going to say……go ahead win your appeal then get taken out on an accidental crack back block!

  4. Well big mistake by them. Doesn’t the NFL have a ledger showing $10,000 was offered to knock Favre out? Maybe it was someone else, but they made the ruling based on some form of evidence, which can get these guys in trouble for obstruction of justice.

  5. There was more actual evidence today in court than all of Goodell’s 50,000 pages of evidence. All of the evidence was submitted as sworn testimony under penalty of perjury and all of the evidence supported Vilma and the FACT that he never offered anyone any money to intentionally injure anyone and there was no pay to injure program.

    About time there is some real evidence and not some transcriptions of hand written notes prepared at some point by a disgruntled and fired former employee….

    Vilma and Vitt also explained what “Kill the Head” referred to. It was a description of a play where a defender stopped a ball carriers forward progress in such as a way as to not allow the ball carrier to fall forward. Instead, the ball carrier was forced backward, i.e. the head went back with the body and not forward and ahead of the ball. Sounds like good Defense to me.

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