Brian Banks works out for Seahawks again, still no deal


Some day, hopefully, someone is going to give Brian Banks a chance to win an NFL job.

After making the rounds this summer, Banks had another workout with the Seahawks Thursday, but was again denied an opportunity when they signed Antonio Bryant to the one roster spot they had available.

Banks, who was cleared of a rape conviction in May, has since worked out for the Chiefs and Chargers as well. He served more than five years after being convicted on rape and kidnapping charges, only to see them overturned when his accuser admitted to making up her story.

Banks’ utter lack of bitterness has won admirers league-wide, now all he needs is one of them to give him a job.

7 responses to “Brian Banks works out for Seahawks again, still no deal

  1. He has been given an opportunity to win an NFL job! He just had another workout with the Seakhawks, and he’s worked out for other teams as well. He wasn’t good enough to be invited to training camp. He isn’t going to get a job just because he’s a great guy who got a raw deal.

  2. Yea not a surprise nobody has signed him seeing as how he hasn’t played football in 5 years.

  3. What I don’t understand is why doesn’t he just go to college on a football scholarship. Has he already destroyed his eligibility by signing a 1 day workout deal? Surely, a D-1 team would offer him, as he is still young enough to play some form of organized ball. I think he’s getting bad advice. Get your degree.

  4. his name will come up when injuries force teams to start looking, he got his name out there, so he’ll be signed sooner or later. this time of year is most difficult to land a roster spot for a boder-line talent like Banks

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