Chargers go with Kyle Boller as a backup plan

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With Charlie Whitehurst injured, the Chargers made a move for a veteran backup quarterback.

But not the one most expected.

While Billy Volek was out there as a possibility, the Chargers announced that they signed Kyle Boller to a one-year contract instead.

Boller, 31, spent the last two years with Oakland, where he played in seven games with one start. The former first-round pick of the Ravens has also spent a year with the Rams.

He has a sub-70.0 career passer rating, a 20-27 record as a starter and more interceptions (54) than touchdowns (48).

Then again, he’s signing on to be a backup, so there’s a ceiling on what they’re expecting.

18 responses to “Chargers go with Kyle Boller as a backup plan

  1. Too funny. Wonder if old AJ realize Boller was the QB that stepped in for Campbell Soup last year and F’d things up a bit for the Raiders. Pray for “Cry Me A” Rivers, Chargers fans!

  2. This guy is very tough. He took pancake sacks from the biggest DTs and would hold on to the ball.

    The problem is you need a backup who can come in and give you a chance to win if your starter goes down. Boller doesn’t offer that.

  3. The one game he started for Oakland last season he threw 3 picks in the first half and they pulled him to put in Palmer, who had been with the team for less than a week. Good luck with that skill set SD!

  4. LMAO wow. Look at all the petty AFC West haters putting way too much smack talk and effort into the signing of a backup QB.

    Hate on what you Envy ladies. Chargers are gonna romp ya’ll up.

  5. Raiders playbook phuqewe?

    And exactly what good would that do with an entirely new scheme and coaching staff?

  6. If you were to actually look into this story the reason they went to Boller is becuase it’s an extra camp body signing while Whitehurst is out. Once Charlie is back (2-3 weeks) Boller is gone. They offered this same deal to Volek but he didn’t want to just come in for a temp role.

  7. Another example of a guy who gets the job because he LOOKS THE PART. Could never understand why guys like Stoney Case, Chris Redman, Boller, and even the guy he’s replacing in Charlie Whitehurst, keep getting opportunities. The only common denominator is they all had or have Abercrombie & Fitch model potential.

    Oh and that they can’t start in this league.

  8. Like ringthis stated, its a 2 week injury. Kyle Boller lives in Del Mar about a 30 minute drive on the freeway to Mission Valley(Chargers Training Camp), Whitehurst should be back after the first preseason game and Boller will be cut

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