Dolphins GM sees “progress,” but Ryan Tannehill still missing


When the Dolphins rolled onto the practice field for the first time this morning, Matt Moore was with the first team at quarterback, and David Garrard with the twos.

But Ryan Tannehill was nowhere to be found.

He’s obviously not here, so we’re obviously not done yet,” Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland said of his unsigned quarterback, via James Walker of “I think progress is being made. It’s progressing, communication is ongoing on both sides. . . . We will not discuss the details of the negotiations in public.”

Ireland said he didn’t foresee the holdout, but said: “Things happen.”

The Dolphins’ first-round pick is one of three unsigned first-rounders, and the dispute over offset language in his contract has the unintended consequence of costing him any slim chance he has at winning a starting job.

Granted, he knows the offense which coordinator Mike Sherman’s calling, since Sherman was his college coach at Texas A&M, but Moore and Garrard are good enough to hold off any rookie who doesn’t have the benefit of a full camp.

As to the quarterbacks who are there, the expectation is that Moore and Garrard will rotate days with the starters throughout camp.

15 responses to “Dolphins GM sees “progress,” but Ryan Tannehill still missing

  1. Get to camp, or you can kiss your chances of starting goodbye.

    With the current collective bargaining agreement, i dont understand first round holdouts. Its more or less slotted

  2. News Flash: This has nothing to do with paying or not paying the kid his money nor does it have anything to do with JI having no clue on how to sign a QB. It is 100% over offset language which the new CBA fully supports and endorses. End of story. Go Fins, with or without RT.

  3. I wonder if any other QB drafted in the top 10 has ever landed third on the depth chart before.

    Because that’s where this over drafted, mediocre, can certainly miss “prospect” is headed.

  4. David Garrard will be the eventual starter. Matt Moore did an ok job last season, but he had better players to work with last year. Brandon Marshall is a much better receiver than Chad Johnson. Right now, the Dolphins need a true veteran to run this offense, and that is Garrard.

  5. Anyone else see the irony of how the Dolphins faced such pressure to draft a franchise QB in Tannehill, and now he’s one of three first round picks yet to sign with his team? Strikes me as pure incompetance on the organization’s part.

  6. i’ma browns fan its not often i get to say this, but wow the Dolphins seem like a total clusterfawk of an organization. The will be battling the vikings and colt for worst record this year for sure!

  7. If you are gonna cut a guy before year 4 & you moved up to #8 to draft him… You have nobody to blame but yourself… Where is RGIII’s offset language? Oh yeah, the Redskins don’t collude with the other teams, they get their players in camp.

  8. realitypolice says: Jul 27, 2012 12:57 PM

    I wonder if any other QB drafted in the top 10 has ever landed third on the depth chart before.

    Because that’s where this over drafted, mediocre, can certainly miss “prospect” is headed.

    I’m not sure about that one but I do know it’s better to put a player on the bench if he is not ready to start than have a 3rd stringer top 10 QB starting from day one. (IE Mark Sanchez)

  9. Mr. Super-Cool Awesome says:Jul 27, 2012 12:27 PM

    You took him at 8. Pay the kid his money.

    If it were just about money he would already been signed and in camp. Ireland is protecting the Dolphin’s long term interests in the event that Tannehill gets injured or does not pan out. Both sides already know what the $ amount of the contract will be, they are just hammering out all of the language and loopholes right now.

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