First problem for RG3: His RT on shelf with hip “setback”


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan might not have any drama, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have issues.

With everything in Redskins camp geared around quarterback Robert Griffin III, protecting him got a little more difficult with right tackle Jammal Brown suffering what was termed a “setback.”

Brown was placed on the active/physically unable to perform list because of a hip problem, related to the one that cost him four games last season.

“You knew it was sore. You knew it could happen at any time, something like this,” Shanahan said of Brown’s hip. “You’re just hoping it’s a little flare-up, nothing major.

“I think it’s really hard for him. He’s been working extremely hard to get in football shape. He is in excellent shape. He’s got a setback. We’ll get a chance for the doctors to look at it and see how it is.”

If Brown’s out any amount of time, the Redskins will be on the lookout for help. Tyler Polumbus worked at right tackle Thursday in Brown’s absence. They signed the veteran backup last November. Polumbus has also spent time with Denver, Detroit and Seattle. Shanahan said second-year players Maurice Hurt and Willie Smith would also compete for time.

While it may not qualify as drama, it’s still something the Redskins didn’t need.

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  1. I would definitely feel more comfortable with Brown out there. However, when F. Davis and T. Williams (a.k.a. Cheech and Chong) were suspended at the end of the year, Willie Smith filled in at LT and faced the Giants, Cowboys, and Eagles down the stretch and did well. I know they like Polumbus, but I’m betting Willie could more than hold his own at RT against the less athletic rushers over there. Bares watching but I don’t think I’m worried…yet.

  2. At this point I would take Tyler over Jammal. The offense worked so much better with Tyler in place of Jammal. The run game improved and scoring improved.

  3. If Brown were a horse he would of been put down by now. As a Skins fan it seems the right time to move on.

    Polumbus looked ok last year, but I would rather see Willie Smith given a shot at RT first. He filled in good for Trent “Keep Token” Williams the last 4 games of last year. Especially for a rookie. Hurt could do even better on the right side.

  4. RG3 is an incredible gamble for the Skins. He pretty much HAS to be ‘all that’ … because if he’s not then that franchise is in the dumper for years to come. They need a ‘Cam Newton’ year out of him … or it’s going to get very hot very quickly.

  5. I don’t care how good RGIII is….the Redskins OL is in shambles and in a division with the most monstrous pass rushers in football that’s a recipe for disaster.

  6. Not much of a problem…Brown was out most of last year and the running game got stronger as the season went on…the line has gotten much deeper the past few drafts

  7. janvanflac says:
    Jul 27, 2012 11:38 AM
    I don’t care how good RGIII is….the Redskins OL is in shambles and in a division with the most monstrous pass rushers in football that’s a recipe for disaster.

    It’s not really clear where this perception keeps coming from. The fact is, missing three starters for most of the year in 2011, the Redskins led the league in sacks against NFC East teams, and were the lowest in the division in sacks allowed vs. other NFC East teams. This means that while everyone loves to talk about the monstrous JPP, DeMarcus Ware, Justin Tuck, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins, yada, yada, yada, and how terrible the Washington line is, DC gained more sacks and allowed fewer sacks lat year within the division than any of their NFC East rivals. This is not to say that DC has an amazing line or that JPP, Tuck, Ware, Babin, etc. are not monsters, just that the situation really isn’t as bad as everyone always seems to think.

    Secondly, one has to consider that Washington performed this feat with Rex Grossman, one of the least mobile quarterbacks in the NFL, at the helm. Basically, one should “care how good RGIII is”, and the line is clearly not as “in shambles” as people seem to think.

  8. For God’s sake, lets move past this debacle. Brown became expendable when undrafted rookies were playing better than him. We can’t continue hoping for this guy to get better. He is a great guy but this is ridiculous.

  9. i read the headline thinking ” wats a retweet have to do with a hip setback? ” then i realized it was about the Right Tackle….. im disappointed in myself

  10. @janvanflac

    Saying the Skins O-line is in “shambles” is a stretch. The starting 5 last year was above average, the depth behind them though was not. And that is where the problems arose, primarily in the Buffalo game. With young players like Hurt and Smith getting experience last year, and additions like LeRibus, the depth is much improved.

    Besides, most would argue the Giants have the best D-line in the NFC East, and maybe the league. The Skins O-line did a great job against them last year to the point the Skins swept the SB Champion Giants and neither game was close. Not bad for an O-line in “shambles”.

  11. people relax relax the Redskins have depth in the offensive line this year.!!!!!!!!!

  12. They gave up 41 sacks last year. Nine of them came in one game (would have been ten but one was reversed). The John Beck game against Buffalo did more to the line’s poor rep than the O-Line’s performance all year did. Blame Beck and a slow slow slow Grossman. The line wasn’t half bad.

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