Holmgren confirms sale would transfer controlling interest in Browns


Hours after a vague statement didn’t specify whether Browns owner Randy Lerner is talking to Steelers minority owner about selling a slice, the controlling chunk, or all of the franchise, team president Mike Holmgren has clarified the situation.

Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Holmgren says Lerner is selling the controlling interest in the team.

Holmgren also says the Browns won’t be leaving Cleveland.  However, Holmgren declined to address whether he would be leaving Cleveland.  He said questions regarding his status will be “answered down the road.”

That likely means Holmgren eventually will be moving on, and moving out.  With Lerner making avoiding disruption to the team his top priority, if Holmgren were staying, he’d say so.

The deal, per Cabot, is close.  Which means that Holmgren’s future likely already has been addressed.

Our guess?  He remains in place through the 2012 season, then walks away.

31 responses to “Holmgren confirms sale would transfer controlling interest in Browns

  1. I was at first not ok with this move.. but after some thought.. i’m good with it. Learner had to get out of there.. he hasn’t won in 10 years of owning the team. Holmgren kept hiring his buddies from his agent. As long as the new owners keep Heckert.. Plus get a new/better coach. This will be a great day in Browns history.

  2. Browns are lucky to have the Walrus . He’s turned every team he has been involved with into winners ( except the current one ) , and has always been a great member of the community . His wife Kathy and him are always helping out .

    If they fire him after the sale , heres hoping he and his family move back to Seattle .

  3. I’ve been less than impressed with how Holmgren has performed as president of the Browns. I didn’t expect immediate success, but figured this was probably his “make or break” season, anyway.

  4. Browns need to keep Holmgren. The team is more competitive even though the record doesn’t show it. They are turning the corner and is because Holmgren has built a solid base and has had excellent drafts.
    The Browns should NOT be thinking of changing personnel AGAIN! Keep what you have for at least 3 more years, at least!

  5. After Jimmy Haslam buys the Browns he is sure to raid many of the current Steelers front office and personnel staff. Be prepared Steely fans.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks this is all orchestrated by the Walrus? All his Eagle Club needed was a wallet big enough to seal the deal. Wouldn’t surprise me if this has been going on since from the day he was hired.

  7. Sounds like the new owner is clearing the deck for a run at Bill Cowher to be Head Coach & GM.

  8. Lerner is a soccer fan not a football fan. Glad we are finally getting an owner who wants to own the Browns. Randy is nowhere near the man his father Al was.

  9. Hawkfan50….Holmgren has already said he considers Seattle his home. I’ve been one of his defenders since he got here, but he has made some questionable decisions and said some ill-advised things. That said, he’s the one who brought Tom Heckert in. Earlier this year, he said he’s trying to groom “these guys” to take over, and that this is his last job.

    It doesn’t look like he will be here after this season. When rumors that the team was for sale surfaced a month ago, he said “I talk to Randy Lerner everyday. I’m sure he would have told me.” Either he was lying, or he was lied to, purposely.

  10. The timing of this sale is just odd for several reasons. First, veterans reported yesterday–the sale becomes a distraction to the coaching staff and the players.

    Second, like Holgren or not, he brought in a system. He brought in guys like Heckert. For the first time everyone was on the same page, we had professional football guys running the team. There were checks and balances in place. This isnt John Collins v. Phil Savage or Pete Garcia serving as the GM.

    Finally, they addressed major weaknesses on defenese last year and offense this year. Sure there are holes in this team, but they aren’t the 32nd best team in the NFL either.

    If you are going to sell–do it so the new owner can tee it up in his direction.

  11. Funny Lerner finds a way of screw us Browns fans all over again. Everybody knows that when new owner comes in he wants HIS people, HIS coach, and HIS people will have their own way of doing things. If he had sold the team 2-3 years ago, we would already be into the new regime, but we JUST started over last year, with Holmgren starting the year before that. Now, we can look forward to yet another person with yet another view of how to run this franchise and how the pieces that are in place and the draft picks we just had over the past 2 years don’t fit their system.

    Thanks Randy. I’d say Tony Grossi was exactly right about you after all.

  12. Holmgren was a horrible GM in Seattle, so I have no idea how he was hired in the first place.

    Brilliant OC, good coach, terrible GM.

  13. Hey Holmgren, if it’s all about winning, you should have stayed in Green Bay……If it’s all about money and power, you head to the Microsoft funded Seachickens.

  14. He’s be in charge for three years and yet his team is still picked to be one of the worst in the league. How long does he get, 1o years? He’s a coach and is in President training. How he talked himself into this on the job training is amazing to all the smart people in this world.

  15. The Steelers have owned the Browns for the last 2 decades (only losing 6 games to the browns since 1991).


    True, but the Browns owned the squealers from ’48 thru ’73!

    And the Browns fortunes will change real soon!

  16. The Cleveland Rams moved West to Los Angeles.

    The Cleveland Browns moved East to Baltimore.

    New ownership could move this franchise somewhere for some success.

  17. I am glad that Lerner will soon be gone. I have a feeling Fat Mike and Pat “The Puppet” Shurmur will follow him out the door at the end of this season. Randy should save some seats on the bus for Colt McFrye, Montario Travesty, Seneca Wallnuts, and Muhammad Massabust. Maybe he can charter Mangini to drive for him?

  18. Ya and La is such a great place could not get a exp. team and the 2 teams that moved there moved back out one to a market what a third of the size

  19. I would love to see the Browns win a SB. Great city, great fans….they deserve to win one, so whatever it takes. Good luck!

  20. lol even la’s baseball team moved from another city they have never had a team (well the Lakers) that they can realey say hey this is our team from day one

  21. Good move for Brows Fans. Lerner had no credability with the fans or owners around the league. He was the only owner who did not go to the owners meetings, what does that tell you? He is a soccer guy who was never around the Browns, no passion for it whatsover.

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