Jermichael Finley has a “slight, very mild concussion”

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The Packers didn’t have tight end Jermichael Finley on the field with them for practice on Friday morning and they offered no information about his absence before the workout.

Finley’s wife was a bit more forthcoming, at least until someone told her that she might not want to tweet out information about her husband’s medical condition. Courtney Finley sent out a couple of tweets on Friday explaining that her husband was held out of practice because of a concussion. The tweet has since disappeared, but, thanks to the permanence of the internet, her information remains available to anyone who missed it.

“If you’re wondering where @jermichaelf88 is.. He got a slight very mild concussion at practice yesterday & protocol is to sit for a few days.  He’s going crazy because he feels amazing & wants to be out there with his team but he understands the precautionary measures.”

Mike McCarthy confirmed Finley’s status during his media session after the practice wrapped up. Mrs. Finley’s report on the outlook going forward sounds like it is about right, so it doesn’t sound like anyone is too worried about a lingering problem for Finley. Should he receive another head injury later this year, though, this concussion, however mild, will play a role in how Finley is handled going forward.

8 responses to “Jermichael Finley has a “slight, very mild concussion”

  1. Wait a second, how do you get a concussion before the first day of practice? Was he visiting Dez Bryant and his mom? Was he driving soewhere with Suh? Did he fall off one of those little kids’ bikes on the way to the practice field? What?

  2. Why does a player’s wife have a twitter account? Why would anybody want to know what she thinks outside of her family…and for that she has facebook.

    Geez, our society and how far it has fallen where the wife of a football player has a twitter account and probably has followers. And she is famous for…being married to a famous person or like Robin Harris once said, “The man sitting next to the man, sitting next to the man sitting next to the man, sitting next to…”


  3. Packers brass gets a “slight, very mild” concussion every time Finley talks to the media.

  4. The Packers had a helmeted/no pads practice yesterday and somebody knocked him down on a pass route.

  5. Actually, I don’t think anyone should have a twitter account. It is an incredible waste of resources. It produces nothing. Please don’t attempt to credit twitter with Arab Spring.

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