Jets see Antonio Cromartie as a two-way player

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Antonio Cromartie is good enough with the ball in his hands that he owns the NFL record for the longest touchdown ever, a 109-yard return of a missed field goal. So it makes sense that the Jets plan to get the ball in his hands more often.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said today that in addition to his primary role as a starting cornerback, Cromartie could become a two-way player this season, and that they’ve already discussed lining him up at wide receiver.

Cromartie has never caught a pass in his NFL career, but he has lined up at wide receiver on a couple of occasions and once ran the ball on an end-around. He also had been expected to play some wide receiver during his final season at Florida State, although he ended up missing his last year of college football after suffering a torn ACL during summer workouts.

Ryan, who also plans to make backup quarterback Tim Tebow a jack-of-all-trades player both on offense and on special teams, emphasized the importance of getting as much production out of the talents of every player on his roster as he possibly can. Cromartie has the talent to make plays at receiver, and it makes sense that Ryan plans to use him there.

20 responses to “Jets see Antonio Cromartie as a two-way player

  1. “Cromartie has never caught a pass in his NFL career,” but as the father of a dozen kids, we can be sure he is experienced in making passes.

  2. Yeah, it makes a lot of sense, right up until you lose your starting CB because he was leveled on a receiving route and placed on IR.

  3. This is, of course, code for, “I’m all out of ideas to help Mark succeed, so I’m putting our tallest, most athletic player on offense.”

    Santonio will be *thrilled*. But only one thing will surely come of this: Darrelle Revis will somehow use it as leverage for more money.

  4. As a Jets fan, let me be the first to say that his ability to avoid tackles is a useful trait for Wide Receivers…

  5. Sounds like a circus. The offense is so bad they have to use defensive players?

  6. Rex Ryan is a champion. A champion of saying ridiculous, headline grabbing garbage that adds nothing to his teams play on the field.

  7. Any player that can pretty much take on two positions is great, doing so gives the team a roster spot to use somewhere else thats needing help.
    The Jets lost out on keeping the jack of all trades guy they already had in Brad Smith QB, WR1/2/3, HB, ST coverage and KR/PR. I was so surprised that they let him go test free agency, he has been a good player for the Bills, and I’m sure Chan Gailey has a lot more planned for him this season as well.
    If Cromartie can do both without taking anything away from his current position at Cornerback, then I say go for it. Duel threats can make a big difference on a football team. There hasn’t been too many of them, but for the few that have been able to do it, they are usually Pro Bowl caliber.

  8. Upon hearing the news that Cromartie could go both ways, Mark Sanchez was reported as saying that he always liked Antonio’s eyes and thought he had a cute ass.

  9. Cromartie has actually caught 22 passes in his NFL career. They were just thrown by the other team’s quarterback.

  10. I agree that Cromartie is a two-way player because he can’t play defense and he can’t play offense. He sucks!

  11. Tim Tebow thought he had everything under control by giving Cromartie the safe sex talk. Tebow has now decided to do an intervention when he overheard Rex saying Cromartie and plays both ways

  12. I’m not certain his brain… or lack thereof… will be able to shift gears that quickly. He’s liable to start batting passes thrown to him.

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