Lions coach Jim Schwartz “at peace” with cutting Aaron Berry

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Getting rid of a guy with a pair of offseason arrests, including one involving a gun, seemed to be a slam dunk for the Lions.

But as simple as the decision to cut cornerback Aaron Berry was, coach Jim Schwartz admitted it came with a cost.

“From a football standpoint that was a very, very difficult decision,” Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “From a team standpoint, it was an easy decision. And I think, . . . based on what had gone on in the spring, every player was very well aware of the stakes that were in play for the break before training camp. And it was very disappointing that he didn’t respond.

“But you come to peace with things like that, and one of the ways I came to peace with it was, knowing what the stakes were going into it, if somebody could make two really bad errors in judgment and bad decisions in that short period of time, what would they do during a big game? What would they do when the stakes were just as high?”

Now that they’re without a starting corner, the Lions are going to find out. They’re scrapping together a cast of draft picks and journeymen, looking for one to put opposite Chris Houston. At the same time, Berry left them no choice by using such ridiculously poor judgement.

But Schwartz said the handling of Berry didn’t necessarily establish a precedent.

“Every situation is different,” Schwartz said. “Everyone knew the stakes when we left, based on what happened with the team in the spring. Every situation is different, and we’ll take every one as it comes up. But that one, while it was a very difficult decision from a football standpoint, it was a very easy decision from a team standpoint. We wish him the best. Hopefully he can put some of those bad decisions to rest; it just won’t be with us.”

The Lions also cut offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath, who was arrested for possession of marijuana. But he was a fringe player anyway. Mikel Leshoure and Nick Fairley each ran afoul of the law, and they’re still in camp.

Something about being central to the team’s plans gives one a little extra leeway.

15 responses to “Lions coach Jim Schwartz “at peace” with cutting Aaron Berry

  1. Jim Schwartz is a good man who I believe cares about the welfare of his players. But a GUN was involved. It was just time to practice some “tough love”. For the good of the team, Berry had to go.

  2. “Every situation is different” translation if your a low draft pick or a non-starter, we have a no- tolerance policy for trouble.

    If we have a lot invested in you (money/ draft picks) we are going to give you every opportunity to change your ways and improve your life.

    It’s a double standard that has always existed in the NFL.

  3. Right move for the coach, but sorry to hear he only has selective outrage.

    This could all be solved by writing better contracts, with “behavior clauses”

    If you get arrested you lose blank, If you get arrested again, your salary is cut in half. If you get convicted, you revert to a minimum salary for three years, regardless of whether you are signed by somebody else. etc.

    If you don’t like it, stay out of trouble or work in the park, picking up gum wrappers.

  4. Yes, better players will always get more leeway. Just like pointing a loaded gun at people should always get a player fired. We should all be at peace with this.

  5. Of course we’re at peace, Berry was garbage, I saw him perform so terrible all year when he was on the field, Bill Bently albeit a rookie from UL-Lafayette will surprise people.

  6. Berry was overrated anyways, and there’s a big difference between smoking a little reefer and being charged with a felony involving a firearm. With only Chris Houston and Louis Delmas established as starters, the training camp/preseason battles should be intense for spots in the secondary. GO LIONS!

  7. Schwartz is a tool and the poster child of a dysfunctional franchise. Last year was the Lions peak year for the current management team. This yea, third place and be thankful the Vikings qare in the division.

  8. “based on what had gone on in the spring, every player was very well aware of the stakes that were in play for the break before training camp.”

    Is it THAT difficult for all of you Schwartz-bashers to grasp the notion that, going forward, any run-ins with the law will not be tolerated?

    Berry is the only one that’s f’d post-OTAs.

  9. Good thing irishgary can see into the future… we do not even have to play the games now. Hate on Jim all you want but the guy has fire and has turned this losing culture in the the opposite.

    As a life long Lions fan, I am glad that we are not the feel good story that makes everyone into Lions fans all of a sudden. Only the true Detroit fans will appreciate the attitude and toughness of this new regime. Been getting our teeth kicked in for too long and now its time to be the boot.

  10. what is everyone crying about people that are bigger roles and bigger names and alot more money get more chances. doesnt that happen everywhere on this planet does the name O.J.clearafiy those terms and all of the above.dont be so shallow about it I mean would the lions cut Safford today if nhe pulled a gun NO.

  11. I can wait for the season to start so the Lions fans can see that they are NOT a playoff team… The fact is they are the same door mat team they always was an the schedule will Expose them this year

  12. Bears fans are justifiably hurt by what happened last season, and now they are grasping at any straw they can to push that hurt aside. A better approach would be to stay quiet, hope your OL makes the leap of a lifetime and pray that Detroit’s talented roster finds injuries in the wrong places. Otherwise, the hurt will be even worse this time around.

  13. I love all the haterade. It’s motivation and bulletin board material.

    It’s always been Detroit against the world in every sport, every business, every thing. We’re used to it. We love it. We thrive on it.

    We don’t care if you say our players are too mean and hit too hard. This is the town that wore the label Bad Boys with pride, and made you cry every time Bill Laimbeer sunk a 3 pointer!

    We love it when Suh did the Tebow in the Denver backfield, and declared, “Evil wins.” We loved hosting the Bears on national TV and showing the world (in epic fashion) that Chicago is all talk.

    If we stay healthy, the sky’s the limit.

    Anyway, talk is worthless. I can hardly wait for the fall!

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