Mark Dominik says “disappointing” Brian Price wasn’t a reach

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Fifteen months ago, Buccaneers General Manager Mark Dominik used a second-round draft pick, No. 35 overall, on defensive tackle Brian Price. Yesterday Dominik traded Price to the Bears for a seventh-round pick that will end up being somewhere around No. 235 overall. That obviously makes Price a disappointing draft pick.

But Dominik says that at the time the Bucs drafted Price, a former Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Year at UCLA, they had every reason to believe they were making a good pick.

I don’t think anyone in the NFL didn’t think Brian Price wasn’t a second-round talent,” Dominik told “When we drafted [Price] there wasn’t anyone saying, ‘Geez he was a fourth-round [talent].’ It just hasn’t worked out. And it is disappointing to us as an organization and I know Brian Price is disappointed it worked out the way it did.”

Price was one of the several Buccaneers who failed new coach Greg Schiano’s conditioning test, and although Dominik wouldn’t confirm that there was a connection between failing the test and getting traded, that may have been a final straw for Price, who was already in hot water with the team after a fight with rookie safety Mark Barron.

“What’s important is that all of our team knew a conditioning test was important,” Dominik said. “And not just the conditioning test, but what’s to be expected coming out of training camp and what we want out of our players. Coach Schiano made that clear to the players, and yesterday is a part of the entire process of what we have dealt with, with each individual player. And yesterday we sat down, after everything, and I decided to make the deal to send Brian Price to the Chicago Bears. That’s what seemed to be in the best interest of this football team moving forward.”

If Price gets himself into better shape, he could end up being a great addition for the Bears. And maybe even end up proving Dominik right in his assessment that he’s a second-round talent.

7 responses to “Mark Dominik says “disappointing” Brian Price wasn’t a reach

  1. He played like a second-round talent; the guy really did well most of last year. His head’s just not in the right place, and Schiano is cleaning house at this point. Talent-wise, I wish the guy was still on the team, but it really seems like 2012 is all about removing the utter stink of 2011; if you don’t fit the “team first” concept, you’re gone.

  2. I feel awful for what Price has gone through, but at the same time it is kind of a relief not having to worry if/when he can play at any given time. He aggravates that injury constantly, and he may never live up to his potential. For his sake, I sure hope he does, but I certainly don’t blame the Bucs for moving on with this one. Still think we could have gotten a 7th for Briscoe, though…

  3. I couldnt be happier with this move. The Bears got a steal on this guy. If he can get his stuff together, it can make Emery look like a genius for Chicago. Marshall for a 3rd rounder and Price for a 7th? Cant wait to see how this pans out

  4. A 7th is nothing.

    Another great move by Emery, who is the greatest GM in the history of Pro Football.

  5. So isnt he taking care of his deceased sisters kids? Where did they live? Now those kids are getting uprooted, things are hard enough.

    This is a pretty heartless trade – I hope they are not one of those teams that uses the word family to refer to each other.

  6. Heard the same garbage when the Bears traded for Gaines Adams. Truth is, Brian Price is a great story. That’s about it. He has an injury that no one in the NFL has gone on to continue a career with. Yes, he started 14 games last year and his motor is non-stop but at what point does having your hamstring stapled to your bone have an impact on your career? I’d say not long.

    As a Bucs fan, I wish BP the best. He was 1st round talent in a deep 2010 draft for DTs. The Bucs didn’t “reach” at all. He just had a terrible injury and subsequent surgery.

    The Bucs could only get a 7th for him because that’s all he’s worth.

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