Mike Smith says Matt Ryan is stronger, even if he doesn’t look stronger


Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan decided to bulk up during the 2012 offseason.  And while his efforts haven’t resulted in a Tebow-style transformation, coach Mike Smith said Ryan has emerged stronger.

He was the first guy in the weight room this offseason,” Smith told reporters on Thursday, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  “I think he took somewhere between two or three weeks off before he popped back up here in the building.  When you have your quarterback as the first guy in I think that’s a positive thing. It’s funny how other guys started to trickle in when he came in.

“I see it in Matt’s strength.  I know some of you are saying, ‘He doesn’t look like he’s that much bigger,’ but when you’re slight like Matt is and have the body type that he does you’re working in percentages.  Matt’s done a good job with his body.  He looks stronger throwing the football, and if you start the season stronger you’re obviously going to finish the season stronger.  That’s something that we have talked to our entire football team about is finishing.  Finish everything we do.”

“Finish” is definitely the key word for the Falcons.  They’ve had four straight winning seasons, three postseason appearances in four seasons, but not a single playoff win.  Until they can win a playoff game, they simply won’t be taken seriously as a team that can contend for a Super Bowl.

10 responses to “Mike Smith says Matt Ryan is stronger, even if he doesn’t look stronger

  1. So with this extra added bulk can he actually complete a pass past 15 yards? Seriously, this guy plays like Tom Brady, and I don’t mean that like it’s a good thing. He is the crown prince of check downs and dump offs (Brady is the undisputed king), despite have pro bowl talent at every posisition except for left tackle. Actually make me glad my team was able to TRADE DOWN

  2. Going from sorta weak to sorta strong sounds just nifty. Just hold onto those balls Roddy White.

  3. I can’t trust the Falcons, every year since they got Matt Ryan and Michael Turner they look amazing in the regular season, but those playoff losses (especially last year) are awful.

  4. What a stupid comment….Falclowns are perennial losers…fact….Saints will destroy you again this year…..Melted Ice is a joke…

    Hey, FALCLOWNS, enjoy watching us win Lombardi #2 this year….before you sniff your first

    The Who Dat Nation

  5. He is stronger. Really, he *is* stronger! No, I’m serious, MUCH stronger. (Because we all know if you say something often enough, it becomes true).

  6. I believe that the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators were the biggest problem in Atlanta. Mike Mularkey, more so than Van Gorder, never played to the talent he had to work with.

    Not that Dirk Koetter is coming in with a stellar resume from Jacksonville, but we have exponentially more talent than they did. With all the talent on the roster, it’s up to the coaches to maximize their strengths and disguise their weaknesses. The playoff losing streak will end this season….and if it doesn’t, there will jobs lost in the front office.

  7. I like how Matt Ryan is doing whatever he can to become a better QB for his team. He knows he has to get over the playoff hump and with all the talent they have on offense I’m sure they will.

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