Mularkey’s talking-about-injury fine enters gray area of CBA


We’re currently in the process of asking the league and the players union the pesky question of whether Jaguars coach Mike Mularkey can actually fine his players $10,000.

But after careful perusal of Article 42 of the CBA, nowhere in the document does it say “loose lips sink ships.”

The CBA allows teams to fine players for a number of things, including being overweight, up to $495 per pound, no more than twice a week.

A fine of $1,855 can be levied for missing a team meal, failing to report an injury, losing club-provided equipment or throwing a football into the stands.

Fines of $9,915 can be handed out for “material failure to follow rehabilitation program prescribed by Club physician,” for missing a team bus or flight, or for loss of a game plan or scouting report.

The CBA does require teams to “publish and make available to all players at the commencement of preseason training camp a complete list of the discipline that can be imposed for both designated offensives within the limits set by the maximum schedule referred to in Section 1 above and for other violations of reasonable Club rules.”

The question here is whether a five-figure fine for talking about an injury falls within the bounds of “reasonable.” I have my own interpretation, but I am neither a lawyer nor Mike Mularkey.

We’ll let you know what we hear.

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