Payton looms large over Saints’ practice facility


If the Saints can’t use a holographic Sean Payton this season, they’ll settle for the next best thing.

Suspended for a full year by the NFL for his role in the pay-for-performance/bounty system, Payton’s presence will be felt in 2012.

In addition to leaving empty seats for Payton on buses and planes and in meeting rooms, a large photo of Payton appears in the team’s practice facility.  The image mandates at the bottom in large letters “DO YOUR JOB,” the non-profane version of the notorious mantra of Payton’s mentor, Bill Parcells.

Don’t be surprised if that photo and message show up elsewhere.  The team wants the players to feel Payton’s presence — both to capitalize on his “fumes” and to let the players know that, if there is loafing or lollygagging or la-di-daing in his absence, there will be accountability.

Eventually, Daddy is coming home.  And he’s gonna kick the butt of anyone who wasn’t doing his [expletive deleted] job.