Randy Moss talks for the first time in months


49ers receiver Randy Moss did a lot of talking on UStream after he decided to return to the NFL and before he found a team.  Since finding a team, he hasn’t done much talking.

On Friday at training camp, he did.

“These guys here love to work, they love to compete and they know just by me signing here it’s just something that me being around a great group of guys [who are] young and enthusiastic makes me feel young, too,” Moss said in comments broadcast on ESPN’s NFL Live.  “The love that I have for the game of football is gonna always be in me and I just wanna play football and that’s just really being here and Coach Harbaugh and this organization accepting me and bringing me here was just something hopefully I can give something back in return and that’s with my play and my presence out on and off the field.”

Also on Friday, coach Jim Harbaugh continued with the gushing that has emanated from multiple members of the organization throughout the offseason.  “The funnest part is out on the practice field,” Harbaugh said.  “I get some joy being around Randy Moss out there.  He’s got a knack for saying the right thing at the right time.  The right joke at the right time.”

The joke ultimately may be on those who are ready to write off Randy’s chances of playing well in 2012.  After his comments were played during NFL Live and Herm Edwards said Moss could catch 10 touchdown passes this year, Adam Schefter and Bill Polian were skeptical, to say the least.

“Ten touchdowns is awfully high for a player who was out of football last year, who had a minimal impact the year before, who basically hasn’t made a contribution — a meaningful contribution — since 2009,” Schefter said.  “There’s a spot for him in the San Francisco 49ers offense.  But we’re not getting the 25-year-old Randy Moss, we’re getting the 35-year-old Randy Moss.”

Polian was more blunt.

“The guy I saw two years ago, played against was not the Randy Moss who set records in New England,” Polian said.  “I didn’t see any explosion, didn’t see any speed.  [Editor’s noteDarrelle Revis may disagree.]  So, he’ll have to make a believer out of me.  If he’s doing well by Week Eight then he’s back.  Otherwise, I have my doubts.”

It would be easy to agree, given the manner in which Moss disappeared in Tennessee after being essentially fired by two teams in less than a month.  But two factors could prove them wrong.

First, the praise of Moss from his teammates, both for his performance and his attitude, has been universal and unequivocal.  Everyone in San Fran loves the guy, and everyone who has seen him work since joining the 49ers believes he can still get it done.

Second, we’ve seen this movie before from Moss.  After his second year with the Raiders in 2006, the popular view was that Moss was washed up, that he was done, that he couldn’t run.

Rejuvenated by a trade to the Patriots, Moss ran down Jerry Rice’s record for single-season touchdown receptions, propelling the Pats to the first undefeated 16-game season.

When Randy’s head isn’t in it, it doesn’t matter what his body can do.  When Randy is ready to go, his team will get the best of whatever he has.

The point is that we shouldn’t assume anything about Randy’s physical abilities based on what we saw in 2010 because his performance was hampered by the fact that he didn’t care.

He cares now.

“I play when I wanna play.”  It arguably belongs on his tombstone.  For now, it should prompt anyone who thinks based on 2010 that he won’t have it in 2012 to think again.

18 responses to “Randy Moss talks for the first time in months

  1. Randy may have a little something left. He’s in the cougar stage of his career. Every once in a while he may show a flash of the past.

  2. Before his most recent rambling, moss had actually taken a vow of celibacy. failing that with his pimp-like women skillz, he instead stated that he “vowed to not say a single damn word. starting NOW.” He then answered a followup question from the media to which he responded “DAMNIT, i mean it this time.”

    and now he is on a football team yaddayadda theyre great who cares.

  3. they said the same thing when he was with oakland. moss aint catching 23 tds but 10 is doable.

  4. Given the 49ers passing game, it will be difficult to achieve 10 TD receptions. If Vernon Davis and Moss both get 10 TDs, then Alex Smith will be having an MVP year. What are the odds of that?

  5. you can’t tell me every 9ers isn’t terrified just a little bit…. poison pill implanted in locker room? check! A. Smith comes crashing back to earth in ’12? check! 8-8? checkmate! hawks win division this year!

  6. good for randy. i never liked him really. sometimes you just need to be understood, san fran may be that place. If smith can get him the ball and play well at qb, i think he has a big year. a motivated moss is a scary moss. he used to whoop up on my packers lol going to be a fun week one.

  7. Hate him all you want, he still will be remembered as one of the greatest WRs of all time, and THE greatest deep threat in NFL history.

    Straight cash, homie.

  8. I think he finally gets it. We all know maturity comes to folks at different times. SF is his last great opportunity, and he knows it now.

    Maybe it turns into the story of the year.. in a
    SF-NE Super Bowl.. and Moss catches the winning touchdown against the team that took his spirit a couple years ago.

    Stranger things have happened, and I’d be really happy for the guy. He left me speechless and amazed too many times as a fan. The joy of watching him at his best is a feeling I’ve had that is only rivaled by the greatest players of all time.

  9. Look everyone…Randy Moss is(at times)a crybaby diva that only produces when he ‘wants to’.

    But don’t write him off before the first snap of the 2012 Season.

    You need simply to look at the facts to see that he could very easily have a GREAT year in SF.

    -Alex Smith has never been given a ‘true’ opportunity to be a NFL QB and throw the ball whenever he wanted, ONLY when the Coaching staff said it was ‘ok’ could he do so. If they give the kid the chance to just go out there and PLAY…who knows what could happen? It could be very good or very bad, but no one will know until the first snap.

    -Randy Moss may be in his mid 30’s…but he is still VERY much of a specimen. The man has wheels and hands that are unreal in the game, even this day. If his head is in it, his body very easily has the ability to make him shine.

    I think Randy will make people believe the hype again…and frankly, I for one, as an NFL fan am very much looking forward to it!

  10. He was lighting up first string CBs in mini camp and he’s started off training camp pretty well and is already burning the 49er secondary deep in one-on-one coverage.

    Besides, 35-year-old-Moss is still a better WR than any of the returning scrubs on the 49ers. They better hope their shiny new WRs step up, because the Diva is already hurt:

    Receiver Michael Crabtree came up hobbling with an apparent right ankle injury and sat out the final 20 minutes of the 49ers’ first full-squad practice of training camp.

  11. When Randy Maw’s head is on straight, dude is darn near unstoppable down the field. Though the timing was never right, I always wanted to see him playing for my Packers and burning the Vikings like he did to us when he was there the first time.

    Though Brady’s accuracy and arm strength and leadership surely made Randy’s job easier, Moss’ strengths didn’t exactly hurt Brady’s passing game. Those two were like Montana and Rice. Both benefited from having elite players on the other end of the receiving spectrom.

  12. I’ve said it before… He doesn’t have to be “The Moss of Old”. He just has to contribute. If that offense can spread people out and get one on one for Moss and go jump-ball then do you bet against him? I don’t think I could. I was not happy with his addition initially…in fact I was much less than that. Okay. I was POed actually, but now I’m about half-way convinced this might work. The organization protected itself and I think Randy knows this is it for him and he WANTS that title so bad!

  13. Randy Moss is back an as long as he is in the NFL he is the most Dangerous weapon in the league. Moss is a problem for anyone trying to beat the 49ers this year an his age dont change that… He will still have to be double & triple covered an defensive linemen will need to get there hands up to block the passes. Dont underestemate Moss

  14. As a diehard Pats fan, resident in Seattle, I have this to say: Thanks for ’07-’09, you were great. Damn, those were the days.

    PS Brandon Browner, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Bambam Chancellor are gonna take your bleeping head off twice a year, from now until you the day you hang up your cleats forevermore.

    Have a nice day.

  15. Randy Moss was a total disaster as a Raider and I will never forgive him for his pathetic play and childish tantrums. It’s garbage like Moss that makes the whole NFL look bad. Moss had better run his legs off instead of his ignorant mouth for the 49’ers.

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