Report: Joe Banner is part of group buying Browns


The guy who put the Browns on the list of teams that former Eagles president Joe Banner could be targeting has now put Eagles president Joe Banner on the list of people who have targeted the Browns.

Howard Eskin of NBC 10 in Philly, who said that Banner would target the Bills, Browns, or Rams reports via Twitter that Banner is part of the group that will be led by Steelers minority owner Jimmy Haslam.

Eskin says there’s a “long way to go” on this one.  But if Banner has a role in acquiring the team, he presumably will have a role in running it.  Why, after all, would he waste those 18 years of experience leading the Eagles through the salary-cap era?

And that, of course, invites speculation as to the future of team president Mike Holmgren.  Hired by current Browns owner Randy Lerner to serve as a surrogate owner of sorts, Haslam may not need a front man — and he may not need a president if Banner gets the title.

Of course, that’s not necessarily bad news for G.M. Tom Heckert or coach Pat Shurmur, both of whom worked for Banner and the Eagles.

Then again, Banner told PFT Live last month that he’s ideally looking for a place that needs a dramatic turnaround.  And it’s not really a turnaround if new ownership turns around and keeps the current G.M. and head coach.

Regardless of how it all turns out, things are getting interesting in a city that hasn’t been able to generate much of it lately.

25 responses to “Report: Joe Banner is part of group buying Browns

  1. What has Holmgren really done? I think he was a great coach who had a great FO partner in Ron Wolf. Since then, he has done relatively nothing to cement his reputation as a FO exec. Similar situation with Parcells. These guys have shown that it is sometimes the man behind the man who is responsible for the success of the team. I never liked Banner in Phily, because he was often tone deaf regarding the fans and misread the depth of the city’s affection for the Eagles but I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to put him in charge of my team, as long as he was publicly silent and let someone else handle the people end of the business, since Cleveland’s fans are as rabid a group as Philly’s.

  2. As soon as Banner takes over the Browns, he’ll replace one fat guy with a bushy mustache with another fat guy with a bushy mustache.

    If you know what I mean.

  3. so this haslam guy is a steelers fan? sorry, i’d rather throw up and have my vomit purchase the browns as it would have more integrity than any asshat steelers fan bandwagon jumper.

  4. Art Modell reportedly high on the list of parties interested in buying the Browns.

  5. Banner lost his power in Philly because of Reid, so I doubt he would ever bring Reid in as head coach. Banner is not great at communicating with the public, however, I could see the browns improving under him.

  6. pwndabeer says: Jul 27, 2012 12:26 PM

    so this haslam guy is a steelers fan? sorry, i’d rather throw up and have my vomit purchase the browns as it would have more integrity than any asshat steelers fan bandwagon jumper.



    For starters, you can only hope and pray that the people that build your team decide to do it the same way the Steelers have. You have had more losing seasons since returning to the NFL than the Steelers have had since Chuck Noll was hired in 1969.

    And before you talk bad about the Steelers, remember this, we are the ONLY team in the NFL that voted for the NFL to NOT allow Modell to take your franchise away from you. No one else cared.

    AND, if you remember correctly, most Browns fans became Steelers fans while you didn’t have a team. Why? Because our fan bases, though they may HATE each other, are cut from the same cloth. Hard working, passionate fans for the team we love.

    That being said, IF, and it is a VERY BIG IF, the Browns EVER become successful again, you will have your share of band wagon hoppers as well.

    As for us REAL fans of the Steelers, most of us were either born or raised there, and love our team. Don’t hate on us, simply because so many people want to have a team like ours.

  7. @nickster31

    cite your sources for browns fans jumping to the steelers when cleveland lost the browns. thats totally false and an exaggeration made up by an aforementioned steelers asshat trying to fluff himself up by saying how “great of an organization” the steelers have.

    just because you say the steelers have the best organization doesn’t mean they do.

    then again, people tend to say things to make themselves feel better.

  8. Winning franchises have consistency in ownership, the front office and coaching. The browns have been making changes in the front office and on the coaching every 3 years or so since 1999. Until there is some consistency, they will always struggle. Give H&H and Shurmer more than the usual 3 and out routine.

  9. well, if this is true, browns fans the good news is the Browns will be much improved.

    The bad news is you shouldn’t expect them to actually win a super bowl until after the team is sold again and Banner’s out of there.

  10. Funny how when Banner said that, every talking head said that it would be a long wait for him to get in on another team.

    Instead, Banner got right back in with Heckert, Holmgren, and Shurmer. Heckert and Shurmer he has plenty of time and experience with.

    Good for the Browns. Banner is an excellent cap guy. Hopefully, he can take this team and turn it around.

  11. Brandon Weeden era is not over. Weeden, Richardson, and that new WR they drafted in the supplemental will get a chance to shine. Mike Holmgren will step out, new regime will step in, and the house that Holmgren built will be complete.

  12. It’ll be interesting to see how Cleveland fans like Banner (if he functions in the same capacity there that he did in Philly).

    He was reviled in Philly, despite being hard working and candid.

    If Cleveland fans embrace this guy, then we’ll know the truth about Philly fans: impossible to please.

  13. I thought a lot of Cleveland fans backed the Bills during the yrs after after the Browns move? I know we used to tailgate with some guys from Cleveland in Orchard Park and that was the impression I got. Annecdotal I admit, but I’d be curious what other teams Browns fans followed during those yrs.

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