Rex Ryan says he’s the best defensive coach in football


Jets coach Rex Ryan has traded in his annual Super Bowl prediction for a boast that is far less objective, and thus easier to achieve.

I look at myself as the best defensive coach in football,” Ryan said Friday after the team’s first training-camp practice, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.  “That’s saying something because Dick LeBeau is pretty darn good.  Bill Belichick is pretty good.  But that’s the way I’ve always believed.  And you know what? I believe it because [of] the guys I coach with, there’s no doubt about that.  And the guys I’ve coached.  But that’s the truth.  That’s kind of how I feel.”

Ryan’s brash confidence doesn’t apply very broadly.

“If it was a spelling bee, I’d bet against me,” Ryan said.  “If it’s anything else — a fight, coaching football — I’m betting on me.”

Ryan also confirmed he’ll be more involved in the defense, and that he’s out of the team-predictions business.

“The arrows weren’t just coming on me,” Ryan said.  “They were coming on my players.  That’s not what I wanted.  If we weren’t going to succeed, I knew I would be getting — that the bullets should be coming my way.  I understand that.  But I never wanted to put the added pressure on the team.  That wasn’t it.  I thought by making that guarantee it was only going to come down on me.  But that wasn’t the case.  But maybe [the media] would have said, ‘Didn’t you figure that out?’  No . . . I never figured that out. But I certainly did at the end of the season.”

Maybe at the end of the new season he’ll figure out that he’s not the best defensive coach in football, either.  Or maybe he’ll be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.  Regardless, he’s not making any predictions on that point.

77 responses to “Rex Ryan says he’s the best defensive coach in football

  1. If he is the best defensive coach why doesn’t he have the best defense?

    My guess he must be thinking about fantasy football and he picks up the Steelers.

  2. Rex is an arrogant blowhard – very average team – bad qb who they absolutely reached for. Sanchez was barely average in college – why would anyone think he could become a top qb in the nfl?

    Go back to pimping your wife Rex

  3. he’s put up a top 10 defense almost every year he’s been a dc or coach in this league. can’t argue he’s one of the best in the league now

  4. Jesus, can’t this guy keep his mouh shut? He will be lucky to get a defensive coordinator job after he gets fired in NY. Who wants a loose cannon?

  5. Steeler fan here…but the claim isnt that ridiculous. His Ds always ranked very highly in balty and carried that over to NY. Even if he’s not the best, he’s top 5

  6. Again…dude, haven’t you learned how to shut up yet?

    Your team blows, any getting anywhere this year or 5 years from now.

    Sorry, but it’s true.

  7. Jets and Rex are way overrated R Lewis and the ravens gave him light and he thinks he the best lol . he needs to do his job and coach, big dogs don’t bark they just bight. He sounds like an annoying chiwawa all bark and no bite. Just coach Rex.

  8. Rex… Remember 3rd and 22 in Pit, your D on the field trying to close out the playoff game?

    How many rings does defensive “HALL OF FAME” guru Dick LeBeau have? and You?

    Rex also believed he would win the last two superbowls…..

    I know one season fell short in part to Dick LeBeaus D….

    Also in part of lack of NY “D” on a 3rd and 22 to close out the game…. resulted in 78 yard first down, and game over…. where he got beat by rookie Anotonio Brown.

  9. Dude can make a pass rush look like it’s coming from one place and it magically appears out of somewhere else with guys dropping out into zones that you would never expect. He gets the best out of his players. His current “boast” might not be far off.

  10. His dad had some pretty good ideas about NFL defense.
    Come to think of it, his dad wasn’t against tooting his own horn either.
    Personally, I think such comments mean a lot more if they are coming from your peers rather than yourself.

  11. His dad had some pretty good ideas about NFL defense.
    Come to think of it, his dad wasn’t against tooting his own horn either.
    Personally, I think such comments mean a lot more if they are coming from your peers rather than yourself.

  12. Him and LeBeau would be my first two choices. He might not be the greatest head coach but he certainly can coach up a defense with some exotic schemes.

  13. Good god man are you ever gonna clam up? Season hasn’t even srarted and you’re already flappin your gums. Great leadership for your players. Now they can all start yappin.

  14. Rex again is writing cks with his mouth his team can’t cash, This fool is the biggest reason a Talented Team like the Jets underachieve each year they will finish last in the division this year, Rex will be fired soon after… Goodbye Loud Mouth!

  15. Ray Lewis made like 6 headcoaches. Rex is one of them so he’d be wise to just shut his yap and thank Ray Lewis for making him a head coach.

  16. Rex is a great defensive coach and should go back to being a D Coordinator and leave media relations to a HC that knows what they are doing.

  17. That’s what fatso does. He keeps talking and making predictions about himself and his team. Yo9u heard about fantasy football—it’s his answer to fantasy coaching.

    Heck he talks so much when he goes to the beach the first thing to get sunburned is his tongue. Now that I think about it–the last time he went to the beach he also got harpooned.

    Prepare yourselves for his next prediction. He is going to run on the independent ticket for the presidency…….and he will win!!

  18. Well, since Ryan has been a D Coordinator his defenses have finished 5th (2005), 1st (2006), 6th (2007), 2nd (2008), 1st (2009), 3rd (2010) and 5th (2011).

    That’s a pretty impressive track record, I think he’s earned the right to say what he did. Ed Reed, Suggs, Ngata and Lewis did not follow him to NY, but the success did. He’s clearly doing something right.

  19. Aside from all the talking he does he definitely is top 3 defensive minds in the league, anyone who watches football would know this

  20. He’s probably in the conversation, although LeBeau’s contributions and body of work are amazing. Could use a little more talent. Too bad all the other BS he brings to the table drags him down so much.

  21. When you think about it, he is right about being one of the better defensive coaches…Not a very good Head Coach tho 😀

  22. One more full season, and then until about Week 9 of the 2013-14 season, and Mr. Johnson will have had enough, and Rex will never again be a head coach.

  23. This rocket scientist probably is in the top 2 or 3. too bad he doesn’t know he’s an HC. He’ll spend about 10% of his week on DC matters.

  24. Last year was worse…

    “Some people like to say the Giants are the big brother team and the Jets are the little brother team. I have news for you: We are the better team. We are the big brother,” Ryan, who guaranteed his team would win the Super Bowl title before the 2011 season started, wrote.

    “When people ask me what it’s like to share New York with the Giants, my response is always I am not sharing it with them — they are sharing it with me. … It seems clear that right now we are the better team and we are going to remain the better team for the next 10 years. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts and that’s what is going to happen.”

  25. That’s great Rex but last time I checked your the head coach. Defense is about 45% of the game but what about offense and special teams? Not to mention your starting QB is statistically in the bottom 4 in QBR rating.

  26. He’s just giving everyone a preview of what he’ll put on his resume when he’s fired after this season. Has anyone in NFL history ever talked so much and delivered so little?

  27. Whether he is the the best defensive coach can be debated…the fact that he is better than brother Rob can’t

  28. This isn’t even close to far fetched.

    We can all agree that the Jets defense is the reason for any success the team has seen since the hiring of Ryan, correct? Well, in 2009, the Jets had the best defense in the league, but look at the players it was done with! The Jets had NO pass rush or D-Line, they were weak at corner opposite Revis, the linebackers are STILL old and slow, and we STILL have no safeties. Outside of Revis, Cromartie, Harris and Pouha, there isn’t much talent on the Jets defense.

    This defense is top 5 in the league every year, and that’s WITH the massive holes. Everything the New York Jets are now, is because of Rex Ryan. If he’s not the best defensive coach in the league, he’s #2 or #3.

  29. Good grief – If this man ever wins a Super Bowl, the suicide rate in this country (or at least amongst the PFT audience) will increase drastically. It is unbelievably sad how many non-Jets fans not only feel the need to post on every Jets article, but are disturbingly angry. Get a freaking life.

    While Ryan needs to shut up for a bit, he is a defensive genius. Best or not will always be subjective.

  30. The jets and their coach are biggest jokes in nfl. Atleast they get comical headlines and articles. 4-12 this year. We all know there is only one team that runs NY, big blue

  31. The dumbest thing I hear is when people say they can’t wait for Rex to get fired because hell never be a head coach again… 2 out of his 3 years of being a head coach his team has come 1 win from the super bowl and he consistently produces a top 10 D… Sure he talks a lot but to say he isn’t a good coach or that if it doesn’t work out with the jets he wouldn’t be hired anywhere else just makes no sense

  32. Both harbaugh’s have a better D than him and they are not even Defensive minded coaches.

  33. Funny, the only Ryan D coordinator I know of that has a Ring? Is Rob Ryan….got when he was with the patriots…..

  34. Update, Marvin Lewis was the D coor. when the ravens won the SuperBowl….stubborn facts!

  35. well i know for the first time since John Madden , the raiders have a d-coach as their head coach….should be fun

  36. He’s good. No doubt. But let’s look @ Dick LeBeau for shi*s and giggles. Throw out EVERYTHING he’s ever accomplished in Pittsburgh, which is freaking staggering at worst, and focus on this:

    Dick LeBeau coached/helped coach the Cincinnati Bengals D to the Super Bowl….twice. Think about that for a second. The man was a driving force in taking CINCINNATI to the SB, twice. And the kicker? Their D played pretty daaaaaang well vs Bill Walsh, Joe Montana and Co. in those games.

  37. If he’s so good then why did the Ravens get better when he left? Rex Ryan, Greg Mattison, Chuck Pagano… doesn’t matter who the coach is. Everyone who leaves the organization is not as good with their new team and that goes for both players and coaches.

  38. The Jets will get the first pick in the draft in 2013.

    Two quarterbacks = No quarterback!

    The running back position is bad!

    No pass rush!

    The Jets are talentless and destined for failure in 2012!

  39. Maybe he’s the best defensive coach, but is he the best coach? He hasn’t won the division yet and the Pats are a tough nut to crack and we have to see how good the Bills are this year. Also it’s going to be interesting to see how this whole Sanchez Tebow thing is going to work out. Maybe it’s ingenious but it just looks like trouble right now. I like Rex Ryan but how long will he last if he doesn’t win something?

  40. Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan, Chuck Pagano, Mike Nolan.

    All HUGE successful defensive coordinators with the Ravens. All peaked with Baltimore. Common factor? Ray Lewis. And yes, the Ravens D has been consistently better than the Jets since Rex went north.

    It’s not you Rex, it’s us.

  41. nyjalleffinday says:

    Everything the New York Jets are now, is because of Rex Ryan.


    A .500 team with a well below average starting QB and a romper room of a locker room.

    Who says NFL teams don’t take on the image of their head coach?

  42. rex is no doubt a defensive-minded coach. and he is among the top tier of defensive-minded coaches. but to the people citing how good his defense was in baltimore, please take a look at the circumstances:

    baltimore’s defense hasn’t exactly fallen off the map since he’s left, and consequently when he assumed the position as baltimore’s coordinator (promoted from d-line coach) they had pieces leftover from (perhaps) the greatest defense of all time. they already had lewis, suggs and reed and rex drafted ngata, who didn’t flourish until after rex had left.

    that being said, he has turned around the jets d pretty well. but it can’t hurt that he inherited the most dominant cornerback in the NFL since deion sanders…

  43. I mean, how can you argue with the man? Just look at his Jets Super Bowl Rings as proof.

  44. As if I didn’t like Rex Ryan already he just gave me another reason to dislike him more. The “Best” Defensive coach should never have to brag about how great he is. You don’t see Dick Lebeau going to the media and telling them he’s the best, he don’t need too because everyone knows he is. Actions speak louder than words. And Lebeau actions has spoken all over Rex Ryan’s words. I’m not denying that Rex Ryan is a great defensive coach, but the guy is just all talk. And I don’t get the hype about the Jets. I mean another average team that’s well-liked in the media eye because they have Tebow.

  45. jeffa43 says:Jul 27, 2012 1:56 PM

    Rex… Remember 3rd and 22 in Pit, your D on the field trying to close out the playoff game?

    How many rings does defensive “HALL OF FAME” guru Dick LeBeau have? and You?

    Rex also believed he would win the last two superbowls…..

    I know one season fell short in part to Dick LeBeaus D….

    Also in part of lack of NY “D” on a 3rd and 22 to close out the game…. resulted in 78 yard first down, and game over…. where he got beat by rookie Anotonio Brown.


    Hey buddy! That was Greg Mattison who was the defensive coordinator in that game. A simple google search could have shown you that.

    Greg Mattison decided to play soft zone and have Ngata, Gregg, and I think Redding do the pass rushing. Epic Fail. You could have bet Rex Ryan would have sent more than 3 blitzers (one would have been named Suggs) on a 3rd and 22.

  46. I thought Belichick’s press conferences were boring but you come to appreciate them a whole lot more when Rex opens his trap. I swear if Woody put a one year stipulation in Rex’s contract that if he only commentated on player progress, games, etc. and nothing else and he would receive like a $20 or $30 million bonus the guy wouldn’t be able to do it!

    I hate on this guy a lot but all kidding aside Jet fans you guys need to get rid of Rex. You will never win anything with a HC that obviously cares much more about his own personal legacy and opinion of himself than his own team…he likes hearing himself talk waaayyy too much. Instead of talking about how good a player is or how good his team is he’s busy babbling on to the media about how he’s the best defensive mind in the game and how he’s down to fight people. What an idiot. I think deep down Jet fans don’t like this guy either and wish they’d get rid of him but until then they know they are stuck with him…

    I don’t think this guy will ever figure out that he’s just one giant distraction to the team that is having a hard enough time winning football games, never mind having to answer questions about their idiotic head coach or living up to his repeated and ridiculous predictions of his team.

    Rex go away!!!

  47. Everyone in the Ryan family is a great defensive coach. They haven’t been great head coaches though. With Buddy Ryan for a father they ought to be good. Buddy was responsible for the ’85 Bears. When you do what Buddy did you don’t have to tell reporters that you’re the best. The reporters will already be telling the world…

  48. Fans of Miami, New England and Buffalo hope…PRAY…the Jets never fire this guy.

    Heck, he deserves an extension!

    He’s the best defensive coach in football, after all.

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