Rob Gronkowski only wants to talk about football

Getty Images

With thoughts of a reality television show in mothballs for the moment, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has time to spend on other pursuits.

Based on what Gronkowski had to say to reporters after Patriots practice on Friday, the only thing he has interest in pursuing is football. Gronkowski was asked about several different things during his media session and his answer to all of them was some variation on the theme of Gronkowski only being there to play football. Gronkowski stuck to the script whether the question was about the state of his ankle, pictures of Tom Brady cliff diving, thoughts on losing the Super Bowl or reports that the Patriots asked him to tone down his behavior during the “Summer of Gronk.”

“You can ask the coaches that. It is football time now,” Gronkowski said. “That’s all I’m worried about is football, football, football and getting better on the field every day. All I focus on is football. I love the game, that’s my number one passion.”

Gronkowski isn’t the first player to spend his free time enjoying the many rewards of being young, rich and talented. Some of those players have had a problem finding the line between being a celebrity and doing their jobs, something that winds up costing them both things. If Gronkowski’s actions follow his words, he shouldn’t wind up being one of them.