Ryan Tannehill getting closer to Dolphins camp — sort of


Ryan Tannehill is getting closer.

The Dolphins first-round pick, who has yet to sign his contract, is at least moving in the right direction.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Tannehill has arrived at the IMG Academy in Bradenton to work out with former Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke.

Bradenton is only 219 miles from Davie, where the Dolphins are holding training camp without Tannehill at the moment.

Weinke, IMG’s director of football, is becoming popular among quarterbacks who lack a better place to go. Last year during the lockout, he worked with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Tannehill’s one of just three unsigned first-rounders, and Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland said Friday there was “progress,” but no deal yet.

9 responses to “Ryan Tannehill getting closer to Dolphins camp — sort of

  1. Okay. I wasn’t convinced Tannehill was worth taking #8. But the Dolphins clearly did. They went all in with Tannehill. They had a conviction on him and they made their move. That’s great. That’s what we wanted them to do.

    But what kind of conviction do you really have if you’re squabbling with the guy over how much money you can save 4 years from now if he sucks? You made the bet in April that this is the guy, but now you’re hedging? You’re not giving me a whole lot of confidence that you think this guy is the man. And you’re not giving me alot of confidence that you know what you’re doing.

    Just give the guy 100% of everything the CBA allos you to give him. If he sucks, the few dollars you’ll save 4 years from now won’t make a bit of difference.

    It’s like Penn State saying they learned their lesson about placing a football program too high and giving too much power to the coach; and then within the week signing their new coach to a 9 year contract in order to give fans/players/recruits the impression that the football program still comes first and the coach isn’t going anywhere. They didn’t really do that did they?

  2. News Flash people; This holdout is 100% on RT and his camp, not on the Dolphins. I suggest you read up on offet language that the new CBA supports and endorses. Go Fins with or without RT.

  3. Its really sad that the charred embers of a once mighty franchise still act like they matter and im a fan. Jeff Ireland you putz…

  4. I have no idea if Tannehill is going to be the next Bob Griese or Dan Marino or Pat Devlin for that matter. I do know that Dolphin management can always find a way to piss everyone and anyone off. You screwed up and drafted the guy Round1 #8 pick. Everyone else got 4 years guaranteed with the exception of Jaguars first pick. Make Tannehill a happy boy and give him the standard NFL contract for a top ten pick not on a police blotter so that we can move on.

    Chad Ocho? Johnson and company need lots of work just to get average. The secondary is porus and will have no go-to guy at safety. Reggie Bush needs to stay healthy – and the list goes on.

    I am going to be kind at call us an 8 & 8 teams looking to be 6 & 10! Raiders, Titans, Cards and Rams are must win games if we want to have a chance at 8 & 8!


  5. Quit picking on Pat Devlin… If given a chance, he might be pretty good. He actually had better numbers than Joe Flacco and had the highest completion average in all NCAA in 2010. Had he played D1 football, he would have been picked way before Mallett, Ponder and Locker. His biggest problem is the same as our “beloved” Tannehill… He only started/played QB for a handful of games and is not prepared for game experience and especially not NFL game speed.

    As for Tannehill signing, c”mon sign him already. We finally have some good press, pieces are falling into place for a winning team, realistically 8 or 9 wins. It makes us look foolish not sign him after making a Top 10 committment.

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