Sanchez jokes about muzzling McElroy

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Lost in the layers of drama currently enveloping the Jets in 2012 is the decision of a backup quarterback (non-punt-protector variety) to pop off about the layers of drama surrounding the Jets in 2011.

Quarterback Greg McElroy, a seventh-round pick last year from Alabama, made waves in January by talking about the dynamics in the team’s locker room.  Arriving at camp on Thursday, McElroy’s roommate joked about ensuring that Greg zips it.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t pop off,” quarterback Mark Sanchez told reporters.  “I think I’m the only one who could put a muzzle on McElroy.  So, he had to stay with me.”

Sanchez was joking.  But McElroy wasn’t when he opened up about the problems with last year’s team.

It’s definitely not a fun place to be, I can assure you,” McElroy said.  “It’s the first time I’ve ever been around extremely selfish individuals.  And I think that’s maybe the nature of the NFL.  But there were people within our locker room that didn’t care whether we won or lost as long as they got theirs, they had a good game individually.  And that’s the disappointing thing.”

Though McElroy didn’t name names, his comments came in the immediate aftermath of a shameful display by former captain Santonio Holmes in Week 17, which resulted in Holmes being called out by former Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

“It’s going to take a lot to kind of come together next year,” McElroy added at the time.  “I think the fact that we struggled at times this year really led to a really corrupt mindset within the locker room.  But I think we’re going to regroup and I know that we’ll be a better team because of the trials and tribulations this year.”

That presumes McElroy will have a job once the roster is cut from 90 to 53.  Though some thought the Jets would respond to McElroy’s comments by getting rid of him (and it would have been hard to blame them), he ultimately could be getting a cold plate of scram, coming at a time when it’s far too late to become ensconced with a new team for the coming season.

11 responses to “Sanchez jokes about muzzling McElroy

  1. I don’t know why people are getting on this guy for telling the truth. because hes the 3rd string quarterback? so you can only tell the truth about selfish players if you are on someones fantasy roster? This team needs more vocal leaders to step up not those “I lead by my play BSers” and its good to see they have at least one, even if he is the 3rd string quarterback.

  2. To cut this kid would be a mistake. He’s got something. Some thought he was out of line and maybe he was. But his goal is to become a starting QB and a leader of a team so wouldn’t you want your leader to say those things I’d they’re true?

  3. Love the kid, and he was dead on. Sanchez better be on his game or he’ll be #3 behind Tebow, with McElroy leading the Jets. Kid’s a gamer.

  4. McEroy’s comments were the first attempts at leadership we have seen from the QB position since Pennington left. Not to mention he is the closest thing the Jets have to an NFL caliber QB.

    I did not like Sanchez’s comments above. They seem to be an insecure shot at McElroy. Rather than simply acknowledge there were problems which he was a part of he attempts to portray McElroy as someone not worth listening to and someone in his control.

  5. This guy had a very good college career and looked poised during last pre-season. He doesn’t have the strongest arm but he has the ability to play. He’s actually a little reminiscent of Chad Pennington which isn’t a bad thing to be at all.

  6. The Jets are an absolute joke, and fans of 31 other NFL team love them for the entertainment they provide.

  7. How is the 3rd string quarterback the smartest guy in the organization and have more of a pulse of what’s going on with the players then the head coach and GM? Has to be frustrating to Jets fans.

  8. Greg, just drink the green Koolaid, or you’re gone. You may be gone anyway if you upset the the “Sanchize” (remember that one).

  9. I’m a huge Tebow fan, but I feel bad for McElroy. Kid has the smarts and the Talent. He could easily be a started over Sanchez.

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