Several Bucs fail Schiano’s conditioning test


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren’t in the kind of shape coach Greg Schiano wants.

After his first training camp practice as the Bucs’ head coach, Schiano said several players failed his conditioning test, a series of 16 sprints of 110 yards with 45 seconds of rest between them.

We have a minimum standard,” Schiano told the Tampa Bay Times. “And if it’s not met, then there are consequences.”

Schiano said training camp won’t be easy for the guys who didn’t pass.

“There will be a day when we show up here and on the first day and everybody passes,” Schiano said. “I wanted it to happen [Thursday]. We’ll get there. There’s no panic. We’ll get our guys into shape. But that makes training camp harder on those guys. There are additional things they have to do. There are conditioning things they have to do. And training camp’s hard enough.”

Schiano’s message to his players over the last six months has been all about raising the standards in Tampa Bay. The players who didn’t show up to camp in good enough shape apparently didn’t get that message.

58 responses to “Several Bucs fail Schiano’s conditioning test

  1. Obviously I am not a Bucs fan, but I have a good feeling that Schiano will be an excellent coach and the Bucs will be contenders in a couple of years.

  2. Somewhere in the world Albert Haynesworth is smiling…in all seriousness, I really like how Schiano is running this team. I hope he gets the results in that loaded NFC south.

  3. I am willing to suffer through a few seasons of frustration if he can whip these players into shape, both on and off the field.

  4. Wow. Good job Coach! That “youngry” team needs a LOT of discipline! We need more hardcore coaches.

  5. Schiano will not be going anywhere. The guy isn’t screwing around. He doesn’t care who you are. The bucs had it easy when Morris was the coach, now the team will find out what it means to work harder then ever befor

  6. Discipline does not require beating down your team. This isn’t college. Coaching like this will not attract vets and free agents. I give him 3 seasons.

  7. Typical college coach.

    If the test was something the guys had known about before camp, they would have all been ready for that specific test. To suggest they aren’t in shape or can’t make it through camp is ridiculous.

    Everyone works out in the offseason. But a test like this, a set of sprints with a specified time in between, requires you to prepare just for that test.

    For instance, guys who spent the offseason running a few miles a day would be in excellent shape and ready for camp, but they would still have trouble passing a sprint test with a specified recovery time.

  8. Right, players wouldn’t play for Belichik with his no-nonsense, aggressive style either.

    If Schiano can make them win, he can do whatever he wants. If he loses, he’ll get run out of town. Plain and simple.

  9. As a Bucs fan I love this attitude from the coach. If any player didn’t expect this to be the new culture coming into camp, then they are idiots.

    You have a team that by every account, quit on themselves and the coach last year. Conditioning was lacking, and so was disipline. Accountability is here, and here to stay for a long time with is overpaid prima donna atheletes in Tampa.

    I’m sure that it was made very clear by Schiano during OTA’s and organized workouts that there were going to be fitness requirements at the start of camp.

    If the players can’t handle a little running and required fitness level, then they need to check themselves out of the NFL, because they obviously don’t care enough to do what is required to EARN their fat pay cheque.

    Keep whipping their A$$’s into shape. I would prefer an army like attitude and proformance from the team, then a group of soft, sad babies crying because they got out played and pushed around.

  10. My conditioning tests were harder for my high school football team.

    Hahaha! Raheem Morris wasn’t the problem, these players are just lazy.

  11. For all those talking about his intense discipline being too much for Pros, etc… 2 things:
    1. Tom Coughlin
    2. 1st year NFL anything (correct me if I’m wrong) especially being head coach – you need to make a statement to your players, organization and fans. I will assume that his minimum conditioning test is not that far off from what he required of his Rutgers players save for a few additional sprints.

  12. Seems to me that sprints with 45 seconds to recover in between is more representative of football-style conditioning than running for miles, no?

  13. I like what he’s down there. He is the coach of the right team for his style. Those guys on the Bucs are very young, compared to the rest of the NFL. His style is close to what most of those guys should be used to since college, for most of them, was only 2 or 3 years ago.
    They are going to be dangerous in a year or two

  14. Being a die hard fan and reading about what Greg has been doing this off season, I would love to thank Bill B for giving his word that he would be a great coach!
    With that said, there’s no reason that an NFL athlete can’t pass this test! Heck in high school we did these things every single day, and there wasn’t one person that couldn’t get past it! So a man that has nothing else going on in his day but training has zero excuse. While this test is something that we should be doing! We fell apart in a lot of second halves in games last year, while two seasons ago that was our calling card. This can’t happen again and the only way for it not to is to be in SHAPE.

  15. funny how everyone jumps to the defense of players on a team that has underperformed for the past two years.

    From what i hear, Tampa has a few “bad seeds” & ‘pre-madonnas’. who cares if he runs them off or prevents them from signing in tamps. i’m guessing that Schiano doesn’t want those guys on his squad anyway.

    In SanFran, a head coach came in, re-energized a team that want 4-12 the year before. . . why cant it be done again?

  16. I disagree with the statement that veterans and free agents won’t want to go there. Veterans and free agents will go where they can win. Their are always a few malcontents that think they know better. They are usually around 22-25 years old. Then they feel the clock ticking, and surprise, will do whats asked, to win. They said the same things about Tom Coughlin. Pretty sure there are plenty of veterans and free agents who want to play there.

  17. Greg Schiano is bringing something that the Bucs need and that’s discipline. Raheem Morris was to much of a players coach but Schiano is going to have to find that balance. If your players don’t like you and don’t like playing for you, your not going to last very long in the NFL. I know Bobby Petrino left ATL on his own but who thought he was going to last another season in that job any way? The team was terrible and the players hated him.

    The lesson in that is these are not college kids that are hungry to please the coach. These are spoiled athletes that in a lot of cases make far more money than their coach and are more valuable to the franchise than their coach. Coaches are a dime a dozen, some of these athletes are not.

  18. For people calling out the test, do you not remember even Shanahan had the Redskins do this their first day in his first year there?
    If you have an undisciplined team, you need to do everything possible to break them down and reshape them into what they need to become.

  19. If 90%+ passed, it can’t be the test nor the coach that’s the problem.

    Read somewhere, that 8 Jets failed their conditioning test. Last I checked Rex is not a college coach.

    Every team has one of these tests. So where is the problem? Obviously it’s the players not being in shape. Has nothing to do with the coaches.

  20. Let’s not make Schiano to be Vince Lombardi. I put emphasis on pass records. This guy could not make Rutgers into a consistent winner in the weak Big East Conference. How soon we forget…

  21. there was a guy once named Les Steckal who ran his team through a military type conditioning senerio and training camp. they were the 1982 minnesota vikings there record………………….
    3-13. he lasted…………………………………..
    1 one year.
    i give him 2 years tops

  22. 11inthebox they were told about what was coming Schiano told the players about it during OTA’s
    So its really the players own damn faults for not completeing the test.

    As far as I am aware though only 3 guys failed and one of them (Brian Price) was sent to the Bears.

  23. Very similar to how Haley started his tenure with the Chiefs. It will do wonders the first year or two in regards to the players conditioning and disipline, after that though it may get stale, especially if they aren’t winning.

  24. Shiano looks tough now, but at the first sight of “blood”, the disgruntled sharks will circle the water and he’ll be eaten alive or they’ll be a mutiny.

    He’ll find out that he can’t cut everybody and that the owner will find it easier to cut him, rather than players with contracts. It’s naive to think otherwise.

  25. You are supposed to be a professional athlete.. You make A LOT of MONEY!! Pass the fitness test you slobs, and this would not be an issue.

  26. Glad to see Schiano laying the hammer down. With that being said it will be a matter of time before the players start whining and wishing Morris was still there

  27. This smells a lot like when KC when from Edwards to Haley. Definitely got the team going in the right direction.

    We’ll see if the ending is similar.

  28. Every team has a conditioning test, its not a college thing… Every year people complain Tom Coughlin is to tough but they love him when he wins Superbowls…

    Running a few miles a day doesn’t prepare you to be in excellent football shape- it can actually be counterproductive bc you train the arobic system to much and football is much more anaerobic..

    Shiano will be very successful, the offense is good to go but it will take another year or 2 to get the defense right..

  29. This is a pretty hardcore conditioning test for the lineman. Considering that they are sprinting for a total distance of one mile, I think its a tad bit extreme. Lineman rarely have to sprint over 20 yards during the game. Skill players should have no problem passing this..

  30. 11inthebox says: Jul 27, 2012 9:03 AM

    For instance, guys who spent the offseason running a few miles a day would be in excellent shape and ready for camp, but they would still have trouble passing a sprint test with a specified recovery time.


    Are you really trying to suggest that “running a few miles a day” will prepare you for an elite level football program (a sport that requires continuous bursts of high intensity movement with specified periods of rest in between)? What Schiano has is a S&C coach who knows what the hell he’s doing. I can’t wait for the season to start.

  31. not a Bucs fan or hater but i am really high on Josh Freeman. I hope SHiano gets him turned straight

  32. If the test was something the guys had known about before camp, they would have all been ready for that specific test. To suggest they aren’t in shape or can’t make it through camp is ridiculous.


    Schiano said in his presser that the team has known about the test since OTAs. They even practiced it before the break. Every player was reminded that the test was coming on multiple occasions.

    There’s no excuse for them not being ready, and it wasn’t sprung on them out of nowhere.

  33. That is a brutal test-
    I used to die in college when they made us run 330’s around the perimeter of the field- max we’d run?
    16 110s would be death- particularly with 45 secs which at the beginning would seem ok but at the end would seem like nothing.
    so before you bag these dudes try running 5 or 6 yourself full speed

  34. As a Die Hard Saints fan…I am bred to dislike the Bucs. But what NFL fan would not be a fan of this message. While I think there are a lot of holes in the team. If the Glazers actually continue to invest in the players, this coach sounds like he could mold them back into a team that actually matters. I look forward to our games! May the better team always prevail.

  35. LOL the Patriots cut a dozen guys that flunked their conditioning test, including Joseph Addai. So I guess that means that nobody will want to play for Belichick and the Pats.

  36. I seem to recall that there was a grievance filed not too many years ago for something along these lines. Can’t wait for that to rear it’s ugly head again.

  37. @11inthebox

    Every single player knew they were taking this test, it wasnt a surprise or anything. Dont speak when you dont have confirmation of the words coming out of your mouth (or keyboard)

    Schiano made it clear that everyone was made aware of the requirements of the conditioning test – failure falls upon the players and only the players

  38. I would die sprinting 1 round of 50 yards, but I dont get paid to be a world class athlete, I get paid to sit behind a desk. If you’re expected to be a world class athlete and paid accordingly you better be able to do whatever the coach asks. Suck it up millionaires.

    Also Bucs will be a surprise team this year (8 wins at least) and Saints will fall.

  39. We did this crap in HS. They were called Warrior 100’s. Only the defensive and offensive backs were able to complete it. The linemen threw up. That’s 1,760 yards in a short time period. Meathead mentality and only pits the lighter player against the heavier one. I’m sure there is a “time limit” on how fast you should cover 110 yards. If not, you run again and start over. That is failed to be mentioned. They are probably running 11o yards 20 or more times.

  40. College mentality will not hold up in the NFL. Hope he sees that before the team gives up on him…

  41. Some of you need to learn the facts about these test before you go shooting off your mouth.

    1. Almost all, if not all teams run them from HS to the pro’s
    2. Players always know in advance if they are going to be run so that they will have plenty of time to prepare.
    3. All players don’t run the exact same test. It’s based on position and normally there are three groups with different standards.
    4 Players do fail.

    It is not a coaches problem but is a player’s problem.
    If 98% can pass the test in their group, what does that say about those who fail? Not caring and not a team player, IMO.

    Stop babying these millionaires.

  42. Makes a lot of sense. There are several times a game where as a player you are required to 110yds 16 times in a row. No doubt being able to do that will improve a teams ability to win. Guys that can only do it 12-13 times have no business being in the NFL.

  43. This is exactly what the team needs. They had no discipline last year and began to wear down and give up in the second half of the games. A team as young as this and undisciplined like this, you have to take them back to the basics. You have to remind them of all the hard work it took to get to this level, and that will be the key to their success.

  44. I’d rather have a hard-nosed and disciplined coach like Harbaugh, Coughlin, or Belichick than a loosey goosey “player’s coach” like many of the Raiders coaches in the last 12 years or so.

  45. 16 110-yard sprints with 45 seconds of rest in between is brutal. I did track in high school, and we would do half of that for our workouts with about two minutes of rest in between, and it was still pretty dang hard. You’re dying and gasping for air after the second one if you’re running as fast as you can.

    Discipline may or may not work, but let me give you two words: Eric Mangini

  46. Once upon a time, coaches ran the show and players fell in-line or were benched!

    Fast forward to the present day, Multi-Millionaire, prima donna, narcissistic athletes know, they can get a coach and/or GM fired, if they don’t like them…ex: Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic.

    This has transcended every sport, including my beloved football. So, unfortunately this coach will meet his demise, as soon as he upsets the superstar of the team and doesn’t win a chip.

    Plus football is becoming so regulated, they may as well start playing flag football or allowing women to play in the NFL.

    I mean, football is a “Full Contact” sport. If you can’t make contact then whats the point !

    That’s like a boxer, who suffers a significant head injury, attempting to sue one of the boxing promoters because they suffer an irreversible brain injury.

    My question is, did you not know it was a “Full Contact” sport ! If you didn’t, then you had a brain injury before you started the sport !

  47. If I was a Bucs fan I’d love this – conditioning is a big deciding factor in close games.

    But … a former Tampa Bay guy named Rod Marinelli was also all about conditioning, and was not a very good head coach (he was the first coach to go 0-16 when he was in charge of Detroit).

    I miss the rivalry with Tampa – hope you guys have a good season.

  48. All you fools get in the pool. Pull 1000 meters of water ! Swimming is harder than running, so check it out. Than ride a bike for 25K. We’ll see who has game. RBs and DBs should do well, their positions put a premium on conditioning. By the way , this is how I train at 55 ( and I can’t drive 55 ! ) One speed only, fast. !

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