Shanahan enjoys first drama-free camp in D.C.

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As coach Mike Shanahan launches his third training camp with the Redskins, the excitement comes from something other than a showdown between Shanahan and one of his players.

And he likes it that way.

“We had a little bit of controversy with Albert [Haynesworth],” Shanahan told reporters on Thursday.  “That was a big controversy the year before.  At least from the team’s perspective, from the players it wasn’t that big to me because the players had worked with him for a year.  But publicly it was tough because that’s all we had to talk about.  And obviously last year with the Donovan [McNabb] situation you had to answer those questions.”

This year, there’s no drama.  (Yet.)

“It’s always great,” Shanahan said about the absence of issues.  “You know, you develop your program hoping that you can eliminate those type of situations.  And going into our third year and if you take a look at the first year, it was a little different since free agents couldn’t come in until they had six approved seasons.  And last year with the lockout, I thought things turned out extremely well with the lockout, because we were still able to get some good free agents and we had a very solid draft.  And I thought we did the same thing this year.  You can see it’s a different football team.  We are much younger.  I feel very good with where we are at.  We’ve got a lot of work, obviously, to improve on and we just try to play it day-by-day.”

That’s a prudent approach for everyone associated with the organization when it comes to quarterback Robert Griffin III.  Though folks will be inclined to obsess over everything he does in training camp and the preseason (especially with rookie Kirk Cousins waiting in the wings and the Heath Shuler/Gus Frerotte memories stirred up 18 years later), the process of knowing whether Griffin truly can perform at a high level at this level doesn’t begin until Week One, when the Redskins are implementing a specific offensive game plan and when Griffin is facing a specific defensive game plan in a game that counts.

9 responses to “Shanahan enjoys first drama-free camp in D.C.

  1. As a Skins fan, I can honestly say that I don’t think this team is a playoff team yet. But I’ve never been so anxious for the start of a season where .500 is our realistic ceiling.

  2. You can try to pretend that there is some sort of drama with RGIII and Cousins but this situation is very different that 1994 with Shuler and Frerotte. Cousins will not step on the field this season unless there is an injury to RGIII and Grossman is ineffective since Cousins is the THIRD string QB. RGIII may bust just as any player but it is highly doubtful that he will – even above average would be the best the team has seen since 1991.

  3. 5-11… The rams, browns, Vikings, buccanneers, giants should be winable games for the skins

    Keep in mind, the rams have played the skins very tough the past few years, the Vikings beat them last year without Adrian Peterson, the buccaneers do have some talent in the trenches, and the giants are coming off a season sweep by the skins.

    Sure they could steal one from the cowboys, maybe another from bengals…but the skins are still in phase 1 of the rebuilding era, they just got their franchise QB but still have questions in the trenches on both sides of the ball and are going in with a “rebuilt” secondary

  4. Hard to believe that the Shuler/Frerotte/Frieze crap was that long ago, but its nice to be younger with more promise and talent for a change. Im ready for winning & rookie growing pains at the QB position… im ready for it all baby! Lets go! RGIII & Neil Rackers gets us a couple more wins this year… 9-7 and the second wild card… calling it
    (Yes i know Gano is still on the roster, callin the kicker battle as well)

  5. The Redskins are gonna be better than everyone thinks for 3 reasons:

    1. Offensive Line will be better than people think.

    2. Pierre Garcon, Leonard Hankerson, Josh Morgan, Santana Moss, Fred Davis & Chris Cooley are going to be a solid group of receivers that are currently underrated.

    3. RGIII is gonna be a Superstar who will make numbers 1 and 2 better than they would be with just an average QB.

  6. 6-10…. You guys will be better than the Cowboys though!…. I know that’s a huge improvement for your little team….

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