Steelers ink Antonio Brown to long-term deal

The good news is that a Steelers receiver has gotten a new contract.  The bad news is that his name isn’t Mike Wallace.

Per a league source, the Steelers have signed receiver Antonio Brown to a five-year, $42.5 million extension.

Brown, a sixth-round draft pick in 2010, was the team’s MVP in 2011.

Signed under the old CBA, Brown was eligible for a new contract after two seasons.  Players drafted in 2011 and beyond must play three years before doing new deals.

The contract helps the Steelers avoid in 2013 another Mike Wallace-style standoff.  Since both players signed three-year contracts, each player was eligible for restricted free agency.

Brown gets a signing bonus of $8.5 million plus a base salary of $540,000 in 2012.  In 2013, he receives a $2.5 million roster bonus and a $2 million base salary.

In 2014, the salary increases to $6 million.  It stays at $6 million in 2015 before increasing to $8.25 million in 2016.  Finally, he receives $8.71 million in 2017.

It remains to be seen whether this will make the Steelers more likely or less likely to do a deal with Wallace, who is scheduled to earn $2.7 million in 2012.  It’s possible that the Steelers, exasperated by the negotiations with Wallace, offered to Brown the deal that had been on the table for Wallace.

53 responses to “Steelers ink Antonio Brown to long-term deal

  1. Stay firm & keep your cool Mike!! Im sure the Steelers are going to give you that Fitzgerald money your waiting for!! just wait by the phone!!


  2. That is a little high average wise, but I guess the new TV deal kicks in 2014 when the cap hit goes up. Hopefully it will be low at that point.

  3. FANTASTIC move by the Steelers! They needed to get this done.

    This says 2 things.

    1 – They believe that Brown is every bit as good as Wallace.
    2 – Show up to camp and be ready to play and you will get paid.

  4. Gotta be happy for this Guy. Play hard be a great team mate and become a millionaire. Great job boy’s!

    Strange how no one tried to swoop on Wallace as a restricted FA isn’t it?


  5. dcbassguy says:
    Jul 27, 2012 6:34 PM
    Report to camp, do your job, and get paid….. What a novel idea.

    Wallace has reported to camp and done his job for three years while being one of the Steelers most important offensive weapons while working with a salary a fraction of what his skill set deserves.

    Can’t see him being upset about this. Everybody knows Wallace is better than Brown so Brown getting 8m/yr is just going to make Wallace a more wealthy man in the long run.

  6. Wallace is now figuring how to get out of the ‘Burg as fast as possible.

    Slap in the face. Its like the third time this offseason.

  7. Mr. Wallace.. you are being served notice that the Steelers are still the Steelers concerning personnel. You are expendable (ask Plaxico and Santonio – who weren’t on a decline) as a WR in Pittsburgh.. up your insurance policy, get in line (and camp) and go win games. The money will come when you approach it the Black n Gold way.

  8. Hmmm, bad news for Wallace.This was suppose to be his deal..It will ne very intersting in the next few weeks to see how Waalce responds to this..Wow! Didn’t see this coming at all

  9. Steelers haters dont realize that Brown was the MVP last year, Wallace was a key part in that as he drew double teams to get Brown open for Ben. So when you say “Goodbye Wallace” means you know nothing sports cuz wallace will sign very soon and for the record, the steelers will have the best recieving core

  10. What has Brown done that Wallace hasn’t?

    Wallace has produced way more than Brown. This wreaks of proving a point vs making a smart football move.

    I think there are others on the Steelers that also deserve extensions with 2 years left on contracts.

  11. fatoldsun1 says:
    What has Brown done that Wallace hasn’t?

    Well for one he showed up at camp. People don’t realize that AB is also a year younger so anything Wallace did last year can only be compared to ABs 3rd season, which is coming up. He had over 1000 return yards and relatively the same number of receiving yards. The only thing that wasn’t there were the TDs and those will come. AB is the better all around receiver.

    Remember what we were all saying before last season when the Ravens CB said Brown was a better receiver than Wallace? What a difference a year makes. Congrats AB!

  12. Antonio Brown took Mike Wallace’s place in the Steeler offense last year and now he is taking MW’s money.

    Oh well. Mike Wallace should speak to ex-Steeler receivers Plaxico, Santonio, Yancey Thigpen, etc about negotiating with the Steeler front office.


  14. Wallace catches the ball with his body not his hands. He drops a lot of balls. Not the complete player that Brown is.

  15. This looks like a two year $13.54m deal with $28.9m on the back end – it will be interesting to see how the back end is guaranteed in any way.
    – and Florio, you listed six (6!) years for this contract (12, 13, 14, 15, 16, & 17) but stated it was a five year deal. Which is it?
    Looks like a five year extension on the deal that goes one more year, in which case the new money is $42m for five years and $42.5m for six years.
    Given that VJax got five years at $55.5m, I think Wallace holding out until week 10 will still work out for him.

  16. Wallace should get paid but nowhere near Fitz money. He’s good and AB’s contract should fit him perfectly but he thinks he’s worth more, he should get a Greg Jennings type deal. I mean Jordy Jordy Nelson had a way better season than Wallace but agreed to a deal for his worth. Knowing he’s not the best in the business but top 15 for his position which says a lot. STOP PRETENDING LIKE YOUR MEGATRON OR FITZ, cause your not in their league!

  17. This is not a good move for PIT. They had Brown for about $500K this year, could have used a first round tender to get him for $2.7M next year, and franchised him three years in a row for about $33M, and still saved about $8M over the life of the contract (not to mention deferring the cap hit). More importantly, if in a couple of years he turns out to not be worth the WR franchise tag (which is not unlikely), or if other WR prospects turn out better than expected, they could have let him go after two more years and saved about $9.5M.

    PIT seems to make this particular mistake consistently, which is why they are always facing cap problems.

  18. This report to camp and get paid makes no sense! Mike Wallace do not have an agreed upon contract. Do you all not understand that he completed his agreed 3 year contract obligation? Also Saunders is a free agent next year and he looks just as good as Wallace and Brown when he’s healthy.

  19. If the steelers offered wallace that contract after year two, like they did with brown, he probably takes it…as brown did. But its not the same thing. Wallace played three seasons, is better, no extension. Then watches his team reward a lesser wr, with less years of service…….and hes supposed to gain some kind of perspective about being a steeler? That one got my hand out of my pants to scratch my head.

  20. This report to camp and get paid makes no sense! Mike Wallace does not have an agreed upon contract. Do you all not understand that he completed his agreed 3 year contract obligation? Also Saunders is a free agent next year and he looks just as good as Wallace and Brown when he’s healthy.

  21. runtheball says: Jul 27, 2012 7:16 PM

    That is a little high average wise, but I guess the new TV deal kicks in 2014 when the cap hit goes up. Hopefully it will be low at that point.

    Not for a guy that gained over 2000 yards last year! That is 2000! Remember it. He IS the best offensive player they got! and they have WR depth even though I don’t like Saunders.

  22. justautumnwindbaby says: Jul 27, 2012 8:04 PM

    Good tactical move. Now the steelers hold the upper hand next offseason. They can franchise Wallace now that they don’t have to worry about bronze.

    I don’t think they will franchise tag him. he better get to camp or he’ll be traded on the cheap just like Holmes. We don’t need him that badly
    Tomlin will put a competitive team on the field whether he is there or not!

  23. Who are the ppl supporting Wallace? Must be ex players. It has nothing to do with production.

  24. Now if they can figure out how to get him to act like a professional when he makes a catch instead of showboating after every catch like he just caught a super bowl winning touchdown they might have something.

  25. Wallace is a punk. So overrated.

    Last season, he had 800 yards in the first 8 games and could only get 400 yards in the last 8 games. During this falloff, Wallace looked whiney and it showed in his attitude, especially how he does jack crap on an underthrown pass.

    Hines Ward on the other hand, gives 100% effort to break up the pass so it doesn’t get intercepted. And then after an INT, Wallace makes zero effort to tackle the guy.

    Wallace can only run one route, has average hands. Your basic one trick pony playing hot potato.

    Good bye and good riddance.

  26. You don’t have to pay Wallace, but its rediculous to chacterize him as a greedy egomaniac because hes not all in for playing a year at less than market, then getting hit with the franchise. Its the crapiest hand nfl franchises can deal to thier better players. Hes supposed to be exuberant over getting jobbed? Again, im not a steeler fan so i can care less…but his only move is to withhold services. The dude showed up and is ur best threat, the team cose not to reward him…….completely different then playing two years and getting rewarded as mr brown has. Browns never been put in the situation wallace is in because the steelers committed to him early. Not the case with wallace. Nothing more to it.

  27. Some people are under a misconception. Wallace has until game 1 to be playing or he loses his FA elegibility next year. The owners had this in the new CBA because they do not like to deal with lengthy holdouts thoroughout the season. So Wallace have very few options.
    1) Sign RFA deal soon, get to camp adjust to the new offense and sign a big deal next year.
    2) Holdout even longer and report game 1, this a terrible idea, if he does not play well in the new offense GMs around the league will expect a lack of performance adapting to their offense and his value will be much lower.
    3) Report to camp sign tender but still try to get a deal done. The Steelers can free up some more money if they drop a few veterans before the start of the season. Wallace’s deal will probably not have as much signing bonus, but he still might get a long term deal.

    The front office made repeated offers to Wallace’s agent but were turned down. It will be interesting to see who Wallace is more upset with his agent or the Steelers front office.

  28. i love how everybody is jumping on brown bandwagon… he is exceptional punt returner and a decent wr… but is no mike wallace… brown caught his first receiving td in game 12 0 13… no tds in first season… total career TDs: 2…

    good luck with that gut being your no 1 receiver…

    brown provides very good overall value but he isn’t a top reciever in this league…

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