Steve Smith ready to double Panthers offensive numbers


Steve Smith is obviously very good at catching footballs.

Steve Smith is apparently very bad at math.

The Panthers wide receiver said he and his teammates aren’t willing to settle for mere improvement on offense, hoping to “double” last year’s output.

Asked if he was excited to see what the Panthers could do in a second year with quarterback Cam Newton and offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski, Smith shrugged it off.

“Not really. We know what we can do,” he said as he reported to camp, via Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer.

“It’s can we build on it?” he continued. “ Can we double the numbers? I think it’d be great to double the numbers. That’d be good.”

It would be better than that.

Last year, the Panthers were fifth in the league in scoring with 406 points (25.4 per game) and seventh in yards at 6,237 (389.8).

Doubling those numbers to 50.8 points per game and 779.6 per game would be records or something.

Currently, the 2007 Patriots (36.8 points per game) and 2011 Saints (467.1) hold the existing marks.

At Smith’s pace, the Panthers would shatter both those records before Thanksgiving.

Steve’s obviously exaggerating (we think), but the Panthers can get better. Remember, all last year’s work was done with a rookie quarterback learning yet another new system, without the benefit of a proper offseason.

It could get better.

8 responses to “Steve Smith ready to double Panthers offensive numbers

  1. Sounds like somebody else who plays down south who took out an ad in the newspaper about a lombardy trophy or something. It’s gonna be great when they fall flat.

  2. how is he bad at math if he says that they are going to double the offensive numbers? He maybe dreaming but I do not know how you can say he is bad at math. That is sort of like me saying Mr. Gantt has bad hand writting based on this typed article.

  3. Uh when you are playing from behind most of the time, anything is possible. Cam Newton did amazing things last year, as much as i hate to admit that, but again, they were playing from behind. I don’t care if a QB throws for 7k yards in a season, if you can’t win more than 6 games it doesn’t really matter now does it. I mean look at all those years Archie Manning played for New Olreans…Had he been elsewhere, he would have been something even more special.

  4. What is in the water out there? One moron guarantees they are going to win the Superbowl and another thinks they are going to put up 800 yards and 50 points a game.

  5. “when you are playing from behind most of the time, anything is possible.”

    Hmm so leading in 14 of 16 game heading into the 4th quarter is playing from behind most of the time? State facts idiot or don’t post b.s at all. Newton already stated he rather trade wins over stats.

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