Wes Welker at peace with the lack of long-term deal


Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker said both sides gave an honest effort toward getting him a long-term contract this offseason, but the lack of one won’t impact the way he approaches the season.

Welker talked to reporters for the first time Thursday since he and the Pats missed the July 16 deadline for a long-term deal. Now, he’ll play out the season under his guaranteed $9.5 million tender, and wait to see what happens next.

Everyone tried,” Welker told reporters, via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. “I tried. They tried. It just didn’t work out. It’s in the past, and we’ve moved on to this season, which we expect to be a good one. We’re working toward it and working hard to have a great season this year.”

It’s nice of Welker to say both sides worked, but throughout the process, it sounded like he wanted the deal more than the Patriots wanted to provide one.

And with the team stacking up veteran wide receivers and tight ends in free agency like cord wood, they didn’t exactly give much reason to believe they intended to.

To tag Welker again next year would cost them $11.4 million. That’s not happening for a receiver heading into his 32-year-old season, and he knows it.

“That’s a great situation, so I’m not too worried about that,” he replied when asked about the possibility.

So while it might be frustrating to not get the long-term security he was seeking, it’s good to know Welker’s calm about it.

We’d hate if he got so upset he started pulling his hair out.

5 responses to “Wes Welker at peace with the lack of long-term deal

  1. He’s 32 and Belicheats past history will tell you that the Patriots aren’t giving long term deals to ageing veterans.

  2. you know it’s a tough world we live in when 9.5 million for one years work can’t provide long term security. but at least he is not one of those whiny crybabies complaining he is underpaid at that salary and is holding out for more while under contract. he took a shot at getting more and did not work out and he has moved on now maybe you guys should to.

  3. As a long time patriot fan I have loved watching Wes Welker the guy is an absolute machine when it comes to football goes over the middle get pummeled and gets right back up and keeps playing just as hard as he did right before he got his head knocked off.. The guy is one of the hardest working players in the NFL.. I know the Pats don’t give long term deals to aging players but this guys hasn’t lost a step what so ever they need to pay him I don’t know if I could watch him play in another uniform please resign the man!!!

  4. Welker has finally wised up looks like, and thats a good thing for the Pats, the fans, and for him. They’ll pay the guy as long as he produces, when it comes to the point he loses a step he’ll be put out to pasture. No long term deal happening, sorry but thats just the way it is.

  5. I know the Patriots don’t give one dollar more than what they think a player is worth at the time of the deal, and they don’t pay for past performance. But if there ever was a player that really deserved it, it’s him. Every year since he arrived to Foxboro, he’s performed like one of the best receivers in the game, and never ever said one word about his salary (which last season was less than what they paid to Ochocinco, btw). He even signed his tender to show that he wanted to day in New England. Normally I agree with my team’s approach to dealing with players, but if I was in front office, maybe in this case I would have made an exception and pay him for what he means to the team. But maybe that’s why I’m not an NFL general manager…

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