Antrel Rolle thinks his hair is good luck for the Giants


Giants safety Antrel Rolle showed up to training camp with a strange hair design shaved into the side of his head and colored blue and yellow. And he says it’s all about bringing the Giants good luck.

“Whenever I come to training camp, and I have something silly like this done to my hair, I’m thinking about a 75 percent ratio of going to the Super Bowl. So whatever it takes to keep it going,” Rolle said. “The first time I did it was in Arizona, and we went to the Super Bowl. I came back last year, and had a whole bunch of whatever going on my head. Hopefully, I can keep the chain going.”

Rolle said he didn’t even know what his hair was going to look like, but he trusts his barber to make a good choice.

“I just told my barber to give me something different,” Rolle said. “This time, we wanted to go with something that glows in the dark. So this is what you got.”

Although Rolle isn’t planning to start a trend of strange haircuts in New York, he does believe that some of his teammates envy the way he can decorate his head.

“There are a lot of the bald guys on the team here, so they wish they could do it,” Rolle said.

Rolle might be right about that, but I think I’d rather be bald.